This year’s edition of WWE’s Elimination Chamber contains two first-evers. Seven men will compete in the Chamber for the #1 contendership of the WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania, while Alexa Bliss will have to defend her RAW Women’s Championship against five other wrestlers in the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber. The VultureHound team was pretty inspired by the last Raw PPV. Here’s what the team thinks will happen.

Elizabeth Birt’s Predictions

Hardy vs. Wyatt – Hardy. We’ve seen Wyatt dominating with his mind games so it’s time that ‘Woken’ Mary Hardy shows Wyatt two can play at that game. Women’s Elimination Chamber – Bliss. It’s odd to see the title on the line in the Elimination Chamber but Bliss will remain champion until WrestleMania. Asuka vs. Nia Jax – Asuka will meet her closest match. The power of Jax will see her become the one who gets closest to ending Asuka’s unbeaten run. However, Asuka will prevail and remain unbeaten and be odds-on favourite to be the new RAW Women’s champion. Men’s Elimination Chamber match – Prediction 1 – bit of a wildcard but with the Universal title finally on the line at ‘Mania (seriously praying Lesnar finally loses it), Finn Balor has the extra motive to regain the title he never lost. Prediction 2 – Braun Strowman will dominate as he has done for the past months and set up a chaotic showdown with Lesnar at ‘Mania.

Josh White’s Predictions

Although every single news outlet would have you believe that Roman Reigns will make the chamber “his yard” (WWE, please stop that), it’s simply not the case. Finn Balor has reminded us constantly that he is the first ever Universal Champion. With an almost deadset interference from the Balor Club to aid in his victory, WrestleMania is looking to be just too sweet.

Josh Hickman’s Predictions

Men’s Chamber: Roman Reigns pins Seth Rollins to win the match. Miz and Braun begin their program for ‘Mania. First-Ever Women’s Elimination Chamber for the RAW Women’s Title: Sasha submits Bayley to win the match, Mickie usurps Paige as leader of Absolution Asuka vs. Nia Jax: Asuka wins by submission. Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt: Bray Wyatt wins by pinfall after Jeff Hardy interference. RAW Tag Team Title Match: Titus O’Neil and Apollo vs. Cesaro and Sheamus: The Bar win by Pinfall. Ronda Rousey in-ring contract signing: Ronda decides not to sign for RAW.

Alex Richards’ Predictions

Asuka vs Nia Jax: NOBODY IS READY FOR ASUKA, although I do see a chance for Bliss to cost Asuka the match by causing a DQ finish. Bray Wyatt vs Matt Hardy: Another clash between the two craziest characters in the WWE.  Hardy needs a win soon and hopefully, this is the night. Titus Worldwide vs The Bar: A transition defence for The Bar. Women’s Elimination Chamber: Bliss has the odds stacked against her but she can never be underestimated. Men’s Elimination Chamber: The Big Dog is heading to WrestleMania and the crowd will no doubt voice their displeasure

Amanda Why’s Predictions

The first few matches feel quite straightforward (which probably means I’m wrong). Gallows and Anderson vs The Miztourage (kickoff show) should be an easy win for Gallows and Anderson. Sheamus and Cesaro should beat Titus Worldwide. Matt Hardy will beat Bray Wyatt. Asuka will beat Nia Jax. The Elimination Chamber matches are tougher to predict. This is the final RAW brand PPV and there are bound to be twists. I do think Alexa Bliss will find a way to retain. As for the men, I want Rollins or Balor, or even Strowman to win, but it will probably be Reigns.

James Toal’s Predictions

The Elimination Chamber is a match type that needs spicing up, so let’s see how they’ll make it interesting this year! Oh, making it seven men? I mean that’s fine, I guess. If you’d had asked me a couple of weeks ago about who would win, my mind would’ve gone straight to everyone’s favourite pooch, Roman Reigns. But, after Seth Rollins’ spectacular performance this week on RAW, he’s my pick. I would prefer Finn Balor, but Seth has all the momentum going forward.

Lee Hazell’s Predictions

The Bar to squash Titus Worldwide. I’ve no idea what is going on with Woken Matt Hardy or Bray Wyatt, so I’ll just say, “What did you people think WWE were going to do with ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy? Not ruin him? Oh, so naïve!” They aren’t ending Asuka’s streak on a B PPV. I think Alexa Bliss’ championship reign comes to an end in the Chamber. She hasn’t been having the impact on the championship required of a WrestleMania spot. All the hype has been around Asuka, Rousey, Banks, Charlotte, Bayley and even Nia. She’s a bit part player in the division she’s the champion of. Sasha to win, setting up her vs Bayley at ‘Mania. Rousey announces she wants to face SmackDown’s Charlotte at ‘Mania. Finally, Braun to win. I think Vince has gotten cold feet on the Roman storyline at the last-minute. I think Vince will realise that Brock vs Braun is where the money is. People have been lukewarm on Reigns vs. Lesnar for a while, even his fans are more excited to see what he does with Rollins, who is currently aimless on the road to ‘Mania.

Steph Franchomme’s Predictions

Gallows & Anderson destroy The Miztourage in the pre-show. Matt Hardy wins his match by laughing so hard he’ll drive Wyatt normal. Asuka should win, WWE has no reason to end her winning streak. The Bar retains. I don’t even understand how Titus Worldwide became #1 contenders. The Chambers matches are quite unpredictable. Alexa Bliss should retain, but Sasha Banks also has her chances. Roman Reigns or Braun Strowman? That is the question. Whoever wins the match, they will both face Lesnar at ‘Mania. Ronda Rousey is challenging Stephanie McMahon for a team match at ‘Mania. Why not Angle & Rousey vs. Triple H & Stephanie?

By Steph Franchomme

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