Week in, week out, British wrestling puts on some fantastic matches.  Not a week goes by without social media lighting up to profess a “match of the year” candidate and it’s down to the wrestlers who work their backsides off to entertain the fans, wherever they are. With 5* Wrestling going from strength-to-strength in a wrestling scene that’s still on a high, there’s plenty of talent out there, and plenty that will, hopefully, find their way to the 5* Wrestling ring and become the next fan favourite/most hated man in wrestling… or just present a lighthearted distraction to all the serious stuff that’s going on. Here are ten guys that 5* Wrestling management should be looking at right now, in no particular order:

Kip Sabian – Versatile in the ring, supreme on the mic, a bankable look and the ability to wind people up with just a facial expression. There’s every chance that the man that calls himself Superbad is actually super good.  Is it too early to say he’s a TV star in the making?

Spike Trivet – 5* Wrestling already boasts a “Champagne Charlie” in the form of (half of the 5* Tag-Team Champions, Charlie) Sterling, but this guy is something else.  He’s finding a place in companies across the UK and he’s certainly ready for this breakout moment.  There’s never been a better time for the man who “started at the top” to get under the skin of the fans.


Cara Noir – Dark, dangerous and disturbing, there’s few on the British wrestling scene like Noir, and he’s a formidable opponent, too, with the martial arts background that accentuated much of his pre-Noir career.  

Jimmy Havoc – We’re already seeing Butcher making an appearance, so imagine Havoc vs Atterhagen going at it in a hard-hitting battle of wills. Obviously with 5* being a PG company, deathmatch specialist Havoc is unlikely to appear but  It doesn’t have to be deathmatch to be wonderful to watch.  There’s much more to Havoc than just hardcore matches, but he’s certainly carved out a niche, sometimes in blood. (Editor’s note: Havoc did actually appear on 5*’s first tour).

Luke Menzies – A true talent and an imposing presence. Trained by Marty Jones and El Ligero and demonstrating skill beyond his years in the ring, he’s relatively new to the British wrestling scene but has many people talking.  Giving him live television experience would definitely serve him well as he’s bound to need it in the future!

David Graves – There’s a side to Graves that could be seen as a throwback to the heyday of British wrestling. A great mat technician who successfully bridges the old school with the new, an intense worker, with a standout personality.  Graves sets the expectations of himself high, and with good reason.

Robbie X – He’s in his early 20s and already has more than a decade of experience to show for it.  Whether he’s part of GBH or on his own, Robbie has shown himself to be versatile on any show, with fans loving, or loving to hate him, wherever he appears.

Damian Dunne – Okay, I’ve included two members of this stable in this run down already – Sabian and Robbie X – so let’s go the whole hog and bring in Damian Dunne, too. As Chief Deputy Dunne of the Anti Fun Police, he’s found a character that fits in anywhere from Progress to Attack and all ports in-between.  He’s made it work, and he can make it work on 5*!

Drew Parker – His Urchin Prince character has given Parker an edge that few others can claim to have.  He’s a phenomenal high flier and once stood alongside the future Kid Lykos, but now he’s something else entirely, a chaotic warrior in the ring who, literally, sheds blood, sweat and, one would imagine, tears to entertain.

Chris Tyler – The talented Chris Tyler must have the eyes of the WWE on him as he shapes a future that has seen him in HOPE and Southside, amongst other places.  High flying, intensely skilled and with a natural charisma, Tyler would be a perfect fit for 5* Wrestling.