On Thursday 8th March, 5* Wrestling announced that Zack Gibson had departed from the company and wished him well in his future endeavours  Given how white-hot Gibson was for 5* Wrestling, it’s left a massive hole in their already broad roster.

A consummate professional in the ring, dynamite on the microphone, Gibson had carved out a niche for himself from the very first broadcast and was, arguably, a key reason to watch the show on Freesports week on week.

With the departure of Gibson, let’s look at five talents who could step up and shine the light on British wrestling not just for their in-ring ability, but for those all-important mic skills that have had us all talking about Liverpool’s Number One.


Nathan Cruz

Anyone who has seen Nathan Cruz perform knows that he’s the embodiment of The Showstealer and The Professional.  Aside from being one of the best in-ring performers today, he’s a charismatic, compelling speaker too.  When he picks up a microphone, people listen and respond exactly how he dictates.


Flash Morgan Webster

He may not be the most imposing of opponents, but he’s a presence wherever he goes and his words are just as effective as his offense.  He’s a confident, capable speaker and a superb cruiserweight, arguably one of the best of his generation.  Is it time for Flash Morgan Webster to rise to the top in 5* Wrestling?  It’d certainly do no harm to The Modfather’s popularity to get into the British main event picture.

Mark Haskins

On 5* Wrestling, Haskins hasn’t said much, but that’s probably because he hasn’t needed to.  His in-ring ability, picking apart opponents limb-by-limb until he strikes like a lion on weakened prey, is second to none in 5* Wrestling and across the UK. He speaks with the same surgical precision he brings to the ring.


Dave Mastiff

He’s a beast in the ring who looks like he’s having a lot of fun whenever he destroys opponents.  He doesn’t speak often, but when he does, it’s with wry, Black Country humour and the type of delivery where you just have to listen to each and every word.



One of the most recognisable names in British wrestling, a spectacle in the ring, Grado has proven his skills on the microphone with a boundless enthusiasm that has taken him all over the world. Whether he’s speaking from the heart or with the humour that he’s renowned for, he’s a man you want to hear. He’s not bad in the ring either.