No more “Previously on Lucha Underground” as it’s now time for Ultima Lucha Tres. No more stories to be told, but stories to end in PPV-quality matches. The 4 parts of this show, one per week, is going to bring us to the higher grounds of the Temple. This week so is setting the beginning of the end of an impressive second part of Season 3. Believers, are you ready?

Doctor Frenchy is telling you all… and it’s starting right now…


Contract Match: Texano vs. Famous B (w/ The Beautiful Brenda)

Famous B has made absolutely everything in this second part of the season to sign Texano as his client, but Texano has continually refused. If Texano lost the match, his contract will now belong to Famous B and his Infamous Incorporate. But Famous B had still his arm broken, thanks to Pentagon Dark. B said he talked to Dario Cueto, and since his arm is broken, he got to have a partner, and it’s no other than Dr Wagner Jr, who’s been appearing in The Temple for the first time this season. The match had suddenly become a 2-on-1 handicap match.

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Wagner and Texano started the match. Texano hit a backdrop on Wagner who replied with a kick and a chop. Texano rallied with a monkey flip, tossed Wagner to the floor before a dive over the top rope. Famous B attacked Texano, hitting him with his plaster cast, Texano chased him and ripped his cast off.

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Back in the ring, Wagner connected with a Senton and kicks, before Famous B was tagged in. Texano unleashed a load of kicks and a powerbomb, but Wagner saved his friend.  Texano replied to Wagner with a sitout powerbomb, even if Wagner wasn’t the legal man. Brenda offered the distraction that gave the match to Famous B and Wagner by kissing Texano on the ring apron. A distracted Texano was rolled up by Famous B with his feet on the ropes. Texano was now an Infamous Incorporated man.

The Hell Of War Match (3 Stages of Hell): Dante Fox vs. Killshot

Killshot and Fox has been feuding since the beginning of the season as Killshot was left for dead by in his brother in arms Dante Fox. The Three Stages of Hell are: First pin when first blood, second pin in a No Disqualification match, and third pin when medical evacuation (a nice mix of a first blood, a no DQ and an ambulance match, all in one). This match also meant everything was possible and authorized in the ring.

Fall One – First Blood

After some fast-paced counters, Killshot took Fox down to the mat and struck Fox several times. Fox rolled out of the ring but Killshot connected with a dropkick to the outside through the ropes. Killshot grabbed a ladder and set it up on between the ring and the fencing. He also grabbed a steel chair and tried to hit Fox who dodged his attempts. Fox finally grabbed the chair and slammed Killshot in the face with it.

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Fox put Killshot on the Ladder and hit a nice moonsault. Fox continued to attack but Killshot rallied and dropped Fox on the ring apron. Fox introduced a chair to the ring, put it in the turnbuckles but Killshot dropkicked him into. Killshot then tried to suplex Fox to the outside, but Fox blocked him. Fox tried a Sunset Flip on Killshot to the outside, but Killshot blocked it too. Killshot attempted a Leg drop on the apron but Fox moved out of his way and hit a Jumping SuperKick to his face.

Sans titre 12

Fox then grabbed two new chairs, set one under the head of Killshot and the second on the top of his head. Fox climbed up onto the ringside fencing and hit a devastating leg drop from off the fencing onto the chair on Killshot on the apron. Fox grabbed a plate-glass window and set it onto two steel chairs at ringside. Fox tried to set Killshot up onto the ring apron but Killshot stopped him with a headbutt. Fox hit an enzuiguiri on Killshot. Killshot replied with a uranage. The fight continued on the apron until Fox hit a Lo Mein Pain (Spanish fly) from off the top rope.

Sans titre 16

Fox moved the steel chairs and the plate-glass window into the ring and set the glass upon the chairs again. Fox lifted Killshot onto the turnbuckle. Killshot tried a Tigerbomb but Fox reversed it with a backdrop. Killshot fell off the turnbuckle through the window and was bleeding from the back. Fox had the first fall.

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Fall Two: No DQ

As if it was not enough, Fox and Killshot continued to fight in the middle of a ring filled with glass. Fox grabbed a ladder and a chair, put them in the corner, and hit another Lo Mein Pain onto the chair. He continued with a 450 splash on Killshot on the ladder. But Fox was unable to get the pin.

Sans titre 18

Fox hit a big boot to the face but Killshot rallied with a kick and a DDT. Killshot then pulled out a barbed wire board and put it in the corner. Killshot hit a superkick, a series of kicks in the corner, a double stomp but Fox refused to relinquish. Killshot had no choice but to powerbomb Fox into the barbed wire table and hit a Storm cradle driver for the pin.

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Fall Three – Medical Evacuation into a Military Ambulance

Soldiers brought the stretcher, the loser will be put into a military ambulance. The back of Fox was devastated with blood and opened flesh. But the fight continued as Fox hit an apron DDT on Killshot and action went to the outside. Killshot connected with a kick to the face and a shotgun dropkick.  Killshot brought the stretcher, continued to work Fox over with strikes and kicks.

Sans titre 24

Pieces of glass were flying off of their backs. Killshot finally slammed Fox’s head to the apron and hit a nasty Fireman’s Carry from the turnbuckle onto the stretcher, before strapping Fow on it. Killshot was dragging the stretcher towards the ambulance, but Fox kicked his way out of it. Killshot headed into the crowd, and hit another double stomp onto Fox onto the stretcher. A freed Fox came back to the ring and hit a nice dive.

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The two were now brawling up into the bandstand, Fox choked out Killshot with a cable. But Killshot grabbed an empty bottle, broke it over Fox’s head. Fox fell through a structure of chairs and glass set up in the entrance way. Unable to get up, Fox was picked by Killshot who carried him to the ambulance for the ultimate win.

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After nearly 35 minutes of a match like absolutely no other, Vampiro and Matt Striker were out of speech after shouting “Oh my God!” every 30 seconds, The Believers were silent and the two competitors were still alive after so much pain. The Believers applauded Killshot when he grabbed his military plates and sat on the corner to try to find his way out of the insanity he just went through.

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Like Joey Ryan was constantly saying during the good old days of ECW, “Oh my God!” This episode was insane. This 35-minute hardcore match, pure ECW style, what a beginning for Ultima Lucha Tres! Like I said earlier, it’s just the beginning, here are the matches we’ll have the chance to watch over the next three weeks (some can still be announced as for the moment the Trios Championship aren’t set to be defended):

* Steel Cage Match: Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. The Monster Matanza Cueto
* Luchadora Match: Catrina vs. Ivelisse
* Luchas de Apuestas (Hair vs. Mask Match): Fenix vs. Marty “The Moth” Martinez
* Last Luchadora Standing Match: Taya vs. Sexy Star
* Gauntlet Match: Cage vs. Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane
* Gift of The Gods Title Ladder Match: Pentagon vs. Son of Havoc
* Lucha Underground Title Match: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. Prince Puma
For A Unique Opportunity Match: Paul London vs. Saltador vs. Mala Suerte vs. Argenis vs. Cortez Castro vs. Son of Madness vs. Vinnie Massaro vs. The Mack vs. Joey Ryan vs. Ricky Mundo vs. PJ Black vs. Mascarita Sagrada vs. Pimpinella Escarlata

Which means much more action to expect and some title changes. If this season, and the whole story of Lucha Underground itself, was supposed to end this way, it would be absolutely perfect. Until next week, of course, hasta la vista!

All pictures and screenshots courtesy of El Rey Network.

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