IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay has released details for his new promotion Frontline Wrestling’s debut show, Build Me An Empire. The event will be taking place on Thursday, June 28th at Stratford Circus in London. Tickets are already on sale exclusively on Frontline website.

More and more names set to appear have been revealed by the company on its Facebook. Travis Banks, Chris Ridgeway, Flash Morgan Webster, Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis, Adam Brooks, Maverick Mayhew, Connor Mills, Wild Boar, Toni Storm, El Phantasmo, Mark Haskins, Rob Lynch, Bea Priestley, Chris Brookes, Damian Dunne, Kip Sabian, Kid Lykos and Rampage Brown will be on the card of the show.

Ospreay previously ran Lucha Forever alongside fellow UK performer Ryan Smile, the company unfortunately closed doors in 2017. Frontline Wrestling is described as “a Professional Wrestling promotion, based in the United Kingdom set to showcase talent from across the globe in a unique way that you’ll never of seen them before. Stylised and presented to as British Puroresu.”

Ospreay, who’s been working with NJPW for 2 years and is the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, told SEscoops he fell in love with the Japanese style of wrestling, “and not just the wrestling itself. The story telling, the Drama, the production.” Which leads him to describe his company as a Puroreso one, “the popular term for the predominant style or genre of Pro wrestling that has developed in Japan. So we plan on giving you a hybrid of full contact, hard-hitting, strong style matches.”

The shows will take place in London on weekdays, the same way Lucha Forever was doing. Ospreay is also decided not to make any co-promotional event with NJPW as RevPro Wrestling already have a connection with the company. In his wildest dreams, Ospreay would love to use his Australian connections to bring some Aussie talents to his shows. “I was actually saying if this does take off I’d love to make a Commonwealth Cup with Australia, Canada & New Zealand talents almost like a strong style 16 but that’s looking way too far into the future.”

By Steph Franchomme

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