Impact Wrestling lacks an identity. Once an alternative to the WWE it is now considered more of a joke than anything. Is the creature known as Pentagon Junior the one to change it all?  The last era of Impact was carried by former WWE superstars EC3 and Lashley.  Neither man was seen as an Impact star and both were always destined for bigger and better things. What Pentagon provides them is something completely different.

Just take one look at him.  Pentagon has something that most other wrestlers dream of.  He has an enigmatic charisma much like Jeff Hardy. He’s different, cool something that would not fit into the sterile, PG environment of the WWE.  And that is exactly why he could be a game changer for Impact wrestling.  In the often quiet Impact Zone, someone like Pentagon will always get a reaction, be it for his charisma, or his “Cero Miedo” motto.  Impact wrestling has mostly been a good product for over a year.  But, it has been just that.  They lack a true draw, a reason to watch.  What Pentagon offers is something worth watching.  Who doesn’t want to tune in to see this man wreak havoc and have the crowd scream “Cero Miedo” every step of the way?

As I said at the beginning of this article, TNA (now Impact) built its image by being unique, by gaining a reputation as a true alternative to the WWE. They did that by using talents that the WWE wouldn’t they took wrestlers like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and made them stars they took good wrestlers and gave them a platform to prove their talent to a bigger audience. In recent years we have not seen Impact make its own stars. Pentagon could offer them the chance to build a brand that is completely unique. They can make the charismatic Luchador the centrepiece of the promotion. His match quality will no doubt deliver and with his charisma and aura he could be a true star for Impact.

The obvious argument is that Pentagon is already a Lucha Underground star. The thing with LU is that it has built its own mini-universe. Much like Dramatic Dream Team in Japan.  Whatever happens within the promotion happens within a niche bubble. Pentagon and brother Fénix have been making a name for themselves all over the indies and are no longer associated solely with LU but with Pro Wrestling Guerilla and The CRASH. If Impact were to push Pentagon and let him run riot on their roster he could easily become a star associated with Impact Wrestling.

At Impact’s Redemption PPV, Pentagon defeated his brother Fenix and Austin Aries for the Impact World Title.  The shocking end to the PPV kicks off a new era in Impact history. Pentagon snapped Aries’ arm and fans were reassured that the bone snapping bad ass will continue his dark ways. Aries vs Pentagon sounds like a very juicy potential main event for Slammiversary. With the right build that plays to both men’s strengths, Impact could draw more hype than it has had in years. The era of Cero Miedo has arrived and I, for one, cannot wait to see where Impact goes from here.