After thirty years away from our screens, it has very recently been revealed that World of Sport Wrestling will be making a return to British Television. Only weeks ago, ITV announced a new ten-part series jam-packed full of some of the best talent British wrestling has to offer and the conversation has been buzzing! The last couple of years or so has seen a huge rise in British Wrestling thanks to the hard work put in by both stars and promotions and with WOS set to make a return thing are only looking up but why should you be excited? What does World of Sport have to offer? And what does this mean for British Wrestling as a whole?

World of Sport is a huge opportunity for British Wrestling to really be taken to the next level. One of the biggest and most important pieces of information to take is the fact the shows will be aired on ITV one of the biggest British Television programs in history. It’s been over thirty years since WOS dominated ITV Saturday entertainment and with this being the first time in over three decades since British wrestling has been given such a big spotlight on a mainstream channel this is a big deal. The special held only a couple of years ago proved to be a huge success with twitter interactions high and the conversation buzzing as was hoped of course leading to the new ten-part series. What this ten-part series is, is clearly another test run and if is once again another success then this may just open the doors for more British Wrestling companies to step into the spotlight and given even more TV deals in the future.

It has been revealed that both old school and brand-new stars of today will be apart of World Of Sport when it makes its comeback later this and it, of course, has got everyone excited. What WOS really is about to do is introduce British stars fans either know or don’t know of opening new opportunities for those talents. There are so many wrestling fans here in the UK who have found themselves in love with WWE however, with WOS now being presented to us it allows those fans to venture out more and become far more aware of the talent we have here in the United Kingdom. Its stars, including Rampage, Grado and Viper, will lead the way as some of the hottest young new faces to take centre stage but this is also the chance to watch the older generation who include the likes of Doug Williams show the world what British Wrestling is all about.

Now, the last time WOS aired on ITV during the special one-off we saw history made when the first Women’s match was aired on British mainstream television. We’ve already mentioned her today but Viper found herself as the women everyone was talking about on this night and as we look ahead one of the main things to really get excited about is what the future holds for women in the world of British Wrestling. This includes a title for the women’s division, lengthy matches and the opportunity to showcase female talent on a new scale. Women including the likes of Kay Lee Ray, Lana Austin, Millie McKenzie and more step into the spotlight. WOS, in itself is a brand new chapter in the women’s evolution worldwide and if they can really pull something amazing off then this will give those major companies like WWE the kick up the backside to push their female talent even further.

World of Sport is a family friendly wrestling show which means it’s here to attract fans of all ages. It’s sure to pick up a new generation of fans while also wheeling back in older generations who grew up watching old-school stars of WOS and British Wrestling. We can expect fun little storyline’s, brilliant production, entertain matches and brand new characters catered to the different audiences.

There is no denying that British independent Wrestling scene is at its highest and we have seen promotions all around the world promote and include British talents. This year will also see the second WWE United Kingdom championship tournament and we have already seen major talent including Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll dominate and standout out working for other major promotions around the world. WOS is yet another huge opportunity for British Wrestling sure to elevate it to brand new heights. This will allow the men and women on the scene here in the UK to get the recognition they deserve as well as present genuine competition for other worldwide promotions. This is the start of a yet another brand new chapter in British Wrestling and it’s sure to be an exciting ride!