There are many marquee moments in the storied career of Vixsin. She has held multiple titles in a variety of organizations. She is dubbed by many as the ‘Queen of Australian Women’s Wrestling’. She has competed with men and women alike, with no preference of which opponent an organization puts in front of her. She has ended matches in victory and others with a crimson face full of blood after an extremely physical encounter. In short, it is easy to see why Vixsin has adopted the moniker of ‘The Hardcore Bitch’.

Recently, Vixsin has taken on her potentially toughest foe to date. That foe came in the form of a serious shoulder injury that has temporarily sidelined her from competition. Instead of allowing her injury to bring her down, Vixsin is taking everything in stride, using her time away from in-ring competition to develop and mentally prepare for that moment when she is able to once again step between the ropes. From inter-gender contests to the extreme realm of the ‘death match’; Vixsin has seen and done it all during her tenure in the ring. With her return imminent, Vixsin was nice enough to sit down with me and talk about her injury, her future and even throw a little love to hip-hop legend Tupac Shakur in this interview with Steelchair Magazine.

Can you tell us about your shoulder injury and how it occurred? What has the road to recovery been like?

My shoulder injury actually happened after a match and not during. I was beating down on my opponent and gave them a Samoan drop. It was a freak accident that happened; her knee pushed my shoulder out of place and when I got up I looked like a zombie from ‘The Walking Dead’. My shoulder was dislocated. I took a deep breath and stood up straight and it went back into place. I didn’t think more of it then and didn’t make a big deal out of it. I was interstate and I could not be bothered with the hassle and thought all was good, as it went back into place.

The road to recovery has been a long one. Getting to the point where I’ve actually had the operation was even longer. It took me 10 months to get the operation. Dealing with doctors, surgeons and receptionists; it was a nightmare. My last match was in Japan, December 1st for Underground Exit. I was super careful but it still popped out. Overall it has popped out about five times during matches over the course of a year. I taped it up and wore a brace for a while, then I just got too confident and didn’t tape it up, and then, when it popped out after throwing a chop, I knew I was in trouble.

Recovery is going good; I’m into my ninth-week post surgery. Just rehab and rehab and lots of rehab; looking after my body and most importantly my mind by keeping around wrestling and training.

How do you stay positive and move forward from a serious injury like this? Any special methods to keep you mentally focused on your next goal?

It’s been very hard to stay positive and move forward from this injury simply because I go to the shows and I’ll see people doing something I love and have a strong passion for. Then I see others that don’t care and it upsets me… it has been such a struggle to keep grounded this past year. But in its own funny little way, it’s kept me focused on wanting to become better being around it all the time. I’ve had great support from my partner and a few friends. Also, it has been really great for the few wrestlers that have reached out; some who have had the same injury before so it’s great to talk to them to see where I’m at.

You’ve already done so much in your professional career but I know you have some big things in mind for the future. Can you tell us about what’s next?

I sure do have big plans!!! Some that I cannot reveal, some I can; such as when I’m 100% I’m headed back to Japan! I’ve only just begun.

As an inter-gender wrestling enthusiast, I would like your opinion on this topic. What do you think it will take for inter-gender wrestling to become part of the mainstream?

This is tricky question. I honestly think it will take a lot of hard work in all aspects of wrestling, not just in the ring. Someone has got to give us a chance to go out there and have inter-gender matches and put their faith in us as wrestlers and entertainers. I’ve been lucky enough to have been given many opportunities in death matches, singles matches… you name it I’ve done it. I would love more opportunities to do more locally and interstate.

Do matches you have with men differ greatly from matches you have with women? Can you compare and contrast your experiences?

My matches with females and my matches with males don’t differ greatly as I’m a wrestler. I’m not known as a woman’s wrestler or a male wrestler or a diva. I’m just a wrestler. I go out there and just wrestle. Sure if the wrestler is bigger than me, I adapt my style, same as if they’re smaller than me. In my career, I probably wrestled an even amount of males and females.

One of my inter-gender dream matches would be you vs. ‘The King of Sleaze’ Joey Ryan. Many women greatly enjoy working with Joey while his detractors think he is terrible for the sport and for inter-gender wrestling because of his gimmick. I would love to get your opinion on this.

Everyone needs a selling point and his selling point is ‘The King of Sleaze’. I’m not offended by his gimmick, I quite like his gimmick and I would love to step into the ring with him one day. I reckon we could make some real magic out there.

If you could have any band or artist write a walkout song specifically for you who would you choose and why?

Hmmm… I would have to say either Eminem or Tupac. They helped me so much when I was younger growing up with life struggles. I really get so much out of their music.

Aside from professional wrestling, what are your biggest passions in life?

There are other passions in life besides pro wrestling? (Laughs) I am joking. I really love retro video games, but yeah, there’s no other big passions in my life besides pro wrestling.

What is the most physical matchup you have ever had?

So, I’ve had a few intense matchups. One was against Kyoko Inoue at Diana for the company world title; that was one of my toughest opponents yet, and I can’t wait to go back for a rematch. The other one would probably have to be my three-way match at ‘Wrestlerock’ against Mad Dog Mccrea and Krackerjack. It was a crazy deathmatch. It was pretty amazing going in there hated and coming out with a standing ovation! Oh that’s one of the top moments in my career so far… I’ll never forget it!

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