Clever character development and some strong in-ring performances? It’s that time once again guys, time to check out the best WWE Network show… No, not Superstar Ink! Let’s check out what happened This Week on NXT!


As usual, Mauro and Percy welcome us to Full Sail University for this week’s edition of NXT, Nigel McGuiness at home surely pulling out what little hair he has left from the lack of sleep with his new-born (seriously though congratulations!).

On with the show…


Out first, The Undisputed Era – Strong and O’Reilly are now billed as tag champs due to Bobby Fish’s injury, making full use of the Freebird rule. Cole decides to be, well Adam Cole and gets amped up about how everyone tried to stop them, but now they stand in NXT as champions. Fish claims they were thrown to the wolves but always kept a step ahead of the pack, now rightly coveted with gold. In comes Roddy, who frankly seems re-invigorated since joining UE, even if it did mean he betrayed the most wholesome Peter for it. Roddy proclaims that he could have won the tag titles with Dunne, but what was the point as all Dunne would have done is betray him because ‘All he cares about is his United Kingdom Championship’. (Pete’s probably gonna snap your neck now my man).  It’s always been Roddy vs The World, but not anymore. Now, he’s going to work with Cole, Fish & O’Reilly to take over N-X-T.

North American Championship Match – Adam Cole © vs Oney Lorcan:

Cole is still taped up from Takeover, and Lorcan decides to take advantage of it – attacking the ribs with Cole making it to the ropes for the break. Oney controls with a stretch, but Cole escapes. Enziguri to Lorcan, Cole pouncing and pounding the ‘crap out of him. Cole goes for an ushigoroshi, but his ribs slow the pace. Lorcan sees his opportunity and explodes, smashing in with stiff uppercuts and chops, upping the intensity and hitting a sweet running blockbuster – falling into the cover for a near 2 count. Lorcan can’t quite believe it, so flings Cole over the top rope with a suplex. Having seen their brother in arms nearly defeated, the rest of the Undisputed Era decide enough is enough – Roddy playing game-changer with a backbreaker to Lorcan, allowing Cole to nail the Last Shot for the 1, 2, 3.

After the match, Cole and co decide to murder Lorcan, only for Danny Burch to try and make the save. The Era are having none of that, and murder Burch too. Undisputed Era BAY-BAY.


Heavy Machinery (Otis & Tucker) vs. Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss:

Not much to say about this match other than the love story of Sabbatelli and Moss is officially over – fandoms the world over will be distraught. Heavy Machinery dominated for 90% of the match, leading to the win when Moss went for the tag, only for Sabbatelli to walk off. Compactor to Moss, game over for those fine chaps with the muscles and the cars yeah tag team because we’re hench.

After the match, Heavy Machinery seemingly waver their rights to having all their limbs intact by calling out the War Raiders. If it was me, I’d steer clear of Hanson and Rowe. Big strong bois with something to prove, best of luck.

Backstage, Dakota Kai speaks about Shayna Baszler – but she doesn’t really because she doesn’t want to talk about last week. Out pops Baszler and by god doesn’t Dakota look like a Deer in headlights? Poor lass. Maybe someone with the shiniest wizard could come and back her up?


Up next was supposed to be Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano, however, the incredibly unwholesome Tomasso Ciampa beats ten bells of sh*t out of Gargano – bond villain eye patch and all. Johnny tries to turn it around, only to get a low blow for his troubles. Ciampa nails the air raid crash off the top of the stage and through a table. Candice LeRae comes out to check on Johnny, who gets stretchered out. As Johnny is placed in an ambulance and stretchered out, Ciampa silently waves goodbye to Johnny Wrestling. What. A. Prick.

Aleister Black subsequently arrives and calls out Ciampa for being a prick. Instead, Sanity’s music plays and they enter, without Nikki. Eric talks about chaos, and the match is set.


Non-Title Match: Aleister Black © vs Eric Young

Black grounds, with Young making the ropes. Young on top, Black scrambles out but is felled by an elbow. Young gets sent to the outside, comes back in and gets slammed with an arm drag followed by signature knees. Wolfe distracts, Young choking out Black taking control. Neck breaker for 2. Black tries to fight back, but Young nails the backdrop for a 2 count. Black fires up, hitting the sunset flip for a near fall. Black continues the assault, connecting with a knee strike. Double down. Both up, Black takes control and goes into autopilot destruction mode. Moonsault press for a near fall. Black into the octopus stretch, with Young beautifully countering into a death valley driver for a 2 count. Young sees a window of opportunity, goes up to the top rope but Black follows and drags him down. Black sets Young up and connects with Black Mass for the 1,2,3.

After the match, Black gives Wolfe and Dain a Black Mass each to remember him by as they set off for the land of opportunity. Black stands tall, and that’s it for this weeks show.

Until next week…


Joshua White – Steelchair Magazine 2018.

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