WWE recently announced a return for the WWE UK Tournament on 18 and 19 June 2018 from London’s Royal Albert Hall and it promises to “showcase for the finest talent in the UK”.

There’s plenty of talent who could fall into that description and shortlisting to a two-night event would be a hard task for any wrestling company, let alone one with the worldwide coverage of WWE.  

Few details about who will be showcased the moment, but the original tournament saw a mix of sixteen men from across the United Kingdom compete, with Tyler Bate becoming the first WWE UK Champion in a highly regarded match against Pete Dunne.

So, with this template in mind, here’s the first eight names who should be in the frame for the second WWE UK Tournament:

Nathan Cruz

Medical issues stopped Cruz from capitalising on everything that makes him a perfect fit for WWE and, since then, he’s continued to up his game and continued to be a must watch across the UK. He’s already appeared for NXT and in a dark match at the first United Kingdom Championship Tournament  There are very few men who speak with the confidence of Cruz and can perform at his level. He can make practically anyone look like a million dollars, and all without devaluing himself.

Mark Haskins

Eagle eyed viewers would have spotted Haskins backstage at the first tournament and there can be no doubt that with the likes of Rousey and Baszler showing that there’s a place for MMA fighters, Haskins, with a blend of professional wrestling showmanship and MMA legitimacy, would be someone to watch in WWE.

Zack Gibson

It seems that Gibson has signed with WWE, if reports are to be believed, with the WWE UK show often mentioned in the same breath.  Surely, the announcement of the WWE UK Tournament can’t be a coincidence.  A fantastic wrestler in his own right, Gibson becomes something else when he gets a microphone in his hand… “soon to be”, indeed.

Rampage Brown

He’s been in the WWE developmental system before, you may remember he fought Mark Henry on ECW, but those were different times.  One of the premier powerhouses in the UK today, everything he does looks like it is set to destroy.  A heavy hitter who can leave a crowd wanting more, surely, now is the time for Brown to make a return to the WWE.


Chris Tyler

Another name who made an appearance in the original WWE UK Tournament, Tyler’s stock has certainly risen since then and he sets his own standards, just like his ambition, high.  He’s a fixture in both HOPE and Southside Wrestling in the UK, and for very good reason.

Will Ospreay

Possibly a dream signing, but with Ricochet in NXT it can only be a matter of time before the Aerial Assassin joins the WWE.  He’s possibly the most talked about British name on the independent wrestling scene today.  There’s plenty of time for this 24 year old to make the move, and it’ll be a spectacle when it happens.

Luke Menzies

He’s got the perfect look for WWE – standing 6’1” and weighing over 17st and broad enough to block out the light.  He looks and moves like a powerhouse and has everything to make it as a WWE star. There were rumours in 2017 that WWE were interested in him and this would be a perfect chance to showcase him.

Kip Sabian

He’s a regular fixture across the UK, has natural charisma, a great personality and, importantly, the in ring ability to match his confidence.  Sabian is much more than the bad guy that he portrays so well, he’s a standout performer wherever he appears and whatever he’s doing.

Josh Bodom

If WWE are looking for a man who has natural confidence bordering on arrogance, is in prime physical condition and has experience across Britain and a recent tour of Japan, then they should look no further than Josh Bodom.

Flash Morgan Webster

He’s already been seen in WWE Cruiserweight Classic Qualifier action and, arguably, injury sidelined his inevitable journey into the WWE. The Modfather has shown, over the past few years, a whole new grasp of his character and developed as an in ring competitor like few others.  Compelling to listen to and an absolute pleasure to watch, he’s at his finest when he’s blending high flying displays of excellence with ground based submission dominance.

Joe Hendry

Representing Team Scotland in the Commonwealth Games in freestyle wrestling, a man with more than a passing knowledge of martial arts and MMA, Hendry is another true example of the full package that would make him valuable to WWE – confident, talented and an imposing presence.  At the moment, he can do no wrong.