We may be edging closer to the bell tolling for WWE Phenom, The Undertaker. Since his introduction by ‘The Million Dollar Man’ Ted Dibiase at 1990 Survivor Series, The Undertaker grabbed fans by the proverbial throat to become the icon of the wrestling world. A Seven-time world champion, six-time tag champ, one-time hardcore champion, star of the Hulk Hogan movie Suburban Commando and he never dated Katie Vick, that was his brother, Kane.

The infamous streak began at Wrestlemania XIII defeating Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka. A year later he bested Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. The Deadman continued this reign of victories over Randy Orton, Triple H, Kane, Bray Wyatt, Batista, CM Punk and Edge. It ceased when he faced the Paul Heyman guy, Brock Lesnar, who shocked the world by making the streak, RIP. What’s next, we all wonder, is this the end? Maybe time is near for the former leader of the Ministry, former Big Evil, American Badass, and the man who broke Mick Foley in half.

Seeing Taker live at SummerSlam 1992 in Londo,n coming to the ring on the back of a hearse with the legendary Paul Bearer leading the way, made this superstar a legend in the eyes of my young self. An unbelievable career, persona, creation that no other promotion could rehash, re-create or buy. The Undertaker stayed faithful to Vince and vice versa putting on incredible shows against the likes of HBK, Bret Hart, Mick Foley and Edge. Who should be The Takers final stand, who shall take the final Last ride or make the Undertaker Rest In peace?

I’ve broken it down to five superstars: First suggestion is a dream match, a dream match of darkness, The Undertaker vs Sting. The Stinger’s lost soul persona took his career to another level facing the evil NOW in his Crow garb, lurking in the rafters, causing havoc for the black and white, a creation closest to the Dead Man. In 2014 Sting appeared for the first ever time on WWE TV and this dream could be happening. Two dark forces go one on one, so could it happen? It’s written in the stars, written on the walls, even the Maya prophesied it, but, it didn’t. Both with long careers, taken many bumps, handled injuries. Sting retired due to these injuries. Imagine the two, face to face in the middle of the squared circle, no words just looks, the thousand-yard stare into each other’s eyes, causing fans to lose their shit. The Undertaker wins, lights go out, back on, Sting sits in the corner. In the middle of the ring is Taker’s top hat, mac, those purple gloves and a sign emblazoned with RIP. The Undertaker’s no more, he leaves with Sting’s soul to the underworld. The magic of the past for a battle of icons, soul vs soul.

How about this one? You ready? former WWE superstar and current top draw in the indies, the ‘American Nightmare’ Cody Rhodes. The night Taker made his debut at Survivor Series 1990, a member of the opposing team was a certain ‘American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes. The Undertaker wrestles his final match against the Nightmare, facing Rhodes in sentimental respect for what the American Dream did for many in the business.  Cody could be a huge star in the WWE if used correctly. Facing the Undertaker for his final battle brings his career full circle, ending it in the ring with a Rhodes in the opposite corner. American Nightmare sends the Dead Man back to the abyss of lost souls and flourishes in his run with WWE.

Not going to lie, I’ve never enjoyed The Undertaker’s matches against big guys like Diesel, Giant Gonzalez, Big Show, Great Khali and Kane. Kane, being one half of the Brothers of Destruction, is a storyline ending for the Deadman. Taker and Kane do their thing in a casket match. Kane loses…The Undertaker walks the casket to the burner, turning to the audience, raises his fist and walks into fire and brimstone with his brother, leaving his attire in the ring as he goes back to Hell with his brother for the last time.

Even Drew Carey has fallen victim to Kane’s record // wwe.com

A nice idea? Where this superstar defends his newly found brother, Bray Wyatt. I’ll go for ‘Woken’ Matt Hardy to go against the Deadman. The promos would be on a severe level of WTF. Hardy decides it’s time for the DeadMaaaan to leave the light of the WWE and go back to the darkness, a casket match at the Hardy Compound. Promos see Hardy wander the darkness of graveyards in search of the Phenom. Until one moment, Vanguard 1 stops working and the Taker appears. Hardy v The Undertaker is set for something so goddamn off the wall.

Woken Matt Hardy

This one I want and would work so well, is current NXT champion Aleister Black. ‘What the F?’ I hear you say. The Undertaker passes the torch to Black. His dark aura, mysterious look, his satanic persona and an entrance of spine-chilling proportions is near perfect to carry that mantle. A blessing from The Undertaker is a way to fulfil the prophecy. Originally the idea of Bray Wyatt taking on the streak got me salivating, but WWE dropped the ball with Wyatt. But Black facing the Taker, defeating him in a casket match could fulfil the foretelling of next in line taking the throne and new leader of the underworld, as the Black Mass Aleister Black’s reign begins.

Image via WWE.com