As soon as Uncivil War was unleashed, Discovery Wrestling announced that British Strong Style would join them. However on October 7th, due to the recent WWE Tour BSS had to honor their commitments to them.

However, Discovery Wrestling has proven time and again that they can turn any negatives into a positive and on November 5th, they along with everyone on the roster produced a sterling show before a jam-packed (The Jam House had to open the balcony the demand was that much) crowd.

In just over three years, Discovery Wrestling has made a name for itself producing superb shows and this, in the run-up to their next show featuring the Bullet Club on Dec 7th was no different.

DW Women’s Title Four Way Match: Ayesha Raymond vs. Lucy Cole vs. Martina vs. Sammii Jayne.

Four leading talents across the UK and Ireland all battled through qualifying matches to enter this match and on this night there could only be one wrestler who would become the first Women’s Champion. Ayesha Raymond who made her monstrous impact on Mae Young Classic, the PCW Women’s Champion, Lucy Cole, the incredible “Session Moth” Martina and Eve Women’s Champion Sammii Jayne.

Now where to start with this match, each wrestler had their chance to shine and shine they did throughout. With Martina striking every one of her opponents and the referee with the flap trap hip-toss, Raymond using her incredible strength to catch Martina as she attempted a splash from the top turnbuckle to connect with a slam, Cole used her speed and agility to gain near falls throughout and Jayne demonstrating her expertise throughout the match to stake her claim to the Championship. The exciting bout had fans guessing to the very end who would win, and at one point after a tower of doom off the top turnbuckle, instigated by Martina, it really was anyone’s match.

However, the ending came when Jayne gained the pin to become Discovery Wrestling first Women’s Champion but, it wasn’t over yet, as she received congratulations from Cole and Martina, it was Raymond who looked ready to attack the new champion and everyone else for that matter. Looking ahead, Jayne versus Raymond may be on the cards, and if so what a match that will be. Overall this was a superb match and personally, I would have loved to have seen it go on longer as the action was exciting throughout.

Christopher Saynt vs. Michael Chase.

Next up was the feud that has developed throughout this entire year, with the match having the implications that if Chase won, the House of Saynt must disband.

But the House of Saynt has demonstrated since its inception that they are devious as they are dangerous and thanks to footage online, they appear to have attacked Chase before the match. As the bell rang to start, Chase was nowhere to be seen leaving Saynt and his cohorts gloating. From there it was the House of Saynt show as Saynt seized the microphone and demanded that the referee count Chase out so he could win by forfeit, which he did.

This wasn’t the end of the story as Chase’s best friend, Lou King Sharp angrily charged to the ring demanding a match, to which Saynt agreed. However, despite Sharp’s best efforts, (including an amusing low blow kick Saynt that brought chuckles from the fans) he was outnumbered three to one and out for revenge, this lead to his downfall.

Saynt was calculating as ever as he used every trick in the book to dismantle the emotional Sharp, and before the fan favourite could mount a comeback, he fell victim to not one but three spinning neck breakers allowing Saynt to get another win on this night much to the crowds’ dismay.

Delsin Dayre vs. Josh Terry vs. Lucha DS.

It was triple threat match time and there was a contrast in styles for this one. Dayre who has made a name for himself in Reckless Intent using his raw power, Josh Terry, the first graduate of The Johnny Moss Training School has made waves in Target Wrestling while Lucha DS has proven himself time & time again with PBW as well as multiple promotions throughout Scotland.

Onto the match, which began with Terry and Lucha DS being unified against the larger Dayre, that resulted in him being knocked to the outside, leaving the two to wow the crowd with a mesmerising amount of quick counters to each one’s maneuvers. As Dayre entered the fray again, he quickly overpowered his opponents, one moment especially as he appeared to dead-lift Lucha DS from the outside of the ring off the second turnbuckle to connect with a suplex. Lucha Ds wasn’t to be outdone either as he connected with a swan ton from the top turnbuckle.

However, the match belonged to Terry who captured the pin on Dayre after a moon sault from the top turnbuckle, to the fans delight.

Hotter Than Hell Edinburgh Invitational Final Match: Aspen Faith vs. Rampage Brown.

The very moment Brown stepped into the ring, Faith launched into a sneak attack, but his advantage was short lived as his larger opponent used his size and strength to overpower him.

Brown devastated Faith with a dropkick and powerbomb as he unleashed his onslaught. However, Faith forever the opportunist seized the chance when Brown ran into the turnbuckle shoulder first originally aiming for Faith, who dodged the impending disaster.

It was then Faith displayed the talents that has made him one of the wrestlers to focus on across the country as he grounded Brown but it wouldn’t be long before his opponent lived up to his moniker once again. Recovering, Brown struck with a piledriver and that should have been it except when dealing with The Kings of Catch you are dealing with both members and this was when Lewis Girvan interfered. As Brown was ready today from the top turnbuckle, Girvan prevented the attempt allowing Faith to strike with a tombstone for the win and become the Hotter Than Hell Winner guaranteeing him a shot at the Y Division Championship anytime within a year.

El Ligero vs. Lewis Girvan.

Contrasting reactions from the fans for this and rightly so, as Ligero who has wrestled for so many wrestling companies in the UK it’s easier to make ones he hasn’t wrestled for and on this night he could tick Discovery off his list. Girvan, on the other hand, has spent most of 2017 insulting the fans and defeating their heroes by gloriously villainous ways.

On this night, as the match found it’s pace, after the two traded wristlocks and launched into some exceptional chain wrestling. Aspen Faith who has interfered numerous times in Girvan’s attempted to do this again but got caught and found himself being ejected from the match much to the chagrin of his Kings of Catch partner but cheers from the fans.

From there both continued to provide a superb match, Ligero hitting a Canadian Destroyer to get a near fall while Girvan attempted to capture a count out victory after throwing Ligero out the ring and draping him over the barricade.

The conclusion of the match saw Ligero hit a springboard DDT to get the win but Girvan wasn’t finished as his opponent went back, he took the mic.

“I don’t care if you boo me, cheer me just keep coming back to Discovery Wrestling.” This erupted cheered from the fans in attendance.

DW Tag Team Title Four Way Elimination Match: Dave Conrad & Deviation vs. Kid Fite & Krieger vs. The Buffet Club (Gene Munny & Rob Cage) vs. The New Age Kliq (BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew)

Phew…this match people, I really don’t know where to begin. Chaos has never looked so intoxicating and incredible as it has in this match. Even before the bell, the pairing of Kid Fite & Krieger who were in fine form got a hell of a reception, almost the type of reception that Funaki from WWE would receive. (I should add that the two asked fans to give them a massive cheer for their entrance like they would for say, John Cena – everyone booed, for Roman Reigns – everyone booed, for Funaki – everyone exploded into cheers) Then BT Gunn & Chris Renfrew arrived, the crowd stood cheering, it was clear Discovery was NAK territory.

The match, the ring certainly couldn’t hold them, and it didn’t. With the NAK dishing out chops and reverse knife edges like it was going out of fashion, Kid Fite suplexing Deviation on the stage and Conrad battling Munny there wasn’t one moment you could stop yourself for a breath.

As this was an elimination match, the first time to go was Kid Fite and Kruger after Deviation and Conrad struck Fite with their finisher. The action never stopped as the bedlam continued, this time with Munny taking the full wrath of Renfrew and as they spilled to the outside, it was descension that caused the next elimination as Conrad appeared to get infuriated at Deviation shoving him into the turnbuckle and that in turn caused him to receive the claw leaving Conrad to fall victim to Cage.

It was then The NAK versus The Buffet Club, and it was clear who the fans wanted to win, and it looked like they may have got their wish as Renfrew hooked Munny in for the underhook piledriver while Gunn struck with a thrust kick to the head, it seemed like it was over…except near fall. But The Buffet Club, went done as Gunn battled Cage, Munny seized the chance in surprising Renfrew with a roll-up (and hooking the jeans) to get the win to the horror of the fans.

Afterwards, The Buffet Club didn’t get a chance to celebrate their victory as The NAK let them know their thoughts as Gunn struck with a thrust kick to the face and Renfrew connected with a stunner to the fans delight.

Y Division Title Match: Joe Coffey (c) vs. Matt Riddle.

This match. What can you really say about this? In one corner you have the Iron Man, Y Division Champion Joe Coffey who has demonstrated his wrestling prowess all over the UK. In the other, you have Matt Riddle, who has made a career of providing fans with incredible matches and between both men this match was a must see.

From the beginning the fans were divided, chants of “Joe! Joe! Joe!” against those of “Bro! Bro! Bro!” and both sets of fans weren’t disappointed by what they witnessed. From back suplexes to crushing chops, to striking kicks and devastating forearms both men weren’t letting up.

As the match progressed it was clear that the ring couldn’t contain the action as Riddle was thrown over the barricade followed by Coffey who connected with a running splash leaping over the barricade itself. The match continued at a brisk pace, as both men once back in the ring exchange chops that Riddle got the better of but afterward he soon fell victim to Coffey’s signature Boston Crab and running splashes into the turnbuckle.

However, as both continued their relentless pursuit to win, it was Coffey who seized the victory over Riddle with not one but to running lariats.

The aftermath of the brutal war, both shook hands with both warriors ready that if the opportunity arose again, they would be ready for a second time.

Photography: David J Wilson.
Match Images: Discovery Wrestling.