“I’m the baddest, I’m the meanest, I’m the boss of the WWE, I’m here to change the game!”

One of the latest offerings from WWE Home Video is the Sasha Banks Iconic Matches DVD due out 29th January.

If you are expecting a full on Sasha Banks documentary channeling her rise in NXT to the main roster and capturing Titles on RAW then this is not the DVD release you are looking for. As the title says, it is the Iconic Matches from the former NXT and RAW Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks and that is exactly what it is.

However, if that is all you want to either introduce yourself or remember the three Unforgettable matches from The Boss, then this is the DVD to have.

NXT Takeover Rival – NXT Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way:

Sasha Banks vs Charlotte vs Becky Lynch vs Bayley.

Its hard not to get caught up in watching the first match from the collection as The Four Housewomen make their statement in this fatal four way. Easily one of the best matches from NXT and one of best matches from the wrestlers careers, it has everything, each one having their chance to shine and easily a sign of things to come for the Women’s Division in WWE. The night The Boss cemented her place as a Champion.

NXT Takeover Respect – NXT Women’s Championship 30 min Iron Man Match:

Bayley vs Sasha Banks.

A completely different feeling on this one, as the first ever WWE Iron Women match, is that a term? either way I’m using it. From the entrances of both wrestlers you can tell not just how important the Championship title is, not just the rivalry between them but it’s the first time, but how important the 30 minute Iron Man match itself is as a statement. Personally I rate this as their best match, and watching the match again its easy to understand why, channeling everything from Takeover Brooklyn in their previous encounter and raising it to 11, you will sit engrossed in the drama and its great.

RAW Women’s Championship Match – Sasha Banks vs Charlotte.

Now looking back a lot has been said about the Title been consistently traded between the two and sometimes this has over shadowed the matches the two had. WWE Home Video has selected an incredible match between the two and both excel as they always do but on this night The Boss was crowned RAW Women’s Champion for the first time and like the RAW crowd said on that night…

“You deserve it”.

“It’s the era of The Boss. It’s the era of change. It’s the era of Women’s Wrestling!”