The Irish Lasskicker has always been one of the WWE’s more popular women’s wrestlers.  A member of the famed four horsewomen and one of the most talented women they have, she has always been a  firm fan favourite.  While she is a long way from her glory days of being the Smackdown women’s champion a case can definitely be made for her to climb the mountain once again and it could all begin at Money In the Bank.

Is there possibly a more popular choice to win? Ever since losing the title to Alexa Bliss Lynch has meandered in the Smackdown women’s division usually taking pins or trading tag team wins with the Riott Squad.  WWE history shows that not pushing popular talents leads to the most organic pops when they succeed and for a company that is all about “Making Moments” Lynch winning the second ever Women’s Money In The Bank Match would provide an awesome reaction from the crowd.

Lynch has mostly been feudless since last Wrestlemania meaning she has a wealth of fresh matchups post ShakeUp.  A feud with Asuka, The Iiconics or even Carmella could provide her with an opportunity to remind fans of just how good she is.  On top of that, a feud with Charlotte is a real money feud for Smackdown and the WWE.  Lynch’s versatility makes her compatible with every opponent making her a perfect choice for a push.

For her entire main roster run Lynch has been a Face, a MITB victory could lead to her playing a more natural heel character and allow her to highlight a whole other side to herself to the WWE Universe.  A heel run from Lynch would likely giver her more promo time and allow her to show off her personality to fans and the higher-ups.  Winning the briefcase can provide so many storyline implications and any added focus on Lynch is only ever a good thing.  Imagine, if you will, Charlotte or Asuka finally chasing down Carmella and taking the title back only for Lynch to cash in and steal their moment launching her run as heel champion and a grudge feud.  Getting to see more of NXT era Becky Lynch is certainly not a bad thing.

When it comes to the women in the match does anyone else deserve it more? Charlotte and Banks have been the faces of the Women’s Revolution.  Natalya had her run as champion recently, Ember Moon has only been promoted after losing the NXT women’s champion, Lana is too green, Naomi had her moment already when she won the Women’s title in her hometown at Wrestlemania and Alexa Bliss has spent 90% of her time on the main roster as champion.  Lynch is the only one that has consistently been overlooked and deserves such a big moment and to get a highlight reel win for her career.