Believers of the Temple of Lucha, this is the end. The end of the season, maybe the end of a show… Ultima Lucha Tres last part is set to be unforgettable, unpredictable, unapologetic like Lucha Underground is. If you read my lines week after week, you already know the 3 matches set for this last episode. Cage, Mil Muertes and Jeremiah Crane will compete for the Magic Gauntlet that Catrina desperately needs to regain her mortality. El Dragon Azteca Jr. will square off with The Monster Matanza Cueto in a cage. Johnny Mundo will put the Lucha Underground Championship on the line against a Prince Puma who has everything to lose, his career. And there’s the ultimate threat, Pentagon Dark, who may cash in his Championship opportunity tonight as he’s the Gift of Gods Champion.

Believers, tonight is our last night, so you’ll have it all, tons of details, pics (click on a pic to watch the galleries of full-size images I prepared for you) and videos. Let the Lucha party begin! For the last time, Doctor Frenchy is telling you all… and it’s starting right now…


Steel Cage Match: Dragon Azteca Jr. vs. The Monster Matanza Cueto

The only way to win was to escape the cage. Dragon Azteca reached the top of the cage right in the match and hit a moonsault off of the cage onto Matanza. He was able to counter The Monster with kicks and a hurricanrana but the wrath of Matanza turned into a huge lariat. Azteca was then tossed into the cage and the corner. But when Azteca was firing back and striking Matanza, The Monster suplexed him into the cage and sent him to the floor, destroying the cage. As Azteca was outside, he was supposed to be the winner. But Dario was not okay with that and restarted the match with a pin or submission rule. Matanza came to the floor to beat down Azteca but El Dragon hit a tornado DDT and attacked El Jefe.

But never turn your back on a Monster as he will beat you down more and more. Matanza slammed Dragon Azteca to the wall, ground Azteca’s face off the cage back in the ring, tried to rip off his mask, tossed him again and again. After a German Suplex and a clothesline, Azteca rallied with a hurricanrana. But Matanza quickly cut the pace as Black Lotus appeared on the top of the cage (she was Dario’s bodyguard who told her El Dragon Azteca killed his parents).  She hit a high cross off the cage onto Dragon Azteca, allowing her supposed brother Matanza to hit The Wrath of the Gods for the win. But Black Lotus then powerbombed Matanza and forced Dario to admit he lied about Azteca being dead and being her parents’ killer. Matanza laid her down before getting back to his prison.

Magic Gauntlet Elimination Match: Cage vs. Mil Muertes vs. Jeremiah Crane:


The love triangle between Mil Muertes, Crane and Catrina was the centre of this match, as the desire of Crane to get the Gauntlet back. Before the match started, Dario appeared to make this match an elimination one. Big brawl to start the match with Muertes hitting a chokeslam on Crane and attacking Cage. Crane tried to battle back but Cage beat down his two opponents in the corner with running boots. Suicide dive on Cage who came back to the ring to dive on Crane on the floor. Muertes followed with a high cross onto both. Muertes brought Cage back to the ring, back and forth attacks until Cage hit a pump handle driver.

Cage then went outside to set up a table but a busted open Crane stopped him and hit him with a filled trashcan. Crane set up another table, reached the apron, but Muertes was waiting for him to chokeslam him through the table. Muertes then worked on Cage with a powerbomb. Muertes tried to go to the top but Cage followed him and hit a hurricanrana off the ropes and a springboard moonsault. Cage tossed him to the floor but Crane drove wooden skewers into his head (a newcomer in the great family of hardcore tools…). Crane hit a running kick and a DDT as the sticks were still in Cage’s head.  Crane then got a hammer and a pane of glass. He slammed Muertes through the glass, but Muertes battled back and hit an apron bomb on Crane. Muertes’ arm was bleeding, soon was Cage’s head when Muertes cut him off. Muertes tried to grab Cage but was suplexed to the floor.

Cage grabbed the hammer and beat Muertes down with it. He then put Muertes on the table, tried to reach the top but Crane stopped him. After an electric chair, Cage superplexed him and Crane from the second rope through the table and Muertes. Cage was the first to get on his feet and, back in the ring, hit the Weapon X to eliminate Crane. Catrina was trying to revive Muertes with her stone. After the break, back and forth sequence until Muertes hit a powerslam, Cage then hit a suplex and a top rope elbow. But Crane returned to attack Cage with a chair. Cage was on fire and about to win the match but Muertes crawled to grab the chair and hit the flatliner onto it and got the victory. Catrina wrapped the gauntlet on Muertes’ hand but King Cuerno came out of nowhere to take the gauntlet as his trophy (Muertes ended Cuerno’s career in a Death Match at Ultima Lucha Dos)

Footage of the Johnny Mundo documentary Taya was filming during this season aired. The best Luchador in the world, the best, the greatest… Well, he’s perfect and he’s going to rule the world…

Lucha Underground Career vs. Title Match: Champion Johnny Mundo vs. Prince Puma


These two main-evented the very first episode of the show and were in the first Aztec Warfare match. A more classic match as there was no stipulation out of the title vs. career one. Back and forth to begin, then counters. Puma hit a powerslam on Mundo who rolled to the floor. To the floor, Mundo cut off Puma with a head kick. The brawl went to the crowd with Puma tossing Johnny to the floor from the guard rails. Puma continued with a cutter and a standing shooting star press. Puma went for the benadryller (Fireman’s carry dropped into a roundhouse kick), Mundo countered but Puma hit a blue thunder bomb for 2. Puma tried to go to the top for the 630 but rolled when Mundo moved and countered him with a running corkscrew attack. Puma countered the End of the World, but Mundo hit a standing Spanish fly. Puma kicked the referee when Mundo moved from their beat down.

No referee meant The Worldwide Underground. Evans and Black helped Mundo to triple team Puma. Taya brought another referee but Puma was not done yet. Mundo slapped the new referee,  Taya tossed chairs in. But Angelico came out of nowhere to get his revenge on The WorldWide. Angelico hit a dive, the referee hit a dive too (what ?!). Puma hit the springboard 450 while Angelico chased The complete WorldWide out of the building. Post break, both men were exhausted, traded strikes until Puma hit an enzuigiri. Puma headed to the top, followed by Mundo who connected with the Moonlight Drive. Not enough Johnny, like with the 2 End of the World that followed. It was Puma’s time and, after a load of kicks and knee strikes, he hit the shotgun dropkick and the 630 to become The Champion. Strangely Vampiro congratulated him from the announce table…

But, Dario stated if Puma still had his career, the night was not over. One more match was expecting him, Puma had to face the Gift of The Gods Champion Pentagon Dark. If Dark was cashing in, Dario decided to put Puma’s title and the Luchadors’ careers on the line.

Career vs. Career and Title Championship Match: Prince Puma vs. Pentagon Dark

How could Puma survive another battle, mostly against Pentagon? He could, as he attacked him right in the match, sent him to the floor and hit a dive. Back in the ring, Pentagon countered a fly from Puma with a superkick. Pentagon broke the arm of Puma, but Puma popped his arm back into place and continued. Pentagon started to kick the weakened arm but Puma dropkicked him to the floor. Pentagon them cut off a moonsault attempt from Puma.

Back in the ring, Puma countered the Penta driver with a one-armed suplex and a running shooting star press. Pentagon then attacked the arm and stopped a superkick attempt. Pentagon connected with a  superkick of his own but his Canadian Destroyer attempt was countered by another from Puma. Puma rallied with the benadryller, reached the top rope for the 630. Vampiro came to the apron to support him but instead pulled Pentagon off. Vampiro betrayed Puma. Pentagon hit the running package piledriver to win the title. This was the Champion the crowd wanted, the Ciero Miedo Master. Puma’s career was over. The Temple was now Pentagon’s.

In a cinematic ending, we saw Puma leaving the Temple and removing his mask. King Cuerno had the gauntlet in his trophy room. Sexy Star was doing a press conference when a little girl brought her a box and told her “she hasn’t forgotten about you”. A spider was in the box and Sexy was furious (a gift from Mariposa or Taya?). The Rabbit Tribe of Paul London, Saltador and Mala Suerte were still worshipping Mascarita Sagrada, he explained to them he was not the White Rabbit but could bring them to him.

Fenix and Melissa Santos were leaving the Temple in his car while Catrina was walking out and Crane was watching. Daga (he wasn’t dead?) cut the head of Pindar to become the new King of Kobra Moon, Drago was still imprisoned and watched all of this in disgust. Vampiro was greeted by his master for getting rid of Puma (seems like it was Pentagon?). Matanza was still in his cage, next to Rey Mysterio who was still alive. Dario promised Agent Winter to get the gauntlet back, Winter told him not to worry as Dario will be dead. Winter shot and told him the New Management will take off his business and mistakes.

Dario tried to grab the phone but passed out. “To be continued”, were the last words of the episode…

Because I believe the Perfect Ten doesn’t exist (my apologies to the fans of Tye Dillinger…), this episode, like the whole Ultima Lucha Tres, would deserve a 9.75 out of 10. Everything Lucha is about was there, insane moves, hardcore Lucha Libre style, blood, and some unexpected returns! The season is now over, an absolute blast to watch. It was written “To be continued” before the episode ended, let’s hope as, for the moment, no news confirmed for a fourth season. But if there is one, it seems like there will be no more Jefe on TV. Luckily, before his last breath on Earth, he left a few words for The Believers…


What else to say … That it was a privilege to spend 20 weeks watching the show in order to review it for you. That, thanks to Erin Dick, I have become a Believer. That I’m looking forward to writing on this show again. And hasta la proxima, don’t stop Believing… @frenchnygma won’t…

All pictures, videos and screenshots courtesy of El Rey Network.

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