It’s that time once again, it’s time to check out what happened This Week on NXT. We may not have the UK guys this week. But, I feel like NXT may have something amazing for us. Adam Cole (Baby!) makes his in-ring debut for NXT up against Sanity’s leader, Eric Young. Who came out on top? Let’s take a look.

Opening the episode, Sanity invaded the ring and addressed the Undisputed Era (we’ll get over the name) As Eric Young stated he was going to take Adam Cole to the edge of insanity. It’s the standard dark promo from Eric, it’s not something new. But, it gets the job done.

Lars Sullivan vs Oney Lorcan

Oh my god, it’s like they are siblings. Just add Goldberg on the end and you’ll have a family of bald bearded men of each size. Anyway, this was your typical small guy vs big guy brawl. You would think that Lars dominated throughout, but Oney fought hard and gave it his all against the large monster. Oney did indeed lose against Lars, but not without giving 100% of his body to this match. Luckily Danny Burch came down to get Oney out of there before he Lars could do more damage.

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– The new womens’ champion will be determined by a fatal 4 way at NXT TakeOver: Houston. One of those competitors being Kairi Sane.

– Ruby Riot questioned why Nikki helped her the other week. But she was prepared to fight Billie & Peyton once again.

– William Regal talked to Johnny Gargano and approved his request to give him a rematch, and also talked about something special happening at the next TakeOver.

– Rodrick Strong talked about his upcoming fight against Drew McIntyre. Saying he’ll keep getting back up and he knows he’ll never stop.

– Aleister Black commented on the Velveteen Dream, saying all he wants is recognition. He refused to acknowledge a child that throws a tantrum to get attention.

– Drew McIntyre was asked about his title match next week. He admired Rodrick’s determination, but he seemed confident that he’s going to come out the winner.

SQUASH Match: Heavy Machinery vs Demitrius Bronson & Patrick Scott

I’m getting pretty sick of squash matches on NXT. Although I did find this one pretty entertaining. This was mostly due to the showmanship of Tucker & Otis. The two jobbers were well and truly crushed, and Heavy Machinery continued their journey to maybe earning a tag team championship match. I’d at least like to see them do something new at this point.

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Liv Morgan vs Vanessa Borne

A much more impressive match from borne here, much better than in the Mae Young Classic. This might be due to the inclusion of Liv Morgan, who has often been absent on NXT the past few months. Borne managed to get across her characters’ nature, a brash and cheeky individual with a temper to boot. Liv fought back though and managed to secure the win. Hopefully, Liv gets a push of sorts soon. Don’t want her to disappear on us once again.

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Fabian Aichner vs Kassius Ohno

Aichner made his NXT debut after his previous WWE appearance on the Cruiserweight Classic. The fight had a lot of high-flying and high-risk moves, given that these two are now heavyweights flinging themselves around like they weighed 205 pounds. You could hardly take your eyes off the action, each second had something impressive going on and gave a good impression of what Aichner is capable of. Strangely though, Ohno beat the debuting star. Feel like this is a slight misstep. But if every newbie won in their debut, you would see the result coming anyway.

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Adam Cole vs Eric Young

Adam delivered a promo telling the audience to feel the change, a shock to the system in the form of the Undisputed Era (nope, still sounds bad).

Eric Young, along with the other members of Sanity made their way to the ring. The standoff between Young and Cole was long until the tension snapped when Cole made the first move. While things were boiling over at ringside, the action in the ring came mostly from Cole. Cole dominated, but he couldn’t get the pin on Young. The tide turned to Young as he gained the advantage, even as Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly tried to intervene, Sanity was there to put a stop to it and all hell broke loose. Young took the chance to take down Fish and O’Reilly. However, Adam Cole took the win with one big knee, leaving Sanity to lick their wounds and fight another day.

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