Roman Reigns isn’t a good guy, he isn’t a bad guy, he is THE Guy. Or at least that is what WWE would have us believe, the crowd reactions, however, will tell you something different.

Now, let’s be clear, Roman is by far not the worst wrestler that WWE employs, nor is he the worst on the mic. However, we are over 3 years into this experiment to make him the top star in the company and he actually is in a worse position than when he started and certainly not someone who should be in the main event scene.

So how do you attempt to rebuild and maybe put Roman in a stronger position than where he is now? Firstly let him be a heel, the mannerisms he projects scream MAKE ME A HEEL. On social media, he is constantly giving clap backs to “haters”, the night after Wrestlemania 34 he was on TV giving a promo in a massive gold Rolex and gold chain and WWE still want him to be seen as a sympathetic babyface?  Letting him be a heel would let all these things that are right in front of our faces be brought to the front, look at corporate era Rock for inspiration, he was on TV in expensive watches, cars, shirts the whole lot, it may not work entirely for Roman but the crowd are booing him anyway so let him acknowledge it and work with it. He doesn’t have to stay heel but a long run as a heel may give him a fresh coat of paint.

Secondly, he needs a complete overhaul of his gear and music. When The Shield broke up, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins both got new gear and music. Roman, however, kept his tactical vest and combat trousers and, most integrally, The Shield’s music, therefore forever being entwined with the stable and it’s only hurting the Samoan. It’s not like he has a physique that needs hiding behind a vest or anything, even just the tactical trousers would be an improvement. As for the music, let him have some input on what he wants it to sound like to get the real essence of what he wants to project as the arrogant heel.

The final part is keeping him away from the main event scene, yes, his IC or US runs weren’t stellar and Cena’s acknowledgement that Roman saw the US Title as a “demotion” is something they will need to address but look at what the IC title did for The Miz as a heel and Roman would do well to take lessons from him. At the minute, the crowd do not want Roman anywhere near the Universal Title and especially don’t want to see it go from the part-time Brock Lesnar to him when there are other people they feel a better suited.

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By RyHowe