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Ultima Lucha Tres first two parts were bloody, crazy and nasty. After their insane fight 2 weeks ago, Dario Cueto associated Killshot and Dante Fox (or what remains of them…) to The Mack for an opportunity at the Lucha Underground Trios Championship against The Reptile Tribe. Taya and Sexy Star will compete in a Last Luchadora Standing match. And we’ll finally know who will be the Gift of Gods Champion as Pentagon Dark and Son of Havoc both won the Championship match 3 weeks ago. And like El Jefe said, it can only be one winner. Dark and Havoc will square off again in a Ladder match. Believers, do you think like me this episode will be as nasty as the others? 

Doctor Frenchy is telling you all… and it’s starting right now…

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Last Luchadora Standing Match: Taya vs. Sexy Star

Since Johnny Mundo took the Lucha Underground Championship out of Sexy Star’s hands, there’s been nothing else but hate between Taya and Sexy. And the Luchadoras proved it quickly, with Taya making her way to the ring with a baseball bat and the brass knuckles Sexy used on her. But Sexy also brought her brass knuckles and the two taunted each other in the ring before the match started.

Taya speared Star to start the match but Sexy fought back, hit a hurricanrana and a dropkick, sending Taya to the floor. The rest of the match happened outside the ring, Sexy went for hurricanrana but Taya caught her and powerbombed her into the barricade before slamming her into the announce table and tossing her on the chairs.

After some slaps and chops, Star slammed Taya against a door grate multiple times. Taya was busted open but Star broke a bottle a bottle over her head to make her bleed even more. When Sexy was bringing out a table, Taya rallied with more chops into the crowd. Star slammed her to the table, but Taya fought back into the crowd. She then added a table on top of the other table and attacked Sexy again with leg kicks.

The action went into the crowd again, on the grandstand and camera deck. After a long exchange of chops and slaps, they both fell through the table tower. The referee started to count the two Luchadoras and at the very last seconds, Sexy was able to pull herself up and win the match. Before crawling onto the announce table.

That was vicious and intense, thanks to the hate between the two. But that match was just amazing. Some might say this is not what Women’s wrestling is supposed to be, I would answer this is what wrestling is about, all genders included.

Lucha Underground Trios Championship Match: The Reptile Tribe (Drago, Vibora, Pindar) w/Kobra Moon (c) vs. The Mack, Killshot, & Dante Fox

This was the state of Dante Fox’s back after The Three Stages of Hell match two weeks ago. And yes, he and Killshot (or the rest of them) were there to team up with the Mack who earned last week a unique opportunity for the Trios Championship, but alongside Dante Fox and Killshot who were still in cold war. Fox and Pindar started the match, Pindar attacked with a spinning heel kick but Dante quickly rallied with an enzuigiri and springboard headscissors. Killshot and Vibora tagged themselves in.

Of the 3 Reptiles, Vibora is the most dangerous and Fox and Killshot understood it quickly when he choke slammed both of them. A tagged in Drago kicked the injured ribs of Killshot and hit a tornado DDT. The Mack saved Killshot and was tagged in. On fire, The Mack attacked the Champions with corner clotheslines, a flying knee on Pindar, a Samoan drop and a standing moonsault on Drago. But Vibora cut him off with a big boot.

Vibora tried to clothesline them Killshot and Fox, Fox and Killshot hit kicks, but Vibora clotheslined them both. Big team mess following with dives and shots from everywhere. Killshot sent Pindar to the floor and connected with a nice moonsault off the top rope. Drago dove onto Fox. Killshot went for a dive too but Vibora grounded him with a lariat. The Mack stopped an attempt of dive from Vibora with the Pounce. Killshot and Fox connected with a nice combo dive on Drago and Vibora.

Kobra Moon offered Pindar to use the collar chain as a weapon but he refused. The Mack hit a headbutt before Fox hit the Lo Mein Pain – Spanish Fly. The Mack hit the Stunner on Pindar, Killshot hit the Kill Stomp and The Mack covered Pindar for the win.

Yes, The Mack finally earned some Lucha Underground gold, after three long seasons and tons of opportunity, in a very good match. Fox was reluctant to join The Mack and Killshot celebrating but finally raised the belt with them.

Gift of The Gods Championship Ladder Match: Pentagon Dark vs. Son of Havoc

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One Gift of Gods Championship, two contenders. And a Lucha Underground Championship opportunity for the winner. Stakes were high. And both Havoc and Pentagon knew it as the match turned quickly into a TLC match. The action quickly went outside when Havoc landed a dive and sent Pentagon into the wall of Dario Cueto’s office. Havoc then bounced off Pentagon into ladders and onto the announce table. Havoc sent a ladder onto Dark’s back but he answered by sending one into Havoc’s face. Pentagon tossed tons of ladders in the ring, set some in the corners.

Havoc battled back, sending Pentagon into a ladder with a springboard back elbow and then hitting a high cross. Havoc brought a chair, put it in the corner and sent Dark into it. Havoc then grabbed a ladder, put it just next Dark’s crotch, used the hair as a hammer to slam the ladder into Dark’s crotch not once but 5 times.  Havoc tried to climb but Pentagon stopped him with chair shots on his arm.

Pentagon then brought a table to the ring, laid Havoc on it, climbed a ladder but Havoc recovered and back suplexed both of them through the table. Havoc laid a ladder on Pentagon, climbed up, went for a shooting star press but Dark countered it into a cutter. Pentagon brought more chairs, went for a dive but Havoc answered with chair shots to the face. Pentagon gets more chairs, slides them in and Pentagon looks for a dive, but eats a hair shot to the face. Havoc then set up chairs in the ring, worked over Pentagon, tried to go for a suplex but Dark countered, set Havoc onto the chairs and hit the Package Piledriver on the chairs.

Pentagon then set up a ladder bridge in the ropes and added a table. He put Havoc on the table, tried to climb the ladder but Havoc rallied. After an exchange of chops, Pentagon tossed Havoc through the table with a uranage. Pentagon then climbed to grab the belt.

Pentagon Dark is now officially a contender for the Lucha Underground Championship. Bad news for Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma… The match was intense, with great ladder spots. Very nice to watch, and very dark…

The show ended with Prince Puma meditating in Vampiro’s Temple of Doom. Vampiro told him he had to defeat Mundo next week, to not only save his career, but to also win the Championship. Puma agreed, thanked him before going. Suddenly a mysterious voice congratulated Vampiro on a job well done, and Vampiro thanked “his master.” Was Vampiro manipulating Puma? It seemed like…

Amazing episode, this Ultima Lucha Tres is getting better and better week after week. Tables, ladders, chairs, blood, gold for The Mack, Luchadoras on fire, I may repeat myself but I love that. To finish this season of Lucha Underground on a high note, the last part of Ultima Lucha Tres will be a 2 hours finale, with 3 great matches on the card. 

* Gauntlet Match: Cage vs. Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane
* Steel Cage Match: Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. The Monster Matanza Cueto
* Lucha Underground Title Match: Johnny Mundo (c) vs. Prince Puma

But whoever may be the Lucha Underground Champion after the Mundo/Puma match, Pentagon Dark is the Gift of Gods Champion and could cash in his Championship opportunity that night. Who’s gonna be the Lucha Underground Champion as the season will come to an end? Surprise… Until next week, of course, hasta la vista!

All pictures, videos and screenshots courtesy of El Rey Network.

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