For the uninitiated, attending an Attack! Pro Wrestling show is sort of like watching a four-year-old get into the freezer, down an entire two-litre tub of ice cream in one sitting, and subsequently bounce off the walls for the next three hours.

Hailing originally from parts unknown (supposedly near Tijuana, Mexico), and currently residing out of Broad Street police station in Birmingham,  Los Federales Super Santos Jr has become an integral part of the weird and wonderful movement. Combining raw power with unbelievable prowess and the agility to match – he can literally move like a cruiserweight when the opportunity arises, Federales will soon have the eyes of not just a few, but many on him.

I spoke with the long of the grappling law a few days before his Progress chapter debut to see how he’d started out, and what the future held for this new Mexican maverick.


For those that don’t know, who are you? How’s life going up at Broad Street police station?

Hola! I am Los Federales Super Santos Jr – son of Los Federales Super Santos Sr and I work alongside my new familia in El Captain Chief Deputy Dunne and Señors James and Leigh (The Brothers of Obstruction) who are our directors of health and safety here at Anti-Fun Police HQ. Life is very satisfactory with no fun, nada!

Anti-Fun Police – SWAT Edition Photo Credit: Turning Face

 Why pro wrestling? What inspired you to get into it? Were you a fan before stepping into the ring?

I was and it was all thanks to my Papi Santos Sr! Lucha Libre is vibrant, fast-paced, acrobatic and quite frankly too much fun! It’s why I knew since I was a little señor I had to stop it, and then a few years ago my Papi came over to the UK to Attack Pro and then joined the ranks of the AFP (Anti-Fun Police). It just felt right seeing all that you know?!

 When did you start training and where do you currently train? What’s your schedule like and do you think it benefits your ring performance?

It’ll be coming up to 3 years since I first actually started wrestling training, so it’s not even been 3 years yet! That’s pretty crazy si?! I started training and still train at Dragon Pro which is now based in Cardiff, but at the time I started they were based in Newport. I’ve been hitting the gym this year which has been helping with my strength and my cardio, it all helps!

Who would you say gave you that all-important ‘first shot’? Is there anyone that you feel is invaluable to your development as a pro wrestler?

Well, I made my debut last year at Attack! Pro Wrestling’s’ Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Tournament, teaming alongside El Capitan going up against The Models, so I guess the people at Attack! and El Capitan really. As for anyone that is invaluable, everyone that is involved or who has been involved with Dragon Pro have been there for me since day 1, everyone in the AFP (El Capitan, James, Leigh and si even during his time there, Señor Travis Banks) – every promotion that has booked me so far has been invaluable and I can’t be more grateful, to the señors and señoras / señoritas that I’ve stepped into the ring with. I try to learn as much as I can from everyone! And to everyone above, gracias! Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am today!

‘Mi Corazón’ – Federales Jr stands with El Captain (Chief Deputy Dunne) at the Kris Travis Tag Team Invitational Tournament. Photo Credit: Turning Face

Attack Pro Wrestling – would you consider Attack to be your ‘home’ promotion? We’ve seen you develop into one of the most appreciated performers on the roster over the last few years. What moments stand out for you? (I’m sorry senõr but you are stupidly sexy, never stop dancing)

I think it would be fair to say that Attack! is my ‘home’ promotion; it’s where I debuted. My debut will always stick out to me, also when me and Travis (Travis Banks) fought Moustache Mountain, besting Travis (Banks) on Thursday Night Throws – or it could have been the Wednesday Night Wristlock show and all of the AFP (Anti-Fun Police) vs the AAFP (Anti-Anti Fun Police), plus my debuts at FCP (Fight Club: Pro), Riptide, Pro Wrestling Chaos – there’s too many moments that stand out, but those are the ones that immediately jump out at me.

You made your Pro Wrestling chaos debut a while back alongside El Capitan to face down The Brotherhood. I think we can all agree they’ve been having far too much fun. Once you’ve upheld the law and dispatched of them, what’s next for the AFP in Chaos?

I mean we could confiscate those Knights of Chaos belts from the Brotherhood!

The Anti Fun Police – why and how did you join? How have things been since El Capitan, yourself and the brothers of obstruction were left on the wrong side of a beating from Nothing to Prove?

Well to go back to a previous answer my Papi was influential behind it I think and it felt right, it felt like home! Well, I’m sure if you keep your eyes on the Attack Twitter/Facebook you may see some things regarding that! But all I know is I let El Capitan down and I can’t see him get hurt anymore I just can’t!

‘Nobody has any fun, nobody gets hurt’ – Federales Jr alongside the rest of the Anti-Fun Police. Photo credit: The Ringside Perspective

What challenges have you faced so far in the business and how have you worked to overcome them? Is there anything you would change given the chance?

I’m unaware if I’ve faced any adversity, I’ve been very lucky in my instance I think apart from the beat down from Nothing to Prove – I’m not saying there haven’t been bumps in the road but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world!

Are you hard on yourself when something goes wrong? Do you find yourself thinking back to what you could improve the next time around?

Always! I can always improve, I can always do better and I’m not entitled or deserving of anything! But even with all that said I can still appreciate certain matches but will always look for ways to improve, we never stop learning!

Any bad experiences with other wrestlers? What’s your take on the so-called “backstage politics’ that we often hear about? If true, what kind of jurisdiction does the AFP hold to ensure this kind of trouble doesn’t occur?

I keep out and do not involve myself in any backstage politics if I’m honest. The only bad experience is with Nothing to Prove, but don’t worry mi amigos I’ll be dealing with them in due time!

To turn the above on its head, what achievements stand out for you? What would you say you’re most proud of so far?

Honestly to me beating Señor Travis (Travis Banks) is a pretty big deal for me! He’s one of the best in the UK right now so standing toe to toe with him and winning, that’s a pretty big deal for me! Also appearing at Chikara’s KOT (King Of Trios Tournament) supporting El Capitan, James and Leigh were very special too!

How about a favourite match so far that you’ve been involved in as a wrestler?

My debut matches at each new promotion always hold a place in my corazón, and I’m very grateful for and to the people I have been able to share a ring with, they’re all very talented and some of the best in wrestling right now!

What about some of the best wrestlers you’ve stepped in the ring with?

Travis Banks, Moustache Mountain (Tyler Bate & Trent Seven), Jimmy Havoc, Aussie Open (Mark Davis & Kyle Fletcher), Bowl-a-Rama (Fat Cat Lloyd Katt & Splits McPins), Hunter Brothers (James & Leigh Hunter aka The Brothers Of Obstruction), Chris Brookes, Eddie Dennis and Flash Morgan Webster! And that’s not all of them! Who next?! Anyone and everyone, I’m grateful for all opportunities!

Are there any promotions that need a good dosage of the long arm of the law that you haven’t worked with yet?

Progress, Rev Pro (Revolution Pro Wrestling), ICW (Insane Championship Wrestling), Hope Wrestling and Southside (Southside Wrestling Entertainment) are ones that stand out in my mind right now, but wherever there is fun I’ll be there to shut it down! Also to be more regular at Riptide and FCP (Fight Club: Pro) – oh and don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about Dragon Pro either!

Speaking of Progress, we’ve all seen by now that you’ll be making your chapter debut alongside El Captain versus Sexy Starr on the 25th of this month. Will the law be enforced? How do you feel about debuting in what’s arguably become one of the biggest platforms for independent wrestlers today?

It’s very surreal to be honest, the amount of support and kind words is overwhelming, I’m excited and nervous and it’s just all too surreal as I said at the moment. The law will be enforced!

‘Enforce the law’ – Federales will make his Progress Wrestling chapter debut this Sunday (25th Feb) Photo Credit: Progress Wrestling

Let’s talk about the future for Federales Jr. What are your long-term aspirations in the business? Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

To appreciate all opportunities as they come along. In five years I’ll be on the verge of turning 36! I don’t know if achieving a try out for WWE is a possibility in the next 5 years or not? But I’ll just take it as it comes mi amigos.

How do I apply for the AFP academy? How are the current batch of cadets doing, and do you see anyone graduating from the class anytime soon?

You’ll need to speak to El Capitan about that! But more and more people seem to be joining our ranks, which is always a good thing!


One last thing Senõr, how can we find you online?

Twitter –

Instagram –

Gracias for your time mi amigo!


Also, if you’d like to join the ranks of the Anti-Fun Police Academy, I’ve been informed that some confiscated items are available to purchase via the following link –


Joshua White – Steelchair Magazine 2018.