Despite the women’s division coming a long way in recent years with massive historic events including a women’s Royal Rumble, Elimination Chamber, Money In The Bank and plenty more taking place, it’s become apparent that the Women’s evolution has hit pause and in some cases gone backwards. There has been a decrease in fan interest, storylines have weakened, there is a lack of consistency and the division as a whole despite its growth feels rather bland. Today we are going to be looking at how the WWE can turn things around and diving into exactly how the evolution can jump right back on track reaching brand new heights.

It wasn’t all too long ago that we saw the WWE bring back the Superstar Shakeup. The two-day event had several superstars switch brands and shake things up ahead of a new season in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment. While we did not see many changes made in the women’s division one thing that stood out was the decision to keep a lot of the teams/duos together. The IIconics, Absolution (despite Paige’s best efforts to break them apart) and The Riott Squad all remained together during the superstar shake up and in recent weeks the WWE have put extra emphasis on tag team matches within the women’s division; all of which has led to speculation that women’s tag team titles could be on the cards.

The move to debut tag team titles in the women’s division is something that has been discussed amongst fans for years however with a small roster it has been next to impossible to build enough teams that showcase a strong tag team division with potential. In twenty eighteen, however, the WWE has its biggest women’s division to date and the numbers are there. This, of course, is a risky move considering it could so easily go wrong, however, there are a group of women who are making an impact yet are nowhere near getting their hands on either women’s championships.

The introduction of tag team titles gives those women something! However, what this also does is indicate another big step in the women’s evolution. It proves women are one step closer yet again to being equal to men in the company and more importantly it’s giving that fresh new edge the division is crying out for. Something new is needed and this is an opportunity to create dream teams as well as allowing the current duos to shine. Imagine the likes of the Bella Twins, LayCool, or even Trish and Mickie James teaming up? The titles in my personal opinion should be used across both brands however not separate and instead the championships are defended on both RAW and Smackdown LIVE.

One of the most controversial topics in the world of wrestling so far this year was, of course, the Greatest Royal Rumble. An event that saw the entire women’s division excluded this was always going to receive backlash from fans and many await an opportunity given to the female talent that makes up for their absence at this event. An all-women’s special is yet another big talking point. As we’ve already touched on, the numbers are there. The WWE has a big enough division to hold a network special dedicated to the women of the company. An event like this gives the women the chance to work longer matches, develop stories, introduce new names as well as possibly a new title and more importantly give them the spotlight. Throw matches such as Sasha Banks VS Bayley, the IIconics vs the Bella Twins, and Natalya vs Ronda Rousey for example and you have a show many will invest in. The female talent both deserve and need a stronger spotlight, and this is the opportunity to do so.

Storyline consistency is key. Fans want to see a feud/rivalry that makes sense, is entertaining on a weekly basis and has direction, all of which has been missing from the women’s division. Banks vs Bayley is a prime example of this. A rivalry that fans were desperate to see spark again following their NXT run, the WWE disappointed with a weak storyline and no Wrestlemania showcase between the pair. This is something that needs to change. With a division consisting of strong characters and wrestlers like Charlotte Flair, Ronda Rousey, Natalya, Carmella, Ember Moon and so so many more there are no excuses. Investing time in mic work, stronger storytelling and consistent work are important!

We have spoken time and time again about longer matches but the truth is this remains a problem. While it wasn’t too long ago the women main-evented Monday Night RAW the match was focused around Rousey’s involvement towards the end. The Smackdown: LIVE Women’s championship match at Wrestlemania 34 was extremely anticipated. Charlotte VS Asuka was easily one of the strongest matches of the night but it wasn’t long enough. Fans wanted to see a nail-biting, on the edge of your seat contest and that wasn’t possible with a time slot under twenty minutes. Sasha Banks vs Bayley yet again was another example. A match many anticipated was booked short and given a weak ending. In the hopes of saving the women’s evolution, longer matches are extremely needed to allow these women to make a greater impact and prove their point!

Finally, stop missing out on characters and angles. Ronda Rousey is a woman who possibly should have been given a Brock Lesnar kind of schedule. The women’s division needs this kind of character. The badass that comes whenever she wants and causes sheer destruction and fear. Of course, the WWE can make it work with exactly how they are using her now but what should be taken away from this is the importance of diversity and exciting new angles within the division. It’s about creating legit storyline’s, characters, and plots that have fans genuinely interested. The Banks vs Bayley rivalry has popped up several times today but once again it remains such a key example. We have to and want to see those big matches with all the build and passion and anticipation from fans pay off while we also need to see women involved more in factions, storyline’s, and shows making the division once again feel important and on a road to a complete Evolution.

All in all the WWE Women’s Evolution is not dead. I can be saved and turned around. There must be a focus on why this started in the first place, looking at the basics that have been getting fans talking for years which means the length of matches, historic moments, longer segments, and stronger storylines and character development. Personally, I do believe things will jump right back on track and exciting things are sure to come.