Shocking, impressive, and damn right captivating are just a few words to describe season three of Lucha Underground. The controversial promotion has continued to be just that, controversial, but one thing has also remained the same, the standard has been incredibly high. Yet another season jam-packed full of gripping storylines and a handful of matches considered to be some of the best of the year by many has passed and this series of Lucha Underground, as a whole, can most certainly be considered one of the wrestling highlights of 2017.

But, it was the season finale event, Ultima Lucha Tres, that really stood out; a three-part event that summed up and concluded the season perfectly. A series of athletically phenomenal content and storyline excellence came to an end during an epic must-see season finale. Let’s look back on just what made this such a brilliant highlight of the year.

Women’s wrestling. Lucha Underground has been an interesting place for women in this sport from the moment it really kick-started. Over the course of three seasons, Lucha Underground has seen some incredible women walk through the temple doors, and at the Ultima Lucha Tres event, two female-only matches took place that really did turn heads. Taya Vs Sexy Star and Catrina vs Ivelisse both raised the bar in terms of women’s wrestling but also showed the diversity and standard set in the world of Lucha Underground.

All four women had a key part in the event and when you look at the impact the likes of Mellisa Santos and Mariposa also at Ultima Lucha, yet another thing is made clear; women are having an even bigger, more important and relevant role in Lucha Underground. Both matches showed just how extreme women in this sport can go while Mellisa Santos and Mariposa highlighted the key figure they too play in some of the most important and biggest storylines this season in Lucha Underground.

When I was watching Ultima Lucha Tres there was one particular thing that really stood out for me, just how extreme the event as a whole was. One of the first matches that really grabbed fans’ attention and got people talking was Dante Fox vs Killshot in a Hell of War match. This was one of the best matches of the entire show and easily one of the best matches of the year.

What made this so standout was the intensity and the brutality. These two men went to war inside the temple and provided fans with what was a totally gripping and captivating must-see match. Blood, sweat, and tears went into this and you can’t help but watch and get a few ECW flashbacks. The feel was the same. Dante and Killshot went to the extreme pulling everything they had out of the bag and clearing under the ring of all its possessions. From the barbed wire spot to the back body drop through the glass, all the way to the running ring post moonsault, this match catered to those hardcore fans and this was something that ran throughout Ultima Lucha Tres.

Another key theme that ran throughout this event was intensity. As we have already touched on, Ultima Lucha Tres really was an intense season finale. One of the best examples of this was Fenix vs Marty the Moth Martinez.  Their feud was one of the best of the season and came to a dramatic end at Ultima Lucha. A back and forth contest that told the story of the underdog, fan favourite with all the heart vs the sinister, creepy heel.

While it’s not a massively original story, it had it’s unique twists and turns and was one of the most effective storylines of the entire year. Their feud was a huge chunk of season three and at Ultima Lucha Tres the pair competed in yet another must-see bout. The fans in attendance were emotionally invested and everyone watching from home was totally hooked. Left on the edge of our seats thanks to all the little twists, everything you could want and ask for happened. We had the shock face turn from Mariposa and a satisfying ending that saw Fenix get the victory and shave the head of his nemesis.

Another match full of intensity and twists and turns was the main event. After defeating Johnny Mundo in a huge title match, Prince Puma was made the first ever two-time Lucha Underground champion. A heartfelt contest, this is yet another match that had fans on the edge of their seats, but also provided a satisfying, feel-good end result.

However, one last twist was revealed when Dario Cueto ordered that Prince Puma defend his title against Pentagon Dark with both men having their careers on the line. The twist was huge and divided fan opinion massively. While it was hard to pick a side, but after losing via pinfall to Pentagon Dark, Prince Puma waved goodbye to Lucha Underground in a shocking conclusion to both Ultima Lucha and Lucha Underground season three.

As I touched on previously, Lucha Underground season three was a wrestling highlight of the year, however, the season finale that was Ultima Lucha was the perfect event to not only conclude the season but show the world what Lucha Underground is all about. Diversity, pushing the boundaries, hardcore wrestling, over the top storylines, characters and feuds and home of some of the best wrestling matches in the world. Fantastic competition and full of culture, Lucha Underground was a massive success this year in terms of all we have just mentioned, and its finale was enough to make it a true 2017 wrestling standout.