Last WWE PPV of the year and it’s a Blue one. SmackDown Live Champions have to put their titles on the line in this Clash of Champions. Will The Usos be able to retain by defeating not one but 3 other teams? Will Jinder Mahal a 2-time WWE Champion? Could Natalya regain the Women’s title surrounded by a bunch of greedy Lumberjills? Could Baron Corbin get rid of both The Glorious man and The Show Stopper? And of course, will Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens still be on WWE after the PPV? Many questions the VultureHound team have its proper answer to. Her’s what they think will happen.

James’ Predictions

I have maybe one of the more obvious predictions, or one of the most “out there” thoughts on what may happen. But, Lord knows I need something to look forward to at Clash of Champions. During the tag match between Shinsuke Nakamura & Randy Orton vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn, Daniel Bryan will interfere to stop Owens and Zayn being fired. He’ll do this by defying Shane McMahon and take him down. Could this happen? It’s possible at this point, let’s just see what the PPV has for us.

Amanda’s Predictions

I’m anticipating twists and turns at Clash of Champions, as they try to make the final PPV of the year more spectacular than the card might suggest. Charlotte Flair will beat Natalya, AJ Styles will beat Jinder Mahal. I expect Bobby Roode to win the US title. The Usos should retain, but there could be a swerve in that match. Mojo Rawley will, most likely, beat Zack Ryder. Breezango will get beaten up. Whether they win and get beaten up, or just get beaten up, I’m not sure. Kevin Owen and Sami Zayn will presumably win, and keep their jobs, but there will be shenanigans.

Abir’s Predictions

I see Jinder leaving the title picture soon, so AJ will definitely win, the Riott Squad will interfere, causing Charlotte to retain, Corbin will keep his momentum going as champ, the Usos are too hot right now to lose so I see them being victorious, KO and Zayn are definitely not leaving so they’re going to win, Breezango will be victorious and Mojo will stay on top.

Steph’s Predictions

Of course Zayn and Owens won’t be fired, the major question in this match is who is going to betray who. And it can come out of nowhere. Nakamura, Orton, Daniel Bryan, why not Shane McMahon? Here is what makes this match and this PPV interesting. Because the rest of the card is pretty obvious. Giving the US belt to Ziggler would be interesting, too soon for Roode. The Usos retain, The Bludgeon brothers destroy the Fashion Police, Ryder gives a lesson to Mojo, Charlotte retains thanks to the Lumberjills interfering in the match. Styles is a great WWE Champion, if only this match versus Mahal could be the last. Styles retains, maybe via DQ.

By Steph Franchomme

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