In the spirit of the faster paced, snappy style of the Juniors being showcased I will be providing quicker, more digestible reviews of the matches during the tournament.  This show was a single cam show without commentary so if you aren’t a fan of this type of show then today probably isn’t for you

Yoh vs Tiger Mask IV

-We start with a very ground based back and forth between the two

– Angry dad Tiger Mask beat Yoh up with some swift kicks and a lot of angry shouting

– Yoh gets back into it with some nice Lucha style counters and offence before hitting a beautiful dive over the ropes.

– (Insert mandatory 19 count spot)

– Tiger Mask again is the aggressor

– Yoh back into it with some sweet kicks before getting a near fall on a superkick

– They trade near falls and attempt various roll-ups.

– Near fall on Yoh with the double underhook suplex


– It was all for nought as the Millenium suplex finishes him off

– Tiger Mask continues his hot start and the potential miracle run and Yoh continues to look resilient

Winner: Tiger Mask IV Rating: 5 out of 10

Flip Gordon vs Yoshinobu Kanemaru

– Flip has really brought the flips to this one (no pun intended)

– We had something similar to the last match here

–  Grumpy older dude beats up the flippy one

– Flippy one beats him thanks to the flipz

– In fairness to Flip, he flew around a lot more than Yoh and hit some more amazing high flying stuff

Flip finished Kanemaru off with a 450 Splash

Pretty decent match with Gordon picking up a first win and quickly gaining crowd support

Winner: Flip Gordon Rating: 5 out of 10

Taiji Ishimori vs BUSHI

– It’s matches like this that make NJPW’s shades of grey/tweener thing really works as it allowed Ishimori to play the heel and BUSHI, usually a heel leaning tweener, play the face

– Ishimori did a good job of turning the crowd against him and put them behind BUSHI

– Ishimori slowed things down well without resorting to the WWE style of headlocks for days

– BUSHI aswell was really doing things well as he showed good fire and made sure to kick up the speed with his comebacks

– BUSHI got a close near fall with the Bushi Destroyer as Ishimori continues to kick out of big moves at the big moments


– Ishimori hits his gutbuster finisher to pick up the win

– Great match that did it’s job and continued the push of Ishimori who has been great since debuting with NJPW

WInner: Taiji “Bone Soldier” Ishimori Rating: 6 out of 10

Will Ospreay vs ACH

– There are no prizes for guessing how this went

– straight into the agility-off(?)

–  Running, jumping, hand-springing and stand-offs follow

– Ospreay sublimely slows it down with some submission work right out of Zack Sabre Junior’s playbook

– When not being inhumanly athletic they are exchanging hard shots and chops

– The flips are getting ever more cool I can sense the finish coming

-Ospreay hits the Storm Breaker for the win

– What.A.Match these two never fail to give 110% and it showed here

-Match of the tournament so far

Winner: Will Ospreay Rating: 8 out of 10

A decent night of action with a standout main event.  Another good show as this tournament is off to a pretty good start