The 13th edition of Bound for Glory takes place this Sunday night, live from The Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Canada. For the second time in its history, BFG takes place in a location outside of the United States, (read the facts and figures of 12 years of Bound for Glory here) in the Aberdeen Pavilion in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The new era of IMPACT Wrestling is definitely working. Since Slammiversary, IMPACT has been on a very good road, filled with new talents, great action and strong storylines. Bound for Glory this year sums up everything IMPACT has been about, legends of the six-sided ring, talented Knockouts, high-flying X-Division wrestlers and this new roster of wrestlers that given a breath of fresh air to the show over the last few months. 

This edition of Bound for Glory is about confirming a trend, keeping the pace, proving this road choice was a good one, confronting different generations of wrestlers, but we also lose Gail Kim, the ultimate Knockout and IMPACT Hall of Famer, as she will wrestle her last match at Bound for Glory.

Let’s take a look at The Frenchy’s crystal ball…



Here is the full card of the event: 

The return of Alberto El Patron

What will he do? That’s the question IMPACT is asking and everybody else is asking too. Not sure he will come to Ottawa just to say hello to the crowd. And even if he was stripped of the IMPACT Global Championship, he still can fight for his title back. But his involvement in a match could literally change the fate of a Championship. Many scenarios are possible:

– Special enforcer: El Patron love-hate relationship with Konnan was the story of the summer. Was he going to join LAX or not? A few months later, Alberto could come for LAX and give an autumn taste to their summer story.

– Special guest referee: Not sure IMPACT officials will give El Patron a spot for the Global Championship on a silver plate. But instead of a spot, he could be the referee of the Title match.

– A match: yes, but against who? One possibility is Hakim Zane, who won the Global Forged series and earned a match at Bound For Glory. But the IMPACT Roster is filled with other possibilities.

– A title spot: It would be the worst scenario possible but yes, IMPACT officials may transform the Global Championship match into a Three-Way and give El Patron a chance to regain the title. And it would be way too soon, as El Patron will have to prove he’s still a respectful player in the ring and a legit contender.


The Frenchy Prediction: El Patron will have to walk a long road to come back to the title. It has to be a match, whoever his opponent is. But not a championship one…


Monster’s Ball match: Abyss (w/ Father James Mitchell) vs. Grado. If Grado loses, his United States work visa is terminated and he must leave the U.S. forever.

Let’s call this match the stupid idiot of the card. Everybody knows Joseph Park and Abyss are more than related. But it seems Grado does not. The build-up of this match started very bad, Joseph Park trying to find an American spouse for Grado in order for him to stay in the USA. Grado wanted fame and girls, but not the hard work Park was offering him. So Park gave him what he deserved, The Monster and one of the most destructive matches in IMPACT history. Bound for Flory is Abyss’ yard and mostly the Monster’s Ball one. I hope Grado took a plane back to the tap end of Stevenston instead of Ottawa because it will be evil, bloody and sadistic. The American Dream has a price, is Grado ready to pay it?


The Frenchy Prediction: Abyss destroys Grado thanks to Janice and every weapon he wants because… London calling Grado! 


Six-man tag-team match: Team Impact (Ethan Carter III, Eddie Edwards and James Storm) vs. Team AAA (El Hijo del Fantasma, Pagano and Texano)

This match is about respect, like both James Storm and Texano said on IMPACT last episode (review available here). Storm came back at Victory Road, after some long weeks on the sideline due to a severe concussion that happened at Slammiversary. James Storm clearly expressed his unhappiness to see the AAA wrestlers coming to IMPACT and disrespecting him. When Texano attacked The Cowboy, EC3 came out to help him.

Since then, Texano found allies in El Hijo del Fantasma and Pagano when the unusual team of Storm and Carter found help in Eddie Edwards. Like Storm said, if the AAA guys want respect, they have to earn it.  Over the last few weeks, it seemed like the Storm-Carter association was a little fragile, but suddenly, it appeared the Texano-Fantasma one was too. Betrayal could obviously be on the menu of this match if everybody decides at the same time to rule the IMPACT world for themselves. Yes, respect is something that you earn, whether you’re an outsider or an IMPACT veteran.

The Frenchy Prediction: Betrayal would mean disqualification. I truly believe the IMPACT team is more solid and will wait after the match to dismantle in a massive fight. 


Red Wedding match: Taya Valkyrie vs. Rosemary –CANCELLED-

Taya Valkyrie won’t be able to compete at Bound for Glory and at IMPACT tapings next week due to personal reasons. As tapings are covering all IMPACT episodes until the end of the year, she won’t be back on TV before 2018.

No news on what Rosemary will do at Bound for Glory. As of Saturday 8 PM, IMPACT didn’t comment her status for the PPV. She may be pulled out of the card, have a new opponent or be added to the Triple Threat match for the Knockouts Championship between Gail Kim, Allie, and Knockouts Champion Sienna. But Taya is looking forward to their confrontation next year… Rosemary too…


Six Sides of Steel tag team match: Moose and Stephan Bonnar vs. Lashley and King Mo

The confrontation of the wrestling and MMA worlds. Like Moose stated in a recent interview, Lashley and him are destined to fight forever. These two really hate each other but are also very good at bringing out each other’s best. Lashley had to choose between MMA and wrestling, he chose MMA but still came back to the six-sided ring because the war is definitely not over between the two. Moose attacked American Top Team, Lashley’s MMA team. Moose destroyed their training facility. Then, ATT destroyed him in the ring. The addition of former MMA fighters turned wrestlers, Stephan Bonnar and King Mo, isn’t going to change the equation. Lashley and Moose have a war to end at Bound for Glory.

The Frenchy Prediction: Not thrilled about this match… too much ado about nothing. Without the ATT entourage to help, thanks to the cage, Moose and Bonnar have my vote.


5150 Street Fight for the Impact World Tag Team Championship: Ohio Versus Everything (Dave and Jake Crist) (c) vs. The Latin American Xchange (Ortiz, Santana, Homicide, Konnan, and Diamanté)

Ohio Versus Everything made their debut at Destination X and clearly showed they would turn the tag-team division upside down. Something LAX realized way too quickly. Konnan’s team tried to break the Crist brothers down many times. But six weeks after their explosive debut, oVe succeeded in winning the World Tag Team Championship. No lie, no cheat, no steal, just a fair win. LAX asked for a rematch but they chose to do it their own way, the 5150 way. It will be a 5 versus 2 match, that’s why oVe went on a quest for allies. A tattooed-arm man appeared last week (many recognized Sami Callihan), showing the Champions won’t be lonely in this Street fight nightmare.


The Frenchy Prediction: oVe! oVe! I’ve supported these guys since their very first match, and I will continue… 


Six-way match for the Impact X-Division Championship: Trevor Lee (c) vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Matt Sydal vs. Petey Williams vs. Sonjay Dutt vs. Garza Jr.

It would probably be the match of the night. Their confrontation this week was just awesome. But this time the title is on the line. The current and 3-time X-Division champion, Trevor Lee will need the help of his friends Andrew Everett and Caleb Konley to remain Champion as the five guys he will square off against are the best the X-Division has to offer.

Former Champions Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams lost their matches against Lee and will be on a quest for revenge. Matt Sydal is dedicated to becoming the Champ. After coming close to the #1 contendership for the IMPACT Global Championship, Garza Jr. has a chance to show he has the guts (and the butt) to be Champion. The 2017 Super X-Cup winner Dezmond Xavier just made a statement when he won the 6-Man match this week on IMPACT. Expect high-flying manoeuvres, suicide dives and maybe a few betrayals, as not so long ago Sydal, Dutt and Williams were close to fighting for the right to be the #1 contender.


The Frenchy Prediction: How to predict the unpredictable? Let’s see… Lee is going to lose the belt, not to Dutt, probably not to Garza. Sydal would be an interesting choice. Williams because they are in Canada, and Xavier a dark horse. Ok, I go for Sydal…


Three-way match for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Sienna (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Allie

The first-ever Champ, the current Champ and a former Champ, this could be the title of a western movie but it’s honestly the best way to describe this match. Sienna has been a fierce Champion since her win at Slammiversary, usually helped by KM but also by Taya Valkyrie. When Gail Kim tried to defeat her at Destination X, she was cut by Taryn Terrell. If Kim found an ally in Allie, Gail reminded us this week that there are no more friends once the bell rings. And if Allie seems to be a sweet little girl, she can be a ferocious opponent in the ring, mostly with Braxton Sutter on her side. Gail Kim could become a 7-time Knockouts Champion, Allie a 2-time Champ and Sienna could remain the Champ. Everything is possible…


The Frenchy Prediction: Gail Kim finishes it the way she started it. By being the Champion. 


Impact Global Championship match: Eli Drake (c) (w/ Chris Adonis) vs. Johnny Impact

It all started the week after Destination X when a 20-Men Gauntlet match was decided to crown a new Champion. Eli Drake became the Global Champion after spoiling Johnny Impact’s debut. Since then, the war has been intense between the two. Their first title match at Victory Road was biased by the interferences of Drake’s sidekick, Chris Adonis. In fact, Drake has never proved he was a good Champion thanks to Adonis. This match had something rotten in its build-up. Because Drake still has a lot to prove and Impact proved he would be a valuable Champ. Something Dutch Mantell, Scott D’Amore and Jim Cornette noticed when Drake refused to do what they were asking him to. IMPACT officials may be the key to this match and crown the Champion they want.


The Frenchy Prediction: Chris Adonis may be the biggest asset or the worst enemy of Eli Drake in this match. Another difficult choice, as Drake is really good in the champion’s spot and Impact really got the crowd to his feet. This feud had to end. New contenders are already knocking at the door. I see Johnny making an Impact at Bound for Glory.

All pics and videos courtesy of IMPACT Wrestling

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