WWE still make DVDs. This may be a surprise to any of you who absorb all your wrestling through streaming services but there’s still money to be made from something physical to keep on your shelves and no one should be surprised to hear WWE is doing something to make yet more money. The latest release from their studios are the last two stops on the Road to WrestleMania and, for now, the last two single-branded Network Specials, RAW‘s Elimination Chamber and Smackdown: Live‘s FastLane, shows with major implications as titles and title shots alike are on the line.

Now, we here at SteelChair have quite thoroughly covered and reviewed both of these shows already, in both text and audio formats, (you can find the FastLane reviews here and here & the Elimination Chamber reviews here and here), so for these, I’m going to be providing a review more specifically of the DVD experience. So, it’s worth noting that there’s not really much here that you couldn’t get from the Network stream, beyond a far lower risk of buffering, stuttering and time-jumps. I know, I’m probably setting a low bar for what be considered a reason for purchase stating that it is a DVD and not an online stream but you take plus points where you can find them and you might live in an area with internet too slow for the network in which case, thank you for choosing this review for your limited bandwidth.

The real bad news for fans of The Club and The MizTourage is that their KickOff show match didn’t make the cut on the Chamber side but FastLane does come with Breezango & Tye Dillinger vs Mojo Rawley, Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin is there, not that either match are really unmissable but it’s nice to have them just for completist’s sake. That is it in terms of special features, don’t go in expecting commentary or Behind the Scenes extras, it is just the base DVD with scene selection (admittedly, a useful feature for jumping straight to specific matches) and subtitles. It might have been nice to include some of the YouTube “exclusive” promos and post-match interviews purely to bulk it out but really, it’s a very bare-bones production.

As shows go, both of the specials featured in this double bill are individually very enjoyable with the Women’s Elimination Chamber, Charlotte vs Ruby Riott and The New Day vs The Usos being some particularly good encounters worth visiting/revisiting plus the fact that you get both shows for the same price as you might have got one of them, it makes it feel like more of a deal. If you have access to a Network subscription, there isn’t much here to make it worth spending the extra money on a physical copy of it. If you’re the sort of person who collects all WWE DVDs anyway, you probably don’t need to read my review of it to know you’re going to buy it anyway.

WWE Elimination Chamber/FastLane is available on DVD now.