Three more wrestlers are done with IMPACT Wrestling, Ava Storie, Idris Abraham, and Mario Bokara. Their names were moved to the Alumni Section of the company website as IMPACT updated its website with a new visual communication.

Ava Storie made a few appearances from April to October 2017. Abraham signed last March and competed in the Super X-Cup last July and August. Bokara made his debut in March 2017, teaming mostly with Fallah Bahh. His last appearance was last August when he teamed up with Bahh against oVe.

We recently announced IMPACT signed the legendary Indian wrestler Gama Singh. His desire to “pass (my knowledge) on to the next generation of Indian wrestlers” is now making him the leader of a new stable of 4 Indian wrestlers, called The Desi Hit Squad.

Rohit Raju, formerly known as Hakim Zane, is the winner of the 2017 Global Forged Search for IMPACT next star. But Raju cut his teeth for years on the independent scene in the US and Canada before finally getting his shot on the big stage with IMPACT Wrestling. Raju’s grandfather was from India and Raju, hailing from the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, is looking to represent his heritage in front of the world.

Vikas Kumar was known as Pagal Parinda when IMPACT created the Ring Ka King promotion in 2012. He also competed during the IMPACT tapings from Mumbai. Born in the Indian state of Haryana, he is now moving to North America to further his craft with IMPACT Wrestling. He’s a specialist of the grappling focused kushti form of wrestling.

Gursinder Singh was born in England, raised in Australia, but his roots are in Punjab, India, where his parents were born. He trained in Canada at the Lance Storm Wrestling Academy. He participated in the 2017 Global Forged competition, alongside Rohit Raju, where he opened the eyes of IMPACT officials.

Chandigarh-born Bhupinder Singh has always been interested in competitive sports. He participated in many bodybuilding competitions from the age of 18. He also competed in kickboxing and wushu (a Chinese martial art) before making a natural transition to professional wrestling. He trained at Continental Wrestling Entertainment, The Great Khali’s school.

Like IMPACT states, “Under the tutelage of Gama Singh, this new generation of Indian wrestlers is sure to take the world by storm when they arrive on IMPACT in the coming months. There is no limit to the potential of the Desi Hit Squad.”

By Steph Franchomme

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