IMPACT Wrestling, as the members of oVe and LAX, were proud last week to announce that for the first time ever, a Barbed Wire Massacre match would be aired on national television. Pop TV decided it as too violent for TV and so the match will air on IMPACT Wrestling Channel on Twitch, that is launched on Wednesday.

The violence of the match was undeniable right from the beginning as the ropes are replaced by barbed wire and obviously blood and flesh would have been aired. The first and second Barbed Wire Massacre in the history of IMPACT Wrestling were broadcasted on PPV. The third will be aired on a streaming service.

IMPACT defends its match anyway: “this is the kind of match that needed to be created. Especially with this current rivalry between LAX and oVe. These two teams have been battling each other since September. oVe which stands for Ohio versus Everything, won the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Titles from LAX in October at Victory Road. But LAX was able to retain the titles two weeks ago to kick off the new year.”

The interesting thing about this Barbed Wire Massacre is there are so many variables at play in this match. It’s a three against three match and the barbed wire makes difficult to deliver moves off the top rope. Something Ortiz, Santana, Homicide, Sami Callihan, Jake and Dave Crist were not afraid of when the match was taped in Ottawa last November.

By Steph Franchomme

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