Less than 2 weeks ago, in a media call, Eli Drake was still praising the work of his sidekick Chris Adonis. “That’s my boy, he’s there ALL the time. He’s making sure things work just right, and guess what, I’m making sure things work just right for him as well.” But Drake will now have to make it on his own as Chris Adonis announced his departure from the company. Adonis was at the current Impact tapings in Orlando, Florida.

Adonis had worked on and off for IMPACT Wrestling since 2015. He was at first leading the team Global Force Wrestling when GFW and TNA wrestlers feuded in 2015. He came back in April 2017, during the Jeff Jarrett regime, and quickly formed an alliance with Eli Drake. He has since frequently helped Drake to retain the IMPACT Global Championship he won last August.

By Steph Franchomme

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