We were expected to have The Undisputed Era vs Sanity early in the night, but Sanity managed to gain the upper hand for once by attacking UE from behind. Security soon came down but even they couldn’t contain the chaos. William Regal announced that this would all end tonight with a 6-man tornado tag team match. Whether this was for the titles was left unsaid.


Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli vs Heavy Machinery

The seeds of doubt between Moss and Sabbatelli were planted, their coordination was off and was plain to see. Heavy Machinery, on the other hand, managed to HASS their way to victory after coming back from an attempted dirty pin by Sabbatelli. With a double power slam, Heavy Machinery walked away with a win and some redemption was regained. However, the relationship between the heel team seems to have soured even more as Moss walked away from his partner. Sabbatelli knelt on the floor in pain as Moss looked on in disappointment. Finally! This is something interesting these two can do, it’s a start at the very least.


Winner: Heavy Machinery

Johnny Gargano Speaks…

Gargano remarked on his loss at Takeover but humbled by the reaction he received and feels like he’s earned the respect of the fans. He also called out Tommaso Ciampa, wanting to face him one on one. Suddenly, Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas came down to crash his party. Zelina Vega proceeded to tear down Gargano and remind him that he’s been a loser on multiple occasions.

Candice LaRae came down to support her husband, if they wanted Gargano to leave him alone then they needed to give him one last shot at the championship. There’s one catch, if Johnny loses then he leaves NXT forever.



– Shayna Baszler brags there won’t be a rematch between her and Ember Moon, as she thinks she’s too afraid.
– Tyler Bate gave credit to Rodrick Strong, but he’ll be watching that championship.

Bianca Belair vs Jobber

Oh yay a squash match, been a while since we’ve seen that. We saw a burning hammer, an alley-oop, then we’re done. Great, totally not a match to kill time. I’ll take this time to mention I’m not a fan of the Alley-oop unless you combine it with another part of the ring like the ropes or the turnbuckle. On its own, it looks like a powerbomb that botched halfway.

Sanity vs Undisputed Era – 6-Man Tornado Tag Team Match

So this isn’t a championship match? Apparently, Sanity is okay with this. It didn’t take long for the match to erupt into chaos as both teams went at each other. The ring couldn’t hold them, so they brought it out to backstage and used anything they could find to tear each other apart. One notable highlight being Bobby Fish thinking he could take on Killian Dane one-on-one, unsurprisingly he soon realised that Dane isn’t called the beast of Belfast for no reason and Fish was tossed from the stage all the way to ringside.

Towards the end, as the match started to become more controlled, UE used their numbers to gain an advantage over Sanity. Sanity would fight back, leaving us to wonder how this would all end. Killian Dane brought it all back for Sanity as he took on all challengers and defeated UE. Dane is a monster that deserves more than the tag titles, let’s see him aim for a singles championship soon as I believe he has the ability to be the man that NXT needs as their unbeatable champion.