Redemption was awesome. If you read my review, you know we had the chance to witness the very best of Impact Wrestling. But it’s now time to move forward. We have new Tag Team Champions in the persons of Eli Drake and Scott Steiner. This week, LAX will have its rematch and try to regain what they lost last Sunday. Knockouts Champion Allie, after defeating Su Yung at Redemption, will square off with Taya Valkyrie for the title. Brian Cage will destroy, sorry, compete against Trevor Lee and Moose against Braxton Sutter. We’ll also have a focus on DJ Z’s long road back to the Impact Zone, Austin Aries will hold a town hall meeting. And Pentagon Junior will live his first IMPACT as World Champion. Let’s get ready for some action so, your French Enygma Steph way, of course…


Austin Aries’ Town Hall Meeting

We saw Austin Aries talking to a bunch of Impact wrestlers and referees. Aries was sporting a sling, with a banana in it, as Pentagon dislocated his arm at Redemption. Aries tried to explain, as a coach would do, that him losing the World Championship didn’t mean the whole roster wasn’t good. After all, he still has the Impact Grand Championship. Moose said, for a guy who didn’t have any excuses, he had a lot of excuses. Aries told him just like the NFL, you have to work the front lines and protect the Superstar. Moose told Aries to screw himself, left and everyone else followed… 

Executive Vice-President Don Callis was on commentary with Josh Mathews, like at Redemption

Brian Cage vs. Trevor Lee w/ Caleb Konley

Since his debut, Brian Cage has overcome every one of his opponents in a few minutes. It took a little longer at Redemption as they were 5. Former X-Division Championship Lee tried to test Cage’s strength but was thrown out to the floor. Cage connected with an uppercut and some kicks. Lee used the referee as a shield to allow Konley to interfere. Lee rallied with the double stomp and the penalty kick on Cage on the apron. Back in the ring, Lee hit a German Suplex. Cage got nervous and tossed Lee into the corners before laying him out with clotheslines. A powerslam followed but Cage missed his moonsault. Lee kicked him to the floor and went for another penalty kick. Cage rallied and attacked Konley. Back in the ring, the Deadlift suplex from the second rope and The Drill Claw finished Lee and the match.

Eddie got mad… 

Outside Eddie Edwards rushed into the building, Tommy Dreamer tried to stop him and told him to go back to the hospital to be with his wife, Alisha Edwards. Edwards headed into the ring instead and said he put Callihan in the hospital at Redemption. But Dave and Jake Crist were not done yet. He asked them to come out or he would drive to Ohio to catch them, beat them and their wives up. Both Jake and Dave headed out and a massive brawl started.

Edwards landed a suicide dive on Jake, came back to the ring to land another one on the brothers. Dave was sent into the steps, Jake tossed in the ring. The duo took control but an infuriated Edwards was sent into the ring post while Jake ate a clothesline. Edwards grabbed a kendo stick (Tommy Dreamer, get out of this body…) but suddenly Alisha Edwards in the hospital appeared on-screen. Sami Callihan rolled into the room in a wheelchair with balloons in front of his face. He had some scissors to cut the strings. His swollen face was revealed, Alisha was scared. He told her he just wanted to talk. Meanwhile, we saw Edwards running out of the ring to save Alisha. 

The Redemption of DJ Z

Nice segment on DJ Z who returned at Redemption. A year ago, he suffered a second “colon-related health scare” after a 450° splash from Laredo Kid during a match for The Crash promotion in Mexico City. The move caused a ruptured colon and internal bleeding, forcing him into emergency surgery. Doctors gave him a 20% chance of having to use a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. But he returned to the ring 2 months later but started to suffer recurrent panic attacks. He wondered if he would get back to wrestling ever again.

Braxton Sutter vs. Moose

Sutter tried to say something, Moose cut him, Sutter started yelling at him and slapped him in the face (bad idea…). Moose grabbed him, tosses him into the corner and hit big chops to the chest. He continued with a standing dropkick from the top turnbuckle that sent Sutter to the floor. Moose followed but Sutter slammed him into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Sutter suplexed Moose to the turnbuckles, But Mr Impact Wrestling fired up. Headbutt, corner dropkick and the spear, and the match was over. 

After the match, Moose got the mic and sent his congratulations to Pentagon Jr. He claimed that he might be the World champion. And because Moose is Mr Impact Wrestling, he’s going to be the guy who will take the title from Pentagon.

– Backstage, while Matt Sydal was telling McKenzie Mitchell he didn’t need his spiritual advisor Josh Mathews bu his side to win, help was requested as a man was knocked out on the floor. He had a red sign with a circle and an X on his chest… Meanwhile in LAX Lair, Santana and Ortiz asked themselves what to do as they lost the titles, Konnan disappeared and “The King” hadn’t called back. Ortiz said they had to focus on the titles and then they will break down doors to find Konnan.

Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Allie (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie 

Taya attacked at the bell, working over Allie and tossing her around. Taya unloaded a flurry of attacks, Allie tried to fire back but Taya cut her off and works her over in the corner. Allie sent head-first into the second turnbuckle as Taya was charging in. She hit a flatliner into the turnbuckles but missed the dropkick. Taya stomped Allie, but the Champion rallied with clotheslines and a Russian leg sweep. Taya cut her off while Allie was looking for a Sliced Bread. Taya sent her into the turnbuckles and hit the Saito Suplex. Allie fought off The Road to Valhalla, hit the superkick and a code breaker for the win. Very good and aggressive match.

Allie had no time to celebrate as a Legion of Undead Brides brought a coffin down to the ring and then headed to the back. Allie looked at the coffin, lights went out and Su Yung appeared behind Allie. She attacked and started swinging her away.  Yung hit a draping pedigree as Allie’s feet were on the ropes. The lights went out again and Rosemary got face-to-face with Su Yung. She looked to taunt her but the lights went out again and Yung was gone.

Eddie got mad… again

While KM was apologizing for fat shaming Fallah Bahh and offered to tag with him next week, Callihan was in the hospital and asked Alisha where Callihan was. Alisha told him he just wanted to talk but Edwards wondered why she would. Edwards rushed to Callihan’s hospital room, leapt on him, attacked him viciously to the point of trying to suffocate him with a pillow. Edwards would later be arrested for this assault. 

Eli Drake and Scott Steiner (c) vs. LAX (Impact World Tag Team Championship)

Steiner cut a promo about winning the titles and said everyone should have believed him because he’s world famous. He claimed Taco Bell had a sale on burritos and that was why Konnan missed Redemption (don’t ask Steiner not to be himself…). Drake and Ortiz started the match and quickly worked double team moves with Santana. Santana took out Steiner, but Drake dumped him to the floor. After the break, the Champions were working on Santana some nice double team moves.

Steiner brought Santana up top and hit a nasty flipping power slam. Drake was tagged in, worked more double teams with Steiner until Santana made the comeback, hitting a running boot and a DDT. Ortiz tagged in, he and Santana worked more double teams, like a cannonball leapt off Ortiz’s back. Ortiz hit a Death Valley Driver on Drake. LAX looked for the Street Sweeper, but Drake countered it in mid-air to pick up the win. Very good rematch.

After the match, Eli Drake grabbed the mic and Steiner stated how easy it was. Drake told fans they thought this was a one and done thing, but he put over Steiner. He called the fans a bunch of dummies and stated that he still had that case with a World Championship opportunity in it he was ready to cash in very soon. Austin Aries headed to the ring and said he was not out here for trouble. 

He said he knew Drake had a title shot coming, but he claimed he had a World title in the Grand Championship because the title makes the man. Aries reminded Drake that he’s owned him in the past and he would win back his “other” World title. Drake called him a dummy and reminds Aries he lost at Redemption. Drake promised to win back the World title when Aries would win it back so that Drake could beat him again.

Impact World Champion Pentagon Junior arrived. He posed with the title and said he had zero fear. Drake attacked Aries as Steiner was beating up Pentagon. But Pentagon fought off both Drake and Steiner who fled to the ramp. Pentagon faced off with Aries, Aries handed him the belt back but then refused to let it go. They stood off as the show came to an end.

This episode was a reset one, an expected post-PPV bout meant to build the path to Slammiversary. But most importantly, it was a great episode. What a very good team Scott Steiner and Eli Drake are, it’s a very good surprise to see them be so damn good. The Legion of Undead Brides segment was beautifully gloomy. With Eli Drake, Moose, Austin Aries, candidates for the Impact World Championship are scrambling at Pentagon’s door… Next weeks’ episodes are meant to be full of surprises an twists and great action. Everything we love… And if you agree with me, of course, I see you next week… And never forget to stay #eNYGMAtic… 

All pics, videos, and screenshots courtesy of Impact Wrestling. Photomontage by @frenchnygma exclusively for @steelchairmag.

Before leaving you for this week, Braxton Sutter just announced he was parting ways with the company. May we expect his wife Allie not to do the same…

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