As announced on Monday, the first 8 UK Title tournament participants were revealed on Wednesday and the last 8 today. In this new group of wrestlers, four participants of the first tournament are coming back, an American will take part of it, and two names are true Superstars on the British wrestling scene. We can also notice WWE is “stealing” again to World of Sports Wrestling one of the talents that were involved in the 2016 reboot show.

They will take part in the first round matches of the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament that will take place at Download Festival, during NXT live events from June 8 to 10. The following rounds will continue on June 18, at Royal Albert Hall in London. The winner of the tournament will receive a title match against current WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne the following night in the same Royal Albert Hall. 

Here are the last 8 participants who are going to join Jack Gallagher, Joseph Conners, Zack Gibson, Dave Mastiff, Joe Coffey, Kenny Williams, El Ligero and Amir Jordan in the first round of the tournament.

Tyson T-Bone

In the 2017 issue of the tournament, Tyson T-Bone was defeated by Wolfgang in the first round. He’s given a second chance by coming back this year. Since his debut in 2006, he has been considered a mainstay in professional wrestling throughout the British and European circuit. T-Bone is a former 3-time PCW Heavyweight Champion and SWE Heavyweight Champion.

Jordan Devlin

In the 2017 issue of the tournament, Tyson T-Bone was defeated by Tyler Bate in the quarterfinals. Finn Balor’s protégé is the current and inaugural OTT Champion and Irish Junior Heavyweight Champion. Since 2006, he has been working mostly in Europe. In 2011 and 2012, he spent a few months in Japan where he worked for Pro Wrestling Zero1. 

James Drake

In the 2017 issue of the tournament, James Drake was defeated by Joseph Conners in the first round. Like WWE stated, “James Drake is as cold and as calculating as they come.” He’s been in the business since 2010, despite starting his training at 13. “Mr Mayhem” is known for his aggressive brawling style. He’s the current PROGRESS Tag Team Champion with Zack Gibson, another participant of the 2018 issue.


In the 2017 issue of the tournament, Tucker was defeated by Tyler Bate in the first round. Another Finn Balor’s protégé, Tucker has been wrestling since 2006. He’s a steady member of the PWU and OTT roster. Even if he worked most of his matches in North Ireland and Ireland, he has also wrestled in UK and Germany.

Drew Gulak

An American in a UK tournament, why not. Like he quoted on Twitter, “I was sent on a mission by the US Department for Sports Entertainment Regulation to enter this tournament with the incentive that when I win the United Kingdom becomes the 51st State in the USA.” After spending more than 10 years in the indies, working notably for CZW, CHIKARA and EVOLVE, Gulak entered the WWE Cruiserweight Classic tournament in 2016. Even if he was eliminated in the second round, Gulak signed with WWE and made his debut with WWE a few months before 205 Live was launched. Gulak is very good at campaigning and doing PowerPoint presentations.

Travis Banks

The rumours have been running rampant about Travis Banks signing with WWE. The fact is the New Zealand-born pro wrestler made a strong impression on the business in less than 10 years. The current PROGRESS World Champion and DEFIANT Internet Champion made his debut in New Zealand, Japan and Australia before working his first matches in the USA and the UK 2 years ago. He has worked for every important promotion in the UK and WxW in Germany. He also took part in the PWG Battle of Los Angeles tournament last year.

Flash Morgan Webster

Those who watched 205 Live on Tuesday night had the chance to see Flash Morgan Webster make his WWE debut in a 6-Man Tag Team match. The Welsh competitor Flash Morgan Webster is known as “The MODfather of Professional Wrestling” for his ’60s British style. The high-flyer already has had an impressive career since his debut in 2011. The current ATTACK Champion and Dragon Pro Tag Team Champion has added his touch of style on SWE, Lucha Forever, PROGRESS, ICW and Rev Pro. He also worked in the USA for CHIKARA and Pro Wrestling Guerilla.

Ashton Smith

Ashton Smith was born in Jamaica but “The Prestige” made a name in the wrestling business in the UK. Since 2007, he has squared off with the very best UK talents. The current FSW Champion and GPW Tag Team Champion has also worked for PCW, IPW:UK and ICW, among many others.


All pics courtesy of WWE

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