Since he arrived in NXT things for Bobby Roode have been nothing short of glorious.

With 20 years in the wrestling business, Roode has always been rated among one of the top guys, with his technical in-ring ability and great mic work. But now at 40 years old Roode has finally burst onto the WWE main roster and is not going to let the opportunity slip.

We caught up with the Glorious One a week removed from his PPV debut at Hell in a Cell, to find out about that entrance, who he is eyeing up in the Smackdown Live locker room and how he has no plans of slowing down.

Having reigned as the NXT Champion for almost eight months, the leap to the main roster was something many fans would think a formality, but Roode insists that despite the wealth of experience he has, he is still adapting to life on the blue brand, “It has been great so far, you could say it’s been glorious. I am adapting to the main roster well and working with Dolph has been great.

“Timing is everything in this business, in 2002 the timing was right and I have had no regrets in my career. It’s been amazing so far, and the experience I have gained along the way has made me a better performer. I go out there and take it one day at a time and I happened to land on Smackdown Live. The locker room is full of talent which I am looking forward to working with.”

Bobby Roode

Roode made an instant impact when he first appeared on WWE TV with his instantly recognisable theme song, but when probed about his iconic entrance he reveals it could have been very different.

“I actually had a different song before I appeared on TV. When I heard what I have now I thought it could go either way. It could either suck or be really great and thankfully it’s just taken off. But once the music dies down you need to perform and live up to the expectations of what the entrance builds to. It’s a whole package. From Brooklyn II for the first time, I heard people singing along to it. It’s a feeling that I will never forget. “

Having been a champion at various other promotions throughout his career, and bringing the Glorious era to NXT, Roode was questioned as to whether his age would play a factor into his title aspirations in the WWE.

Bobby Roode

He continued: “I will always push myself to be a champion. I don’t feel 40 physically. I feel like I’m in the best shape of my life and given this opportunity in the WWE, I don’t see myself slowing down anytime soon. You aim to become a champion and a focal point, so hopefully I will get that opportunity. To become a WWE champion would be glorious.”

With the blue brand recently making a statement as we head into Survivor Series, Roode was asked what he enjoys most about the famous PPV and who would feature on his five-man team, “The classic 5-5 have produced some pretty cool matches, and it is something I used to always looked forward to as a kid. In my team obviously I would be captain, then I’d have Mr Perfect Curt Henning, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.”

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