The health of Jason Jordan has been the matter of many rumours over the last few days. As he missed live events the last 2 weeks, some were saying he was suffering from a major neck issue that could have led to a major surgery. Yesterday, Jason Jordan’s wife precised on Instagram he was only suffering from a minor neck injury and he would be back very soon.

But here is where the truth lies, Jason Jordan underwent a minor surgery yesterday to repair a minor injury to a disc in this neck. WWE Medical Director Dr. Joseph Maroon confirmed this injury “resulted in significant pain that was refractory to all conservative measures”. The surgery is described a minimally invasive operation to decompress a nerve and allow him to heal.

It is unknown how long Jordan will be out of action, as it usually happens when it comes to any neck injury or surgery because the prognosis is adapted to every patient. Yesterday night on RAW, Jordan worked an angle where he was supposed to be injured in his neck and was not able to take part of the rematch for the RAW Tag Teal Titles with Seth Rollins against The Bar. He anyway interfered in the match.

By Steph Franchomme

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