After Angélico announced on Twitter he was parting ways with Lucha Underground, Jack Evans replied to his message and announced he was also leaving the promotion. Season 4 Premiere will be aired on June 13, no words if the two wrestlers were involved in. Both men has been working for the promotion since its debut.

Angélico made his television debut on Lucha Underground on 14 January, 2015 broadcast. Later on, he exchanged victories with Ivelisse and Son Of Havoc. On February 8, during Season 2, Angélico, with Ivelisse and Son of Havoc, became the inaugural Lucha Underground Trios Champions. On July 29, at Ultima Lucha Part 1, they lost the championships to The Disciples of Death, but regained the title on November 22 episode.

Angélico was involved in the first part of Season 3, but didn’t take part of the second part due to an injury. Angélico made his return at Ultima Lucha III Part 4 where he attacked Johnny Mundo during his Championship match against Prince Puma.

Jack Evans worked on his own all along Season 1 and for the most part of Season 2. On May 25, 2016 episode, Evans teamed up with Johnny Mundo and PJ Black, forming a group known as “The Worldwide Underground”. They even became  the Lucha Underground Trios Champions. During Season 3, Evans was mostly involved in team matches as a member of The Worldwide Underground, in recorded segments, or interfering during Mundo matches.

Evans has been working a lot on the indy scene in the USA and Mexico. Angélico has recently worked in Japan, Australia, Mexico, Germany, UK and Spain. He left Lucha Libre AAA by the end of last year to relocate to Spain and be more involved in the European Wrestling scene.

By Steph Franchomme

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