After an interesting Victory Road, which offered good action and crowned new World Tag Team Champions, it’s time now to set off the road to Bound for Glory that will take place in 4 weeks, on November 5. The whole card is up to build for this historic and major IMPACT PPV. On this episode, Sienna is going to address the Knockouts Division, oVe will be in action, Ethan Carter III and James Storm will team up against Texano and El Hijo del Fantasma, and the cream of the crop of X-Division roster will square off in a 6-Man Tag Team match. Let’s get ready for some action… 

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We started the episode with World Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis heading to the ring. They were of course very happy as Drake moved into Johnny Impact’s “Slam Town” and built his own palace there. Drake said he didn’t think he’s going to come back at all. He then recapped last week’s match and gave his own jacket the Gravy Train.

He then taunted Jim Cornette, saying he’s trying to get the title off him by sending him to Mexico or Japan. Drake was decided to take his night off and celebrate but Adonis had a match tonight against an unknown opponent. Adonis was not happy as his opponent appeared on the ramp. Garza Jr. was ready to fight, Adonis was complaining not be in his ring gear.

Chris Adonis vs. Garza Jr.

Drake was on commentary to witness Adonis using his power on to keep Garza Jr. down, working on his arm. Garza reached the ropes and sent Adonis to the floor with a hurricanrana. Garza hit Adonis with a leap over the top rope but Adonis dodged the second. Back from the break, Adonis was in control with a clothesline and reverse chinlocks on his opponent while Drake was telling us more about partying and enjoying DD breasts.

Johnny Impact was watching the action backstage, even if Drake told he wasn’t there. Meanwhile in the ring, Garza Jr. gained momentum with clotheslines before removing his pants and was going for a moonsault. But Drake just left the announce table to interfere in the match but, before he could reach the ring, Johnny Impact was attacking Adonis, causing a DQ and giving the victory to Adonis.

Garza Jr. tried to calm Impact down but was pushed in the corner. A surprised Garza witnessed Jim Cornette booking a match between him and Johnny for next week. Cornette added if Drake thought he could stay champion by getting everyone to fight each other, the winner of Garza Jr. vs Impact will face him at Bound for Glory. Impact and Garza Jr started to brawl, the officials had a lot of difficulties to keep them separated.

While backstage, the new Tag Team Champions Dave and Jake Crist said if people had been sleeping for years on them, they couldn’t sleep any longer, in the LAX lair, Konnan was very angry at Santana and Ortiz as they were not doing any more money as they were not the champions. But Konnan was trying to find a solution.

oVe vs. John Bolen and Trey Miguel (GWF Tag Titles Match)

IMPACT must be out of tag teams as oVe was again given a squash match. Jake hit a huge crossbody off the top rope and a reverse neckbreaker. Bolen came to charge Jake, but he dodged him and went for a suicide dive on both opponents. Dave followed with a moonsault. Bolen rallied with a suplex attempt on Jake but was sent in the corner. Bolen tried again but oVe hit its signature high/low kick combination for the win. The chemistry between the Crist brothers is just magic…

Sienna wants a Bound for Glory match… and the Hall of Fame…

Sienna, with her cousin KM, raised the pinkies to say she found weird she didn’t have a match for Bound for Glory yet. As she destroyed everyone in the Knockouts division, she thought she might have to start fighting guys, which she was totally down to do. Sienna then announced that she’s going to be going into the 2017 Impact Hall of Fame and retire as champion. As the greatest Knockouts Champion of all-time and threw a shot at Gail Kim, she earned it.

Here came Gail Kim, who told Sienna if she knew how long she’s had to fight to be Knockouts Champion. Kim asked for her Destination X rematch at Bound For Glory because she would have won their last match. Taryn Terrell came to remind both Kim and Sienna she’s been the longest reigning Knockouts Champion over both of them. Terrell said she had to take care of her before taking care of the title.

Here came Allie, who said that if everyone had their big achievements, she’s Allie! And she’s been working really hard, so she deserved a title shot too. Karen Jarrett appeared on the ramp to tell Sienna nobody will be honouring her for a Hall of Fame induction, but instead, she will be defending the Knockouts Title against both Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell, and Allie at Bound for Glory. (Meanwhile, Grado was already bored to make so much money thanks to Joseph Park…)

X-Division Champion Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley, Andrew Everett vs. Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams, Matt Sydal

The cream of the crop of X-Division in the same ring… Konley and Dutt started the match but Lee and Everett interfered quickly. Team Dutt hit Team Lee with 2 suicide dives and a moonsault to send all of them to the floor.  Sydal and Dutt continued with dual moonsaults in the ring, Sydal hit big chops on Konley before tagging in Dutt. Konley brought Dutt in his corner, allowing Lee and Everett to work him over too. Lee hit his devastating big kick to Dutt but earned a near fall.

Everett, now the legal man, hit a dropkick on Dutt. He escaped Team Lee attacks to tag in Williams.  He cleaned the house quickly, hit a side Russian leg sleep on Konley. When Petey was going for a pin, Everett went for a moonsault and landed on Konley as Williams moved. Sydal was tagged in and hit a nice standing hurricanrana on Everett. He jumped up to the top rope and connected with the Shooting Star Press on Everett for the victory.

After the match, Dutt grabbed the mic to say he wants to settle things once and for all against Lee at Bound for Glory. But Williams replied to Dutt that, with all due respect, he wants Lee at the PPV. Sydal continued saying he didn’t want to be ignored and he wants a title shot. Well, all members of Team Dutt thought they deserved a title shot. Something even Jim Cornette was unable to find an answer to…

While Laurel Van Ness wall cruising through the crowd to find a new man, Moose was in quest of Lashley at the American Top Team MMA training facility. He ended up being beaten up by the whole team.

Texano and El Hijo del Fantasma (Team AAA) vs. Ethan Carter III and James Storm (Team IMPACT)

Storm and Texano started the match, with the crowd fully behind Storm. EC3 held his hand out, but Storm just stared at him and doesn’t tag out. But when Texano was striking, Storm tagged him in.  EC3 hit big chops and drops on Fantasma, tried to go for a tag but faked out Storm (the tension between these two is thicker than the English fog…). But Storm tagged him back and attacked Fantasma with a superkick and a stomp to the fingers. Texano came in the match for a double-team wishbone and dual kicks.

EC3 tagged in and hit Texano with a flapjack. Fantasma tried to distract EC3 but he overcame and his the TK3 on Texano. Fantasma got into the match to beat up EC3 and keep him down. EC3 ate a big chop in the corner and double knees but rallied quickly with chops in the corner. Texano got involved again and kicked his leg out to help his partner. While EC3 was dropping Fantasma, Pagano, came to the ramp, James Storm rushed after him when EC3 was coming for a tag.

Pagano was now at ringside and Team AAA was dominating. Fantasma and Texano continued to destroy EC3 until Carter was able to dodge Fantasma when he went for a top-rope dive. EC3 finally tagged in Storm after long minutes of beating. Storm attacked with right hands, took down Fantasma, blocked a kick by Texano, threw Fantasma into him, then hit a combo move to take out both guys. Pagano went on the apron and hit double kicks on Storm.

EC3 tried a save but was bounced off the ring. Fantasma went to the top but Storm tossed Texano into his partner. Storm went up to the top but was kicked from behind and caught in a powerbomb/superplex combo. Pagano then tossed EC3 into the ring post. Everyone was on the floor. Fantasma tried to go for the Arrow from the Depths of Hell, but missed and hit Texano instead. Storm tried to suplex Fantasma into the ring but Pagano held Storm’s legs allowing Fantasma to land on Storm and get the win. The war was just beginning… (meanwhile in LAX’s lair, Konnan found a solution to their problem,  a 51-50 Street Fight against oVe at Bound for Glory. Everybody was happy and went out partying)

Mixed feelings… Bla-Bla Land is making its comeback on IMPACT. A necessary thing in a way to build up a PPV. Luckily action was still there too but not as good as it could be the last few weeks. I’m not a fan of this AAA vs. IMPACT feud as AAA talents brought so much to IMPACT thanks to a fruitful partnership. Even if this episode was a little lower, IMPACT is really getting better and better…


Bound for Glory card (I will update  the card with the new matches announced on the episode every week)

* Global World Championship match: Eli Drake (c) vs. (the winner of Johnny Impact vs. Garza Jr. match)

Knockouts Championship Four-way match: Sienna (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell vs. Allie

World Tag Team Championship 51-50 Street Fight: oVe (Dave Crist & Jake Crist) (c) vs. LAX (Ortiz & Santana w/ Konnan, Homicide and Diamanté)

All pics, videos and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling

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