A new wrestling promotion has appeared in Melbourne. Or perhaps, the Underworld Club has been here all along.

Underworld Wrestling has been revealed as a brand new high concept wrestling show  that strives to return wrestling to its aggressive and authentic roots, a fighting sport in its own right, enveloped by controversy and competition. The promotion looks both to the past and future of the sport, aiming to take the realism and intensity of old school wrestling and deliver it into a new era.

Underworld Wrestling is led and created by former Australian professional wrestler Adam Bruiser​, a man with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, plus a skeleton team of talented, creative and accomplished individuals.  Justine Colla​ (@pastasauca), is Underworld’s resident community manager, a video game industry leader and world-famous artist whose work has been featured on WWE television.

‘Underworld has given me the opportunity to take everything I’ve learned from years and years of “filling in the blanks” to having my hand print on something which is truly tangible. Something that can make an audience member react, feel or contemplate wrestling in a meaningful way,’ Justine says.

The narrative for the promotion is presented as an “illegal” underground fight club that has been running in secret for years, beneath the streets of Melbourne. Underworld Wrestling has competitors fight in fast and frantic matches, with strict time limits and a unique points systems, designed to find contenders for it’s dual female and male Championships. The inception of this points system ushers in a unique interpretation of the rules of wrestling, whereby competitors will have to prove their worth and earn  points, to fight for an Underworld Championship.

However, it appears something more sinister is brewing under the surface, as every victory brings the wrestlers and their fans closer to the shows’ frightening conclusion; a fight between all that is good and evil, and which will eventually bring us to the inevitable “end of all things”.

Andy Coyne​, British wrestling’s most valuable export, has been a commentator and ring announcer for many of the biggest shows around Australia and has a resume that boasts both Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. ‘We wanted to give something new to the men and women who wrestle in Australia something to really dig their teeth into, and for fans a totally different kind of experience,’ Andy claims.

‘When you look at our social media, our Kickstarter and eventually our shows, you’ll see that things are very different. We’re combining a new wrestling style, with new rules and a universe which features underground fighting, organised crime and dark secrets that go beyond our understanding of the world as we know it,’ he says.

As Australian wrestling booms, Underworld wrestling provides something refreshing that is sure to catch fire. ‘As international audiences continue to recognise Australian wrestling as something special, and channel their energy into it, we will be able to create more opportunities for current and new wrestlers, then give that talent a platform to shine on a global scale. That’s the dream,’ says Justine.

Underworld Wrestling promises to persuade both hardcore and casual fans, and declares a safe place for everyone, with their inclusive ethics policy taking steps towards equality and support for fans, regardless of gender identity, sexuality, disability, belief system or ethnicity. ‘I know how beautiful and powerful that “weird” side of the fandom can be, and now I have an opportunity to help fans like me feel welcome and validated through Underworld,’ she affirms.

With the first Underworld show running on June 15th at “The Claw HQ”, in Elwood, Melbourne, and over 110 backers on Kickstarter driving them to their goal, Underworld Wrestling are primed to make waves.

Andy proclaims, ‘Trust me, things are going to get very wild. We’ve built a huge and rich world and we hope everyone will join us on this terrifying journey as we all explore “The End of All Things.”‘

For more on Underworld Wrestling, head to The Underworld Wrestling website, or check out the Underworld Wrestling Facebook and Twitter.