Clever character development and some strong in-ring performances? Before Vince gets his hands on them, it’s time once again to check in and see what happened this week on NXT…


As always, Mauro and Percy welcome us to Full Sail University for this week’s edition of NXT. Let’s gather round and see what happened…


Out first, The Undisputed Era hit the ring for story time with Adam Cole and company. Cole proclaimed that it was he that made Oney Lorcan famous during his first title defence as the North American champion. In comes O’Reilly, telling Danny Burch that he got what he deserved getting involved in UE’s business, daring him to try it again (Burch is a Londoner, don’t hack us lot off because we’ve got a history of going Kray twins on people). Fish then piped up and made it known that his rehab clinic has got two more people coming in.  That utter prick Roddy finally called out young Peter, claiming that what he did to him at NXT: Takeover wouldn’t even come close to what he would do in their match tonight. Careful what you wish for, Strong.

Kairi Sane vs. Shazza McKenzie

Nothing of note to take from this match other than that Kairi continues to run through the competition, making quick work of the Aussie native. Kairi won in dominant fashion with the Insane Elbow, seemingly continuing to carve her path towards the unstoppable force that is Shayna Baszler.

That one that’s got a totes America woop woop I was in the military once gimmick – Lacey Evans then decided to pop her head out and have a chat with Kairi after the match. Evans went as far to admit she’d got it wrong about Kairi, claiming that she does belong in NXT. Kairi stood looking almost confused, contemplating shaking Evans hand before getting laid out by Evans. And honestly, this is awful. I get that you need to build Sane as she’s relatively unknown in the states, but look at Asuka. Didn’t give her shite for dinner did they?


Up next was Candice LeRae for a backstage interview, talking about how she’d been so optimistic but had been broken down by seeing Gargano get beaten down by Ciampa so many times. Candice, we feel you.


Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins)  vs. TM61 (Shane Miller & Nicky Thorne)

What was important about this match was the finish. Thorne snatched the rollup on Montez, putting his feet on the ropes with Miller holding them in place, TM61 stealing the win. Looks like we’ve FINALLY got a heel turn in play.

The mighty don’t kneel.

A tale of the tape plays for War Raiders vs Heavy Machinery. Big bois scrap fest, yes please.

Backstage, Kassius Ohno speaks about Ciampa’s attack on Gargano last week. Ohno plans to deal with the unwholesome Ciampa. Good.


Kona Reeves vs. Patrick Scott

Kona’s back and you’d be forgiven for thinking he’d stolen Velveteen Dreams gimmick. All Reeves did was stop a couple times and shout ‘The Finest’. The match itself never got off the ground, Dream Kona hitting a middle rope elbow and a face-first Samoan drop dubbed the Hawaiian Drop for the win. You’ve got the likes of Dijak waiting in the PC and yet television time is given to this. I don’t get it either.

Up next, everybody’s favourite Carter EC3 comes to us once again from his rooftop swimming pool. EC3 talks about the North American ladder match, saying if that was his first match imagine what the second would be like, because the sequel is always superior to the original (unless it’s Die Hard, even you know that Ethan).


Up next, Dakota Kai for an interview. She mentioned Ember Moon and the Iconic Duo’s main roster debuts, giving others opportunities and that she wanted to make her own mark. Kai still isn’t a fan of Baszler and doesn’t want to discuss her. Vanessa Borne arrives and gives Dakota a piece of her mind, saying she would have dealt with Shayna (keep telling yourself that). Kai says she’s not afraid of Borne. Seems we’ve got a future match in the works.


Candice LeRae vs. Bianca Belair

Solid match, which basically played into if Candice is fully focused in the ring or not given the sh*t she’s been going through. Bianca got the win, countering a tornado DDT and hitting the Alleyoop. I get what they’re trying to do with Candice, but the wrong person won here tonight.

Pete Dunne vs. Roderick Strong

Dunne wanted Roddy’s head, attacking as soon as the bell rung. Dunne went for Strong’s arm, taking the fight to the floor. Strong cuts Dunne off with a backbreaker, Dunne back up nailing a forearm strike. Dunne jumps from the apron, getting cut off by a dropkick. A backbreaker to the apron follows, Strong striking with chops and taking it back into the ring. Roddy mocks Dunne, keeping the fight grounded.

Dunne then remembers he’s from the Midlands, remembering that he doesn’t have to take a beating lying down. Strong looks for more, Pete countering and nailing the X-Plex. Strong manages to plant Dunne and lays in the knees. Backbreaker for two. Strong follows up with kicks and strikes, but Dunne cracks on a sleeper, transitioning into an armbar.

Dunne goes up top, Strong cutting him off with an enziguri and an Olympic slam for two. Dunne smells blood, snapping Roddy’s fingers and beating the piss out of him. Dunne goes for The Bitter End, nailing Roddy with it. Seeing their comrade in trouble, Cole & O’Reilly make the save, beating down Dunne. Burch and Lorcan make the save, all three clearing the ring. And that’s it for this week’s NXT.

Oh, and Dunne threw a shoe at Cole.

A shoe.


God bless our Peter.


Joshua White – Steelchair Magazine 2018.


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