The road to Bound for Glory continues. Moose officially declared war to Lashley and MMA American Top Team. The war between AAA and IMPACT wrestlers doesn’t seem to end. Johnny Impact earned his spot to face Eli Drake for the Global Championship. Alberto El Patron will return in 2 weeks at Bound for Glory. No words yet on an X-Division title match but tonight’s episode can provide some answers on possible new matches for the PPV. Knockouts are the main event tonight as Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie will square off. We also go to Mexico, in Cancun where James Storm, El Hijo del Fantasma, EC3, Eddie Edwards and Texano competed in a 5-Way match and in Tijuana where oVe decided to taunt Konnan and LAX. Let’s get ready for some action so… 

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Moose and Stephan Bonnar arrived in the Impact Zone with American Top Team’s championship titles they stole last week in their training facility. ATT and an angry Lashley arrived a few minutes later. Recap of last week’s match between Johnny Impact and Garza Jr. that Chris Adonis spoiled thanks to a piece of wood. Johnny asked for revenge and a match against Adonis.

Chris Adonis vs. Johnny Impact

Johnny immediately hit a huge kick to Adonis’ face and elbows. But Adonis fought back with a body lock He then went for the Adonis Lock and it worked as Johnny started to weaken. But he succeeded in reaching the ropes to break the hold.

Impact attacked with punches, a kick to the face and a swinging neckbreaker. He followed with a springboard spinning kick but Adonis didn’t want to relinquish. Both men reached the top rope, Adonis thought he was in control, but Johnny knocked him out and hit the Countdown to Impact for the pin.

Eli Drake rushed to the ring after the match to attack his future challenger but Impact took him down and ripped his pants off. Johnny grabbed Drake’s belt and whipped him with it. Adonis came to help with stomps while Drake was strangling Johnny with his pants. The Champion in underpants then whipped his challenger. But Garza Jr. came to save Johnny with a chair, making Drake and Adonis flee.

James Storm vs El Hijo del Fantasma vs. EC3 vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Texano

From Cancun, it was every man for himself. EC3 and Edwards worked on Texano while Storm was attacking Fantasma outside the ring. There was suddenly no more alliances as Texano and Fantasma attacked each other and EC3 tried to get the pin on Edwards. EC3, Storm and Edwards started to fight until Fantasma stopped them. Storm and Texano even went close to ally to attack Fantasma with a chair. Texano ended up getting the win on EC3 as the Impact guys were not on the same page at all.

– While oVe was in Tijuana to pout their titles on the line into Konnan’s den, The CRASH promotion, EC3 and Storm in Cancun were stopped by Edwards who told then arguing would not make them work together. And in Orlando, Jim Cornette, Scott D’Amore and ATT’s Dan Lambert were yelling at each other.

Andrew Everett (w/ Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley) vs. Dezmond Xavier

A handicap match in fact as Xavier had to care of Everett, but also of Lee and Konley. Lee interfered right in the match to give Everett the advantage. Xavier battled back with a cutter, and running elbows but Konley jumped on the apron to distract him.

Xavier knocked him off and sent Everett to the floor. He hit a front flip over the top rope on Everett and Konley. Xavier reached the top again but Trevor Lee jumped on the apron to taunt him with the title. So Everett could hit a big boot to Xavier’s head. Xavier recovered quickly and connected with a superb back-handspring kick to get the victory. He then stared at Lee and his X-Division title.

– During the match, it was announced Taryn Terrell was out of Bound For Glory. It will now be a triple threat match between Sienna, Gail Kim, and Allie. This tweet of Sienna told you all about the stupidity of the situation (if a slap from Gail Kim can cause a concussion, so Kim has Iron Hands…)

– In Tijuana, oVe were trying to find Konnan but concentrated on their upcoming match.

Grado got screwed

Grado thought Joseph park saved him from coming back to England. But working for Park meant working hard and being paid not much. Grado asked Park to come to the ring to tell him how unhappy he was and how Park took advantage of him. Park admitted making money on the back of Grado was a temptation but he reminded him he would not have a work visa without him. So Park had the power. He then decided to put Grado’s contract on the line at Bound for Glory. If Grado wins, he can stay, if he loses he’s back to the UK. Grado agreed before Park announced the match would be a Monster’s Ball match against Abyss.

Grado left the arena, jumped on his car, realizing he stupidly signed a contract against The Monster Abyss. He turned on the radio and Abyss’ music was heard. Father James Mitchell appeared on the back seat and told Abyss and he was going to send Grado straight to Hell. Grado fell out of the car and ran away.

IMPACT Tag Team Championship match: oVe vs. Black Diamond and Black Danger

From Tijuana, Diamond tried to attack right in the match but Jake and Dave Crist answered quickly with nice double team moves. Dave went for a suicide dive on their challengers while Jake hit a second rope moonsault. Diamond rallied with a springboard cutter, Jake tried to jump off his brother’s back but got powerbombed right back on him. Dave reached the top rope, Diamond tried a hurricanrana, but Jake hit a superkick to his face. The brothers got the win with a nice spike piledriver.

Give American Top Team its titles back… 

Jeremy Borash welcomed American Top Team, without Lashley, to the ring. Lambert grabbed the mic to say Lashley initially worked for this company as a favour to Jeff Jarrett. Lambert told about his love of wrestling and claimed Moose and Bonnar poked the bear by trashing their facility. He wanted King Mo and Lashley to destroy them at Bound for Glory in a fight, not a match, so it will be quick and end IMPACT Wrestling. Moose and Bonnar appeared with the ATT’s titles but Lashley attacked them from behind. Massive brawl in and out of the ring. Bonnar, Moose, IMPACT wrestlers, security and referees suffered the wrath of ATT members who celebrated over Moose lying body.

– Back in Tijuana, oVe wanted to be paid, Konnan wanted a match at Bound for Glory. New problem when some CRASH wrestlers attacked oVe. The brothers hit them with the belts. Konnan asked them to clean up the titles because LAX is going to take them back at Bound for Glory.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary

The brawl started as the bell was about to ring. Rosemary launched Taya across the ring, charged her from the corner and hit a suplex. Taya was stunned and went to the apron. Back and forth sequence until Taya got to the outside, letting Rosemary chase her and so hitting her arm into the ring post. Taya was now in control but Rosemary went for the Tarantula submission in the ropes. Taya tossed her to the floor, reached the top rope and hit a crossbody. Taya continued her attack outside, sending Rosemary’s head to the ring post.

Back in the ring, Taya connected with a suplex on Rosemary stuck in the corner, double knees to the face. She tried again but Rosemary dodged the move and hit a German suplex. Loads of kicks to continue, to the head, to the chest, neither Taya nor Rosemary decided to surrender. Quick ending as Rosemary went for the Red Wedding, Taya countered, hit a Northern Lights Suplex and a double foot stomp to Rosemary’s face for the win.

After the match, Taya tried to go for the Road to Valhalla, but Rosemary got away and misted Taya right in the face. Rosemary grabbed the mic and told her they both have a knack for making each other see red. Rosemary then challenged Taya to a more bloody match at Bound for Glory.

The main event and the return of Abyss and Mitchell excepted, this episode is honestly to forget. It was going nowhere, with too much teasing and recorded matches, and didn’t bring anything new to a PPV that is coming in just 2 weeks. Where is this MMA vs. wrestling going to offer? What about the Team impact vs. Team AAA? And the X-Division title, can Trevor Lee defend it the normal way? Too many questions, not enough answers. On a positive note, the only one, special mention for Taya and Rosemary who offered a very good match.

Bound for Glory card (updated)

Global World Championship match: Eli Drake (c) vs. Johnny Impact

* IMPACT Knockouts Championship Three-Way match: Sienna (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Allie

*  World Tag Team Championship 5150 Street Fight: oVe (Dave Crist & Jake Crist) (c) vs. LAX (Ortiz & Santana w/ Konnan, Homicide and Diamanté)

* Monster’s Ball match: Abyss (w/ Father James Mitchell) vs. Grado. If Grado loses, his United States work visa is terminated and he must leave the U.S. forever.

The return of Alberto El Patron

All pics, videos and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling

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