Welcome to the most must-see Vulture Hound weekly review in history; welcome to… The SmackDown Review.

Joe sent a message immediately by climbing a ladder and grabbed the money in the bank briefcase. He then laid down a killer promo for himself winning the MITB match and shaking smackdown live to its very core. He then moved on to Daniel Bryan, who he broke down as a failure. Bryan then retorted by threatening to break Joe’s leg.

The fight almost got started early, but sadly BIG Cass interrupted this “juvenile” argument (even though he continued to ridicule Bryan for being short and Joe for being fat, but I digress). Cass stated that he talked to Paige, and that Daniel Bryan vs Samoa Joe will not happen. Instead it will be Cass vs Joe. Cass then went on a rampage, taking out both Bryan and Joe.


The Other Stuff:

– Paige clarified that the qualifying match will now be a triple threat with Cass vs Joe vs Bryan

– Shinsuke Nakamura took on Tye Dillinger, not a bad match between them given that this could be seen as filler. While Nakamura won, Dillinger didn’t look weak which was better than expected.

– A dance off between Lana and Naomi… it happened.

– The New Day fought The Bar & The Miz in a noteworthy match which is definitely worth watching. New day took the win with the Big Ending.


– Gallows and Anderson were confident in their ability to beat the Bludgeon Brothers at MITB, the brothers interrupted via tv and spouted some nonsense as usual.

– Mandy Rose took on Asuka, fortunately for Mandy she had the help of Sonya Deville who blindsided her. This wasn’t enough as Asuka won via the Asuka lock.

– Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch continued with their potential conflict in the MITB ladder match. While Paige entered and teased a match between Charlotte and Becky.

– Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas ignored his former friend Sin Cara as he has a future to focus on.

MAIN EVENT: Big Cass vs Samoa Joe vs Daniel Bryan

A team up with Joe and Bryan didn’t last long as Joe went on the offence towards Bryan. Momentum switched quickly between the three men, with Joe seeing most of control. Big Cass used his height to dominate Bryan, while Bryan built himself back up and went crazy on Joe.

As the match wore on, it became unclear who was going to walk away the winner. Daniel Bryan was so close to victory as he nailed a kick on Cass, but Joe managed to get the Coquina Clutch on Bryan and knock him out cold for the win. Samoa Joe is going through to MITB. To add insult to injury, Bryan also received a big boot from Cass after the match for his troubles.