Next week, WWE Mixed Match Challenge will open a new era in the broadcast of WWE Shows as the company chose to team up with Facebook to develop an interactive concept of a single-elimination mixed tag-team tournament, with the goal to win $100,000 to support the charity of the winning team’s choice. Each 20-minute episode, with no commercials or advertisements, will allow WWE Universe to engage with Superstars during the show, select matchups, match stipulations and more, on Facebook.

What is it?

WWE Mixed Match Challenge is a new in-ring competition show featuring a mixed tag team match every week with one team from RAW and one team from SmackDown, competing live over 12 weeks to establish a winner. Each showdown in the competition will follow traditional Mixed Tag Team Match rules. When tagged, male Superstars face off with the opposing team’s male competitor and female Superstars battle fellow female competitors.  Viewers will be able to witness what happens in the ring and behind-the-scenes every day of the week until elimination, offering an in-depth look at all the competitors.

When and how to watch?

The show will stream exclusively on Facebook Watch at 10PM EST (3AM GMT) on Tuesday nights, after SmackDown Live and before 205 Live. Facebook Watch is available via mobile and desktop. On your mobile device, you open the Facebook App and click on the “Watch” tab on the bottom, and then search for “WWE Mixed Match Challenge.” Without the App, you can simply go to

Who’s involved?

24 Superstars were announced and General Managers of both brands made the teams.

RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss had what she wanted when she was associated with Braun Strowman. The Five Feet of Fury and The Monster Among Men may seem to be an unlikely tandem, but for sure a destructive one. “You don’t scare me, big boy,” Bliss informed Strowman. “But if you just listen to me and do everything I say, we’ll become the Mixed Match Challenge Champions.” Will the Beauty able to master the Beast?

They dubbed themselves “The Robe Warriors” and already made create matching robes. SmackDown Live Women’s Champion will team up with The Glorious Bobby Roode. The Glorious dream team will add a touch of class to the show. “We’ll work on the ‘Woo,’ Charlotte assured her elated partner.

Bayley may have expected to team with her great friend, but it’s Sasha Banks who will have the chance to work with Finn Bálor. Another dream team of innovative trailblazers and larger-than-life personas that could definitely make the difference for Team RAW in the tournament. The Boss and the Balor Club founder are among the teams to follow in this competition.

Rusev will team up with his wife Lana. Very intriguing choice to match in a ring The Bulgarian Brute and The Ravishing Russian as Lana has not competed as intensely as her husband. But success for any tag team requires more than physical skill, intuition between the competitors is something that can take years for two Superstars to develop. Something a married couple has more chances to have.

Daniel Bryan seemed not to be ready to separate couples. Jimmy Uso and wife Naomi are both brilliant competitors who possess dynamic personalities and an explosive in-ring style. When you add in the natural chemistry of the loving married couple, something most teams in the tournament will have to struggle to develop in a short time, you end up with a recipe for success.

Apollo Crews is replacing Enzo Amore in the tournament and, in a surprise move from RAW General Manager Kurt Angle, he will join forces with Nia Jax. Despite Crews’ enormous enthusiasm, however, Jax doesn’t appear over-excited at the prospect of their new union, as she has a crush on Amore. Considering their rocky start, can Jax and Crews can get on the same page and make an effective run to win the Mixed Match Challenge?

The team of The Miz and Asuka may be the most surprising and exciting of the tournament, as their two personalities can do nothing else but shine in this competition. And the newly formed tandem understood it as soon as the announcement was made, saying “we will win!” Miz’s tremendous experience, mixed with the skill of the undefeated Asuka, may prove to be an extremely effective combination.

Goldust and Alicia Fox, call it a double dose of the eccentric. To say that The Bizarre One and Miss Fox each bring something unique to the table is a gross understatement. He’s flamboyant and larger-than-life, while she’s prone to completely unpredictable behavior that stems from her raw intensity. Yet, their potential advantage in the unprecedented competition ahead of them goes way beyond their ability to throw their opponents off their game.

Bayley decided to let the WWE universe choose her partner, between Samoa Joe, Jason Jordan and Elias. If Samoa Joe scored the most fan votes on Facebook, he was unfortunately injured on Monday and Elias, who receives the second highest number of votes earned the spot. The two Superstars may seem like opposites at first glance but their mutual no-nonsense approach to their matches and intensity will make them a dangerous tandem.

What an explosive combination than the one of Natalya and Shinsuke Nakamura. The pairing of The Artist with The Queen of Harts will truly prove to be something special. Natalya has shown time and time again that her technical expertise is second to none while Nakamura is definitely the charismatic King of Strong Style. This combination promises to present a tag team arsenal so dynamic, so explosive, that it could arguably rival that of the original Hart Foundation.

They already were tag team players in Xavier Woods’ “Up-Up Down-Down” video game contest. This time, Sami Zayn and Becky Lynch will join forces in the ring. The playful manner in which Zayn revealed himself to his new partner shows that he is truly excited about the idea of being paired with The Irish Lass Kicker. The skills of Lynch and Zayn are undeniable, their intensity and will to win could result in a true tour-de-force against any tandem they face.

Fans were asked to vote for the New Day member they wanted to show work with Carmella in the ring. And the lucky man is Big E. Miss Money in The Bank and The New day charismatic Superstar together will exude a shared confidence second to none, and if they can learn to operate of the same frequency, they may just have the game to rise to the top of the pile in the unique showdown.

By Steph Franchomme

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