Every year IMPACT Wrestling is asking a terrible question for its roster for Thanksgiving: who is going to don the Turkey Suit? This week’s episode is all about Thanksgiving and Turkey trot. But we’ll also take a look at the upcoming Knockouts Championship Tournament. IMPACT announced last week a 6-Knockouts Tournament will debut on November 30 to crown the new Knockouts Champion, as Gail Kim relinquished the title last week. So let’s get ready for some action, well some Turkey Trot action, the “Doctor Frenchy” Steph way.

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Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews welcomed to the annual Turkey Bowl, this year a 5-on-5 tag match where the one who takes the pin has to wear the Turkey Suit and do the Turkey Trot. We also will also know about the Thanksgiving habits and remembers of the roster and take a look at previous Turkey Bowl matches.

2008 Turkey Bowl match: Rhyno vs. Alex Shelley vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir (Shawn Daivari)

In this 3-Way match, the winner was receiving a 25.000 dollars check and the loser would have to wear the Turkey suit. Rhyno was charged by both his opponents for the most of the match but was able to hit the Gore on Shelley, who was forced to wear the turkey suit. Mick Foley came to tell Alex Shelley he has to wear the suit because he agreed to the stipulation. It was that or being fired. So Shelly finally put it on…

The participants of the Turkey Bowl match will be determined by a random draw, while Robert Irvine (aka M. Gail Kim) was preparing delicious meals next to JB. Meanwhile, Eli Drake, Dezmond Xavier, Petey Williams (have you read our Petey interview? Still available here…), Trevor Lee, Lashley and Allie were telling us their memorable Thanksgiving moments.

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As we were about to figure out who would be involved in the match, Global Champion Eli Drake and Chris Adonis came to interrupt Jeremy Borash. Drake decided to make this match “The Gravy Train Turkey Trot match”. Eddie Edwards was the first pick and made Team Captain of Team #1. El Hijo del Fantasma was picked as the second Team Captain.

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A preview of the upcoming Knockouts Championship Tournament, which will feature Laurel Van Ness, Rosemary, Sienna, Allie, KC Spinelli, and Madison Rayne.  The first match will be Van Ness vs. Spinelli vs. Rayne, while the second will be Sienna vs. Rosemary vs. Allie.

The “Disfigured Bride” Laurel Van Ness has never been Knockouts Champion since her debut in June 2016. The maniac Lady could be an interesting surprise in the tournament. Madison Rayne is the most titled Knockout of the tournament with 5 Championships, her experience could be the key to her success. KC Spinelli is quite a newcomer on IMPACT but was featured in the show when Border City Wrestling matches were aired. Spinelli worked with many Canadian promotions, but also SHIMMER and WOW in the USA. But is newcomer mean Champion? The 2-time former Champion Sienna will have a revenge to take as she was the one who was pinned by Gail Kim at Bound for Glory. And she will do anything to regain it. Allie may be too nice but she is a former Knockouts Champion (in 2016, during the Lady Squad era). She has gained confidence in the ring since and could be a potential and reliable winner. Finally, Rosemary is also a former Knockouts Champion, her craziness and gothic attitude could disturb her opponents and make her become Champion again. As Taya Valkyrie was not able to be in Canada for Bound for Glory and Impact tapings, she’s not in the tournament, even if a spot for the title would have been absolutely well-deserved. As well as the Title…

Eli Drake, Sami Callihan, Alberto El Patron, Petey Williams, KC Spinelli, Johnny Impact and Matt Sydal told us about their favourite Thanksgiving foods.

2011 Turkey Bowl match: Eric Young vs. Robbie E

Just some highlights from the match. Eric Young defeated Robbie E, but Rob Terry knocked him out so he was forced to wear it. Even if the suit barely fit the big guy he is…

The random draw continued, Allie and Richard Justice joined Team Edwards while Caleb Konley, KM and Laurel Van Ness joined Team Fantasma. Allie was nearly happy to have to wear the suit, while Konley was asked by Trevor Lee not to lose the match because he didn’t want to see him in the suit. Richard Justice was worried about the suit being too narrow for him, Laurel van Ness was drunk. Meanwhile, Eli Drake, Sienna, EC3, Johnny Impact, Matt Sydal and Allie told us what they were thankful for this year.

2016 Turkey Bowl: Robbie E vs. Grado

Robbie E was in jeopardy as Grado was dodging his moves. He even pinched his nipples to try to make Grado loose. Which happened. Grado was not happy to wear the suit, but Robbie E started to dance and Grado followed (no video, I don’t want you to see a horror movie…)

The last random draws were done. Team Edwards will be Eddie Edwards, Garza Jr., Fallah Bahh, Allie, and Richard Justice. Team Fantasma will be El Hijo del Fantasma, Laurel Van Ness, Caleb Konley, KM, and Chris Adonis (Drake made the draw, to Adonis’ dismay…). Both Team Captains tried to rally their troops before heading to the ring.

“Eli Drake Turkey Trot” match – Turkey Bowl 2017 match: Eddie Edwards, Fallah Bahh, Garza Jr., Allie, and Richard Justice vs. El Hijo del Fantasma, Laurel Van Ness, Caleb Konley, KM, and Chris Adonis

There was a table full of Thanksgiving meal for both teams around the ring. Eli Drake reminded them of the stipulation about wearing the suit.  Justice and Konley started things and started to shove some food in Konley’s face (as I’m against food waste, don’t expect me to put any picture of that). Laurel tagged in and Allie followed. Big brawl between the two until Allie connected with a diving chop. In came Bahh and KM, KM hit some punches to the head, Bahh tried to charge in but was thrown into the ring post, shoulder-first.

KM was trying to bring down Bahh but was flattened with a cross body. Garza Jr. was tagged in but KM didn’t let him enter until he ripped his pants off (Glorious…), Bahh quickly stopped him with a Samoan drop. Garza tried a springboard but gets caught in mid-air. Fantasma came and hit a dropkick on Bahh. Then Chris Adonis and Konley attacked Garza, his shoulder was still injured. Garza was finally able to tag out, Edwards stopped Adonis with a Blue Thunder Bomb. And suddenly everyone started to attack each other.

Fantasma was tagged in but Edwards sent him to the floor and hit a suicide dive. Meanwhile, KM got splashed between Justice and Bahh. Justice threw Konley out of the ring down on to a group of wrestlers. Justice dropped down on them but was caught. Allie reached the top rope to splash down on everyone. Edwards and Adonis finally came back to the ring. Adonis tried the Adonis Lock, but Edwards countered and got the pin for his Team.

Yes, Chris Adonis had to wear the suit. Drake and Borash had to convince him while everybody at ringside was laughing and yelling “Turkey!”. Adonis tried to head to the backstage area but security stopped him. Borash demanded that he return to the ring and put on the suit. But Adonis tried to run backstage again, to be stopped by security again. Borash then said if Adonis doesn’t put on the suit, then Eli Drake will have to do it. And Drake did it for his friend…

Drake was smirking, the crowd was laughing, but Adonis started to yell at Allie out of the ring. another food fight started. Drake brought Edwards to the ring while Adonis got a pie from under the ring. Drake held him so Adonis could send the pie to Edwards’ face but Drake received the pie right on his face instead. Happy Thanksgiving Eli!

Nice and funny interlude,  before a very tense episode next week. Five matches and segments have already been announced. James Storm will square off with Texano, Matt Sydal with Tyson Dux, Taiji Ishimori with Global Forged winner Hakim Zane. Alberto El Patron and Johnny Impact will compete in a grudge match and LAX will a have a few things to tell… Action is on the menu next week, everything I want from IMPACT. And if you agree with me, of course, I see you next Friday… 

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All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling.

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