In a time when the wrestling world is buzzing with potential dream matches, some of which are already coming true, Luke Gallows has suggested a Wrestlemania dream much that would have fans salivating

Coming off the back of a successful victory on the Elimination Chamber kick-off show, Gallows and his tag-team partner Karl Anderson are looking ahead to the grandest stage of them all and where they fit into the big picture.

With Chris Jericho appearing on New Japan Pro Wrestling’s biggest show, Wrestle Kingdom, in January, many wrestling fans had been thinking of a range of different combinations they would like to see.

One which Vulture Hound suggests when speaking to one half of The Club would be the Good Brothers alongside Finn Balor versus The Elite.

“The Club verse The Elite would be a great match,” Gallows tells VH

“As would The Club vs The Shield, hell lets make it a three-way for Wrestlemania, that would truly be something amazing.”

Since being back in a WWE ring, things haven’t always gone so smoothly for The Club, yes they may have captured the Raw tag-team championships, but many fans who saw the dominant team in their days in Japan they believe what they are seeing week in week out is a watered down version of Gallows and Anderson.

Luke Gallows

However, the big man of the pair has no regrets about returning to the WWE and believes there is much more to come from the Good Brothers.

Gallows added: “We’re enjoying being back and there is no bigger stage in the world for a sports entertainer to be than in the WWE.

“Karl and myself have a lot of untouched potential the sky is the limit.”

“I feel what you have seen in the last two years are mine and Karl’s real personalities just amped up a bit and we are really starting to find our groove.”

And for the pairing, there is no hotter place to be right now according to Gallows who believes the tag-team division is the best he has ever seen it.

He adds: “We have some of the best tag teams we’ve ever had in the history of WWE and you can tell that by the quality of the matches as well; I think it is at an all-time high right now.

“It’s highly-entertaining stuff with great teams, some of them who’ve been together for a while and who are highly-seasoned – it makes for a very entertaining product.”

Luke Gallows

That being said when questioned about arguably one of the hottest tag-teams in the world right now in the Young Bucks, Gallows believes the Jackson brothers owe it to themselves to join the ranks of the WWE.

Gallows, along with current WWE champion AJ Styles and the leader of the Balor club Finn Balor all rose to prominence in Japan, but many believe started to connect with a wider audience when they came to the WWE.

This is why Gallows feels the Young Bucks should move to WWE because it would give them the platform and exposure to excel.

“I think they’re highly, highly talented and if you want to make your mark in sports entertainment, if you want your name to go down in the annals of sports entertainment history, you absolutely have to come to WWE,” Gallows continued.

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson | Photo: David Garlick

With WWE’s showpiece show a little more than a month away Gallows is once again hoping to be part of one of those famous Wrestlemania moments.

When asked what his favourite Wrestlemania moment throughout history is he answers: “My own”.
“Last year being in that ladder match and hearing the reaction to the Hardy Boyz return was incredible.

“There have been so many incredible Wrestlemania moments throughout the WWE’s history but to be part of your own is a little bit special.”