It’s that time once again, time to check out what happened this week on NXT.  You already know I’m hyped for an episode when Tyler Bate will be performing. But given his recent match on 205 live of all places, I’m doubting his success in today’s show. How did it all go down? let’s take a look.

Nikki Cross vs Lacey Evans

What proceeded was roughly a five-minute match that proved to us once again not to doubt Nikki’s ability. She may be unhinged, but that doesn’t her from tearing you a new one. Lacey Evans discovered all of this after taking a massive beating. While Evans did gain the advantage for a brief moment, plus nailing a pretty clean moonsault, she succumbed to Nikki’s Fisherman Neckbreaker. Nikki walked away the victor, whereas Lacey managed to escape before any more damage could be done to her.

Winner: Nikki Cross


– Shayna Baszler was interviewed about her actions to Ember Moon after the match was finished. Shayna claimed that Ember only survived, and who looks more a winner after that whole ordeal.

– The Undisputed Era licked their wounds while plotting about what they’re going to do to Sanity.

– The Velveteen Dream was questioned about how long it took him to actually beat Kassius Ohno. Dream replied by basically avoiding the question and stating that Ohno knows that his dream was over.

– TM61 was being interviewed, stating their new catchphrase “The Mighty Don’t Kneel”

– Tomasso Ciampa walked backstage with a crutch in hand, he stayed silent as he left the building. Maybe we’ll learn some more next week?

– Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas & Zelina Vega commented on their recent victory. Zelina bragged about the development Andrade has had up to becoming NXT Champion. Almas ended by stating that this is only the beginning for him.

TM61 vs Ealy Brothers

TM61 are finally back, and to welcome them home they’ve been given some pretty easy opponents. It’s safe to say that Miller and Thorne have not missed a step, their chemistry seemed better than ever and the athleticism has only improved. The Ealys made good first opponents for TM61’s comeback, selling Miller & Thornes moves well and managing to use heelish tactics to turn the audience against them. TM61 won with the Thunder Valley Bomb and now we wait and see what NXT has in store for them. Maybe, a shot at the Tag Team Championships isn’t too far away?

Winner: TM61

Tyler Bate vs Rodrick Strong – Number 1 Contendership for WWE UK CHAMPIONSHIP

Perfect booking for a technical brawl as we got going with this match. Tyler managed to control the first half and succeeded in getting the Airplane Spin early on (now that I think about it, shouldn’t it really be a helicopter spin?). But, Bate was stopped in his tracks by Strong after using a double underhook and turning it into a backbreaker. The fight soon turned into a striking-fest as Strong and Bate sought to gain the upper hand. Winded but not down, the two continued to one-up each other. As the match headed towards its ending, Rodrick Strong gained a head of steam and managed to secure victory with his double knee backbreaker to become the new number one contender.

Another American is now challenging for a UK title, is this right? More than likely no, But WWE has been using most of it’s big UK talent already for the belt. However, I can understand that the tension may be gone if the NXT expect you to believe that the title would be held by someone who isn’t a Brit. We’ll just have to wait and see how this all plays out. Plus, we’ll more than likely get an entertaining match from Pete Dunne and Rodrick Strong in the ring together.

Winner: Rodrick Strong