The SHIELD reunion seems to be a curse for its members. Last October Roman Reigns was suffering from the mumps, missed the European Tour and Kurt Angle had to replace him at TLC PPV. As the stable was finally able to be together at Survivor Series, it will probably not be the case at Royal Rumble and even WrestleMania as Dean Ambrose is suffering from an arm injury the extent of has not been confirmed yet.

According to WWE physician, “An MRI has shown suspicion for a high-grade triceps tendon injury, possibly a tear, so (Dean Ambrose) is undergoing surgical exploration and most likely surgical repair of the torn triceps tendon.” The surgery was set to happen yesterday night, updates on “what the findings were, what the structures that were damaged were, and also a timeline for recovery” are expected very soon.

On Monday the injury was wrapped into a storyline where Cesaro, Sheamus and Samoa Joe attacked him. But many noticed Ambrose has had his elbow strapped for quite a while now and was lowering his game. The injury is said to have gotten worse this weekend during WWE live events.

Dean Ambrose has been with WWE for 6 years and has never been injured ever since, despite his intense style. If the triceps tendon tear was confirmed, he could be out of action 4 to 6 months, maybe more if the exploration was showing more issues.

A torn triceps tendon is a quite rare injury that could be a potentially career-threatening one as the triceps is responsible for straightening the elbow. Rehabilitation is a long and slow process to recover a full range of motion.

By Steph Franchomme

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