4 Corner ATTACK! Tag Team Championship Match: Love Making Demon and Session Moth Martina vs Nothing To Prove vs Anti-Fun Police vs Bowlarama

This was a fun start to the show. It was also the match that had the strongest ATTACK! influence, along with the main event, throughout the entire show. Every team got a chance to shine and there were a lot of funny moments with Session Moth and Love Making Demon. It felt like an ATTACK! match in an FCP venue but it was enjoyable and it really got the crowd into the show from the outset. The match ended with Bowlarama retaining their ATTACK! tag team championships. 

Zack Sabre Jr. and Angelico vs Aussie Open

Even though it was unfortunate that Moustache Mountain couldn’t participate in this match as planned, Aussie Open was a perfect replacement. The match was great and Sabre and Angelico made an interesting team with Sabre’s submission-based style working alongside Angelico’s more high-flying approach. Sabre hit hard as always and Fletcher and Davis hit back just as hard. A highlight of the match was when Davis set Sabre up for his Close Your Eyes piledriver and Sabre managed to counter it into an armbar. In the end, however, Aussie Open got the win when Davis hit the piledriver and Fletcher made the pin. Everyone managed to showcase what they’re based at.

 Adam Brooks vs El Phantasmo

I had never seen Adam Brooks live before this match but I was really impressed. He is a great bad guy. I really appreciate how he pays attention to the small details that enhance his character, such as stomping on just Phantasmo’s ears and interrupting his entrance. The way Phantasmo uses the ropes will never not be unbelievably impressive and entertaining. This was a really great, unexpected match that made both guys look like stars. I can’t wait to see more of Brooks in the future. In the end, Phantasmo won with a Swanton-Moonsault combo, showcasing his top-notch athleticism.

Omari vs Keith Lee

This was undoubtedly the match of the night. Omari came out strong immediately, holding his Infinity trophy high. The match was also brutal from the outset with Lee launching Omari into the barriers and hitting him with massive blows to the chest, seemingly constantly. Omari took absolutely everything Lee hit him with and displayed his own strength when he managed to effortlessly suplex the much bigger Lee. Every time it seemed like the match was over, one of them kicked out and it was absolutely incredible an absolute war. No one in the crowd wanted it to end. The best moment of the match was when Omari hit Lee with a Spanish Fly from the top rope and all of Starworks erupted. Omari clearly gave this match his everything but in the end, Lee got the win.

This brings them to 1-1 in terms of matches and I absolutely cannot wait to see their next encounter. Their first match still slightly edges it for me but this, too, was an absolutely incredible display of professional wrestling at its best.

Elimination WRESTLEHOUSE Tag Match: Team Brookes (Chris Brookes, Chief Deputy Dunne,  Dan Moloney, Mark Haskins and Jordan Devlin) vs Team Banks (Travis Banks, Clint Margera, MK McKinnan, Trent Seven and Millie McKenzie)

This match was crazy. There were so many people involved and in the early stages, almost nothing happened in the actual ring but all around it. There was so much going on constantly that it was almost a little hard to keep up with but it was a fun match with an incredibly talented group of wrestlers. It’s ATTACK! influence came across when all of Team Banks went backstage and came back out in Travis’ signature ATTACK! “Stupid Sexy” gimmick. It was so much fun and the crowd absolutely loved it. As more and more people got eliminated the action got more intense until it was down to just two: Chris Brookes and Millie McKenzie. McKenzie had gone to the back prior after suffering an injury but emerged again to claim her spot against Brookes.

The highlight of the match, for me, was when Millie locked the Octopus Stretch in on Brookes.

Brookes refused to tap though and eventually managed to lock it in on McKenzie in return, winning the match. After Brookes left McKenzie in the ring, out of nowhere, Jinny showed up at FCP, violently attacking McKenzie. I’m really really looking forward to seeing what happens between them. This was a really great match but what was even better was what was built up around it.

All images provided by The Ringside Perspective.

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