There are many questions in the world that will never be clearly answered, “Who built the pyramids?”, “Why has Jinder’s push gone on so long?”, “Who would win in a fight between Cavemen & Astronauts” and “What would happen in a match between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega?”

Well, one of those questions will definitely be answered, mark your calendars, and get the date right as on January 4th, Wrestle Kingdom 12, both superstars will collide in a match that will undoubtably have wrestling fans all over the world talking.

So, how the hell did this happen? Fans of social media can go back as recently as October 25th when the two began to verbally criticise each other, from Omega stating his matches are 6 star classics to Jericho claiming that no one sees them.

The twitter battle divided wrestling fans including the legend Mick Foley himself.

The verbal jousting continued daily leaving fans of NJPW and WWE wondering was it just idol insults that wouldn’t lead to anything or would there eventually be a match on the horizon.

Fast forward to NJPW Power Struggle event, after Omega successfully defended his IWGP United States Title against Baretta in an excellent match, he, like the NJPW fans awaited to see who would his next opponent be and just he was leaving, suddenly appearing on screen it was Chris Jericho.

Jericho surprised the wrestling world with his appearance, cut a promo on why he is the “Alpha” of the business and made the challenge to Omega which was accepted immediately.

If you went looking forward to Wrestle Kingdom 12 before, you certainly have an amazing reason to now, its Omega Vs Alpha, it’s Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho.