The men’s Money in the Bank match, this year, is one of the most stacked and unpredictable possibly of all time! There is a justified argument for each competitor in terms of who should take the title of Mr. Money in the Bank two thousand and eighteen! Looking at the lineup anyone of these superstars could get the win, however, it’s the Miz who is one of the most logical picks and a huge fan favourite amongst many.

The past two years or so have been very strong for the former Mr. Money in the Bank. His move to Smackdown LIVE when the brand split originally made its return proved to be one of the best decisions that had been made not only of that Summer but of the year and since then the Miz has been unstoppable. Stand out rivalries against the likes of Dolph Ziggler as well as strong matches against names including Seth Rollins as well as IC title reigns and feuds have contributed to a huge shift in how The Miz has been perceived in the WWE. However, it was a promo cut on Daniel Bryan that aired on talking Smack that saw the position and the role the Miz takes on the roster change drastically.

Since then fans have been desperate to see a full-on feud between the Miz and Daniel Bryan, something the WWE has been teasing ever since this very promo. The Miz found himself on Monday night RAW while Bryan was still not cleared to compete, however, earlier this year the leader of the Yes movement was cleared to compete while the Miz was moved back to Smackdown LIVE upon that announcement and we are now at a stage where the feud between the two could happen at any given moment.

The Money in the Bank ladder match is a huge opportunity for the Miz. He has already won the briefcase back in two thousand and ten which of course would lead to a huge push that saw him enter and leave Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion. However, in two thousand and eighteen, the Miz finds himself in a very different position. The fans have far more respect for him and genuinely do enjoy watching him compete, however, he has also worked his way up the ladder and has become one of the main attractions and one of the most consistent stars not only on the blue brand but in the WWE altogether. He’s improved so much all around that he is now in a position where a big-time push that does lead to a WWE Championship run would make far more sense and would be better received.

Winning the Money in the Bank contract gives Miz the edge he needs. He no longer has the IC title on his shoulder and while he doesn’t necessarily need something in his hands to make him feel important or to have an effect it does help and push his character even more. However, being crowned Mr. Money in the Bank 2018 also sets the Miz up for a very big year he truly does deserve but at the same time work a feud that could elevate Daniel Bryan to new heights also.

Since returning to action Bryan has been a part of some great matches and it’s clear that at some point he will have a run with the WWE Championship. Likely to take place anytime between Summer Slam and the Royal Rumble Bryan could see himself in a likely rivalry with Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship which in itself is a huge deal and a big time must see, however, if The Miz is to cash in then something even more interesting and entertaining could take place.

At this point, the Miz is in a position where he has more momentum than Bryan. The MITB briefcase gives him an even greater edge, more to boast about and sets up that rivalry between two of Smackdown’s greatest stars to take place and possibly even headline Wrestlemania. The Miz has come so far over the years and it’s time for him to be given the big opportunity he deserves. Him taking that victory sets up multiple stories but it also re-establishes the Miz as the star we all know him to be.