Since I was 12 years old, the only success I ever dream about is becoming a Pro Wrestler in the WWE”

Similar to previous releases from WWE Home Video, this release channels the Iconic Matches of WWE Superstars from their beginnings in the promotion to where they are now via their…Iconic Matches. This time the spotlight is on former NXT and RAW Women’s Champion, Bayley, DVD release on January 27th.

Right from the beginning we are treated to moments in NXT that highlights that it has always been Bayley’s dream to be in WWE and to be a fighting Champion within it. Also we witness the comments from her opponents and her doubters who hope to turn that dream into a nightmare.

Matches include:

From: NXT Takeover Brooklyn – NXT Women’s Championship Match: Bayley vs Sasha Banks.

Where to start with this match, as Cory Graves says, it’s a big match feel and you can feel that project from the screen with the assistance from the crowd. The match itself is brilliant. Emotional and competitive, exactly what you’d expect from two wrestlers who want to make a statement. And who can forget the moment after the match…no your crying I’m not crying. If you are doubting what WWE brings to the table with the Women’s Division, look back at this match from August 2015.

From: NXT Takeover London – NXT Women’s Championship Match: Bayley vs Nia Jax.

It should be noted that if you ever want to doubt how popular Bayley is, on this night in London, the crowd chanted for her nonstop and who can forget the chant, “Hey Bayley, will you be my girl”. This match defines the underdog story that is Bayley’s character, she has fought against stronger wrestlers, she has fought against taller wrestlers and in this match she takes relentless punishment only to fight back every time. This is one to watch.

From: WWE Battleground – Bayley & Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair & Dana Brooke.

After months of making Sasha Banks their target, Charlotte Flair & Dana Brooke it seemed to have the odds stacked in their favour as Battleground arrived, it was 2 on 1 until Sasha unveiled her mystery partner, Bayley who made her main roster debut. And what a reception it was. The match itself, is good, but it’s the moment of her debut and the victory afterwards that is the one to watch.

Once watching this, I hope WWE allows the fans to see this version of Bayley again, because that Bayley once she stepped through the ropes, her opponents could be sure of two things: Bayleys gonna hug you, then she s gonna suplex you.