Some feuds emerged from last week’s episode and of course, they’re translating into matches this week. Ethan Carter III is putting his IMPACT Grand Championship on the line against a Matt Sydal he has provoked for weeks. When Moose came to rescue James Storm from American Top Team assault, Lashley announced he would team with ATT’s secret weapon, Dan Lambert. Taiji Ishimori will compete against Caleb Konley who attacked him after his match last week. The second match of the Knockouts Title Tournament will determine who will face Laurel Van Ness next week, will it be Sienna, Rosemary or Allie? Petey Williams and Johnny Impact will also team up against IMPACT Global Champion Eli Drake and his sidekick Chris Adonis. And we’re also going to hear about oVe and LAX, another feud that is not done yet. So let’s get ready for some action, the “Doctor Frenchy” Steph way.


Before the show started, still taped from Ottawa, Alberto El Patron called Eli Drake a “paper champion” and was ready to get his revenge on Johnny Impact after his loss last week. We also got a preview of tonight’s matches and a recap of the stories that led to the main event of the night.

Caleb Konley w/ Trevor Lee vs. Taiji Ishimori

The match started with some nice back and forth, casual in an X-Division match until Ishimori hit some kicks and sent Konley to the outside. While Lee was taking care of Konley, Ishimori played with the ropes. Of course, Lee tried to distract the Pro Wrestling NOAH wrestler but Ishimori escaped and Konley nearly crashed into him when Ishimori dropped him face-first into Lee. Konley yanked Ishimori to the mat by the hair, hit sweep kick and a senton.

Konley went for a submission but Ishimori punched him out and Konley was again sent outside. Lee attacked Ishimori while Konley was distracting the referee. Konley tried to charge, missed and hit some forearms. Lee tried to interfere again but was punched off the apron. Ishimori hit a springboard but missed a charge, allowing Konley to trap Ishimori into a nice standing reverse surfboard submission. Ishimori struggled to get out, before finally reaching the top rope for his signature 450 to get the win.

As soon as the bell rang, Lee jumped into the ring to attack Ishimori, stomping him and taunting the crowd. The beat down continued with Konley but Dezmond Xavier rushed to save Ishimori and clear the ring. Ishimori and Xavier could be serious contenders for the X-Division title and it seemed like Trevor Lee understood that now. The question now is: who will end the Cult of Lee?

Knockouts Championship Tournament Match: Sienna vs. Rosemary vs. Allie

Allie and Rosemary attacked Sienna right in the match, it seemed like she was the woman to target in order to win the match.  Rosemary hit a suplex but it was Allie who went for the pin. Rosemary was not very happy of Allie’s action, stared at her, allowing Sienna to rally, send Allie to the floor and hit a hip attack on Rosemary.

Rosemary then trapped Sienna into the Tarantula but Allie broke the submission with a kick. Allie tried to pin Sienna, Rosemary broke the count. Rosemary and Allie were staring at each other again, allowing again Sienna to attack both of them with a clothesline to Rosemary and a big boot to the face of Allie. After another big boot, Allie tried to reach the top rope but was joined by Sienna who hit a nice superplex from the second rope. Rosemary rushed to stop the pin.

Rosemary and Allie trapped Sienna in a double submission in the middle of the ring. But Sienna was able to break the hold by popping Allie. She rolled out, Rosemary and Allie this time didn’t stare but attacked each other with kicks. Sienna rushed back and received superkicks from the two. Allie hit a Codebreaker, Rosemary a suplex. Sienna was out, so Rosemary hit the Red Wedding and got her place in the finals. Laurel Van Ness or Rosemary, the next Knockouts Champion will be a strange specimen…

oVe Airing of Grievances

Sami Callihan and the IMPACT Tag Team Champions Dave and Jake Crist came to the ring to mock Canada because Canada is not Ohio (I had the chance to talk to Sami Callihan a few days, if you want to understand what Ohio means to him, stay tuned). Callihan talked about how things with LAX has gotten a little out of hand, but they aren’t scared because it’s gang warfare.

Callihan confirmed LAX will have their rematch, but this time it will be under oVe’s rules. While Callihan was continuing to mock Canada and Ottawa, TDT, The Tabarnak de Team, dressed as military lumberjacks, started to talk trash in French. Callihan asked them to speak English (at least, me, I understand what they said…). Mathieu St-Jacques and Thomas Dubois attacked Callihan and splashed the Crist Brothers into the corner. But Callihan came back with a kendo stick, smashed them both before hitting a nasty piledriver on one of the Canadians.

As it was not enough, Callihan stacked 3 chairs on each other, asked Dave to put on the other Canadian on his shoulders while Jake went on Callihan’s shoulders for the All-Seeing Eye. But here came LAX. Homicide, Santana, and Ortiz attacked with a kendo stick in hand. The crowd was cheering LAX, who would have expected that one day? Konnan grabbed the kendo stick, went to hit Callihan who escaped. The kendo stick hit a fan in the front row instead of Callihan who spat in the face of LAX from ringside. When is this war going to be over?

As KM tried to prove American Top Team he should be in their group by destroying a gym, LAX in its lair was not agreeing on the way to get the tag team titles back. Attack again and again or talk with Callihan, like Konnan suggested? At the same time, Eli Drake was telling McKenzie Mitchell he’s the American Destroyer.

IMPACT Grand Championship match: EC3 (c) vs. Matt Sydal 

Fallah Bahh, EC3’s most recent contender for the title, was one of the judges.

Round 1

After nearly a minute of taunting, Matt Sydal finally started the match by hitting a standing moonsault and a reverse headlock. But EC3 took control with kicks, a running cutter and a knee to the back that sent Sydal to the outside. EC3 joined him to slam Sydal’s head on the apron multiple times. Back in the ring, EC3 ended the round with a perfect stalled vertical suplex.

EC3 won Round 1, EC3 1 – 0 Sydal

Round 2

Sydal attacked straight in the round with chops and a running kick to the face. EC3 rallied and threw Sydal into the corner before stomping him away. EC3 went for a slam, Sydal countered and it a spinning heel kick and a load of kicks. Sydal connected with a standing hurricanrana and a dropkick through the ropes. The round ended when Sydal hit a big kick to EC3’s head.

Matt Sydal won Round 2, EC3 1 – 1 Sydal

Round 3 

Before the final round got started, EC3 hit a cheap shot on Sydal who went for a standing moonsault but got rolled up. EC3 connected with a powerbomb and stunned Sydal in the corner. Sydal escaped the charge of Carter and hit the double knees to the shoulders. No man was decided to relinquish.  EC3 replied with a flatliner and went for the one percenter, Sydal reversed and hit knees to the face. Carter prevented Sydal to reach the top rope. The round ended with the 2 guys bumping heads and lying on the mat. Judge #1 gave the round to Carter, Judge #2 to Sydal, but Bahh chose the draw. Sydal was desperate while Carter was smirking.

Round 3 and match ended with a Draw – EC3 retained the IMPACT Grand Championship

A new commercial for Park, Park, and Park with Joseph and Chandler Park (Ethan Page). “We are here for you!” the duo awkwardly said.

Lashley & Dan Lambert vs. Moose & James Storm

Lambert came to the ring in MMA gear and barefoot (talking too much may be detrimental to your brain’s health…). I’m going to make it short because this ATT feud is pissing me off. Moose and James Storm did a perfect teamwork. Lashley did all the job for his team, Dan Lambert tagging in only for the pin and tagging out when it was done. It was more a 2-on-1 match than anything else. Lashley seemed not to be thrilled Lambert got the win after he speared Storm (I forgot to tell you ATT members interfered in the match, but I’m sure you guessed…). I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Big Mouth was eating a spear very soon…

Backstage, Johnny thanked Williams for the help last week, William said things are a little different up and Canada and didn’t appreciate how Johnny was being treated. Johnny then told Alberto to stay clear of the arena.

IMPACT Global Champion Eli Drake & Chris Adonis vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Impact

Johnny and Adonis started the match, Impact connected with a dropkick. Williams was tagged in and hit dual kicks with Impact on Adonis who rushed to tag Drake. Drake tried to charge Williams but missed, Impact pulled him away which led Drake right into Adonis’ underpants. Nice low blow even Drake and Adonis didn’t ask for it.

Back from break, Williams was working on Drake with clotheslines and a jawbreaker. Drake retained Williams so he could not tag in Johnny. Adonis was tagged in, hit a backbreaker and way more hurtful moves. Adonis punched Johnny off the apron to continue to target Williams. Johnny tried to help him but was stopped by the referee, allowing Drake and Adonis to sneak attack Williams. After a double suplex on Williams, Johnny stopped Adonis pin attempt before kicking him right in the face. Drake came in now and hit a suplex, an elbow drop and 2 hurricanranas in a row on Williams who really needed to tag out. But Williams refused to relinquish.

Johnny was finally able to get in, he put down Adonis with his arsenal of aerial manoeuvres. Drake got involved, hit a DDT on Johnny after breaking an attempt of count on Adonis. The referee pulled him out, Williams was tagged in, connected with a codebreaker and a side Russian leg sweep. He went for the Canadian Destroyer but Adonis locked him from outta nowhere. Johnny in stopped Drake with a springboard kick hit the Starship Pain on Adonis for the win. Nice teamwork from Johnny and Petey who had the crowd on his feet.

After the match, the faces were celebrating on the ramp while the heels were in the ring. Suddenly Alberto El Patron came through the crowd and attacked Drake from behind. He grabbed the title, put it on the mat and made Drake smell what the belt is cooking with a DDT face-first on the belt. Adonis was nowhere to be seen, Alberto was taunting Williams and Johnny who was tempted to attack El Patron.

A second week in a row without Garza Jr. and his pants off, I’m not happy at all… But let’s be honest, good episode, good matches, the feuds are taking shape, great job. The action was there, and a good one. This ATT thing has to stop because  Lambert is really someone who gets up nerves. I will soon be slapping my TV if his face continued to be on the air. Next week we’ll have a new Knockouts Champion, a strange character obviously. But why not? And if you agree with me, of course, I see you next Friday… 

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. 

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