The Season 3 finale of Lucha Underground, Ultima Lucha Tres, was incredible and left the audience with many questions in mind. Did Prince Puma definitely leave the Temple? What was going to happen to The Temple as Dario Cueto was killed? And at the same time Pentagon Dark was crowned Lucha Underground Champion. But the new extended trailer the company put online yesterday is fascinating, the Season Premiere on June 13 is going to be epic.

In less than 3 minutes of trailer, new characters, upcoming twists and storylines are teased and this new season is meant to be special. Season 4 is a 22-episode one and was recorded in a new Temple, still in Los Angeles. The whole season was taped in a month, like explained head writer and co-executive producer Chris De Joseph. Prince Puma and Rey Mysterio are not appearing in Season 4. Puma, aka Ricochet, is exploring new opportunities in NXT while Mysterio appeared in WWE and will soon compete in NJPW.


If we take the trailer pic by pic, here’s what we learn.

  • Matanza is unchained but in a new place
  • An Indiana Jones-dressed Johnny Mundo is accompanied by Taya and they’re lowering a rope down a hole to rescue someone. Taya has a weapon who is later revealed to be a baseball bat. “Wera Loca” is written on it.
  • The man with the black glove we saw in the limo in Season 3 is back. He’s revealed to be Kevin Kross. Next to him, inside a ball of twigs, there’s a masked person laughing.
  • The Queen of The Reptile Tribe, Kobra Moon, is mobing like a snake
  • Someone is looking at Fénix through a hole in a door.
  • Ricky Mandel of The Worldwide Underground is playing with a doll. He seems to have lost his mind.
  • The Rabbit Tribe seems to be lost in a surreal “Alice in Wonderland” kind of maze.
  • Aerostar is standing in a dark room. He’s then secretly meeting with King Cuerno and Dragon Azteca Jr. Azteca is trying to convince Cuerno to let Aerostar take the gauntlet.
  • Someone is breaking chains to open some doors, maybe the owner of the New Temple
  • Mariposa is pouring water on the screen but, in a very Flashdance scene, the water is falling on an unknown woman.
  • Catrina is in King Cuerno’s lair, trying to get the gauntlet.

In the groundbreaking scenes,

  • A Marine is saluting, we may think it’s Dante Fox. On the roof, Johnny Mundo is training. Brian Cage is looking at his hand without the gauntlet. Mil Muertes is stopping Catrina from leaving their altar.
  • Johnny Mundo is now wearing the magic Gauntlet. Matanza is free. Drago is still unchained. Vibora is guarding a casket. Catrina is attacked by a mysterious woman with demonic red eyes.
  • Paul London has the Kevin Kross’ staff and is covered with blood. Taya stole Ricky’s doll. Vibora is attacking Johnny Mundo in the Snake Room.
  • Ricky Mandel is now covered with blood while Marty The Moth is in a box. Catrina is falling her stone in hand. Jack Hager/Swagger is appearing in a suit and tie. AeroStar is yelling while confronting someone.
  • Antonio Cueto, Dario’s father, is saying this is his New Temple. He has a pic of Dario in his hand.

Inside The Temple,

  • We can see Taya, Pentagon Dark without the title, Killshot, Sammy Guevara, Son of Havoc, The Mack, Ivelisse with red hair, Kobra Moon, Sonny Kiss, Tommy Dreamer, Jason Cade, Ricky Mandel, Joey Ryan, Officer Reyes, Daga with a sword, Jesse Godderz, Kevin Kross, The Rabbit Tribe, Son of Havoc, El Dragon Azteca Jr., Jeremiah Crane, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Jack Hager/Swagger, Chelsea Green, El Bunny, PJ Black, Aerostar, Drago, Marty The Moth, Mil Muertes and Catrina, Matanza, King Cuerno, Fénix and Johnny Mundo.
  • We can also see stills of matches between Pentagon and Matanza, Jack Hager and Son of Havoc. In other stills, the Aztec Warfare logo is on the floor, which could mean a 20-Man tournament will be held at some time of the season.

Well, to sum up, don’t miss Season 4 Premiere on June 13. It’s never too late to start to Believe…

By Steph Franchomme

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